A Congregation of Vipers at the Charity Ball.

It’s the usual disconnect between values and principals and entertainment and well… just about everything right? If this had happened in Haiti then… uh. What did happen in Haiti? I notice that those two cocaine and alcohol cowboys, Bush and Clinton got a charity thing going. Maybe they should have a charity ball. It takes a lot of power to ball Charity but she’s not so tight but she’s ready Freddy. Charity is a hot chick and Charity can be a laundry in some ways. She tries to wash the greenery clean, after doing everybody in public and private rooms but she never can get there. It’s possible that Charity would like to help all the people she bends over for but she never gets the chance to do more than put her clothes on for photo ops, as a lure to more action.


There is this phrase that goes, “shit happens” and it does. It is a simple process of which everyone reading here is familiar. It gets good and bad according to how you define those things. Shit is going to happen and we have seen what our industry has wrought and been turned to and manipulated by and constructed for our betters.


It should not come as a surprise that ‘sheep’ and ‘sleep’ rhyme. I could run a rock opera out of that but they don’t like the message and the Wachowski Brothers are still unknown quotients.


I’ve heard that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Sometimes I think about the goddess and the bitch motif and the degrees of separation or relative levels of serenity and tranquility and the “I want it now” factor; how they define us and how we experience it. Life and the destiny thereof seems to come down to how you treat the feminine principle. I could be wrong but I’m not. There’s the added feature of payback being a bitch.


The truth is that Haiti could be fixed up like the ship but it won’t be, because it’s a science project. It is interesting to note that Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed by technology that got out of hand, which was caused by a separation between classes of people; or maybe it was an accident? I don’t know but I hear things. The reason I mention it is that it looks a lot like now.


I don’t envy the rich or celebrate the poor, people are people and Fortune comes and goes. She can walk into the room on the arm of one man and then walk out on the arm of another. She’s strictly a rental with an option to perform. If you treat her right she remembers. How that turns out later, I’m not going to say.


Why am I all over the map here and what’s the point? Charity is one of the last refuges of the rich, who are generally scoundrels and as you can see by going to the recent lineup of articles on www.whatreallyhappened.com, you can read about all the dark doings that the corporate banking vampires are up to with the mortgage foreclosure action. They’re giving off excuses such as they should be given a pass for stealing hopes with flagrant abuses of the legal system, since the victims would ‘probably’ have lost their house anyway. They’re pushing congress to retroactively change the laws, so that nothing they have done will be illegal in the present, if it no longer is illegal in the past. Wall Street is pouring funds into congress to make this happen.


The remarkable Lasha Darkmoon has laid out the nature of the evolution of art in our corrupted societies. Art is one of the many Charity rape fests that show us the good intentions of the well to do in their invitation only self love fests. Giving money to allopathic medicine by way of hospital wings, designed to provide free heath care to those who built them and who are also responsible for the proliferation of the diseases by vice of their corporate agendas of food and life style perversion, should be well known.  Cancer is a recent epidemic in which the body attacks itself, due to the effect of certain environmental and behavioral activities that are an anathema to good health. They’ve got retroactive laws going for this too.


Charity is a goddess eternal, who stands for and symbolizes the generosity of the awakened heart, but now she’s a slut in a porn film called Modern Life. Charity is presently a psychotic dominatrix, whose purpose is the destruction and torment of every intention she is directed at. The agenda of those polluting the wellspring of life, is to turn the meaning and industry of the eternal archetypes into their opposite, with the result of bringing Hell on Earth. Those who wield the corrupted symbols, which were previously meant to stand as protections in the institutions and laws of any age, have been turned into magical curses against the populations, for the profit of those seeking to enslave and destroy them.


It’s all classic prophecy that can be found in every religious tome and it’s a remarkable irony given what religion has become in its evolution into the greater profanities of each succeeding generation. Their desire is to turn it all into shit, killing hope, faith and beauty by incremental devolutionary tactics. This is why those who would have revolted long ago, find themselves in a fog on confusion and aimless floundering, in the flotsam and jetsam of their wastes.


Somehow, some way, these mendacious and soulless creatures come to their just reward. I don’t know the intricacies, or the means by which it is accomplished, but is true that the Earth has never been conquered by anyone. It is also true that all the cultures that were are now gone and that includes many of them, which were far more benevolent and evolved than our own. We have the assurance of something we don’t understand, or even admit the existence of and in some mysterious fashion; it accomplishes our needs despite our inability to be of much use in the process.


I find that I have to pay great attention to the direction of my thoughts and emotions. With each day, I see more clearly what it is that surrounds us and I am stunned by what I see. I watch my anger and reactive mind. I realize that giving vent to what occasionally surfaces in my thoughts, is just what the crocodiles are looking for. Occasionally someone comes along and takes me to task over comparing these alien life forms to reptile entities and it simply bemuses me that they do not get that it is comparative and metaphorical. What is perfectly okay in the animal kingdom is not okay in the human estate, as the definition of the reptile mind clearly shows. As for the affection of snakes, that too is an exaggeration and one is well advised to leave them alone, lest one wind up in their own version of man with girlfriend and video camera, seeking the company of bears in the wild.


Everything has been turned upside down and re-identified as being right side up. Black is the new white. Evil is the new good. Shit is the new Shinola and as long as it shines, it might as well glitter and if it glitters it must be gold. Anyone not waking up gets what they deserve. Anyone who can sleep in the conditions of a sty and dream that they are enthroned in a palace has earned the right to be a galley slave, on some ship of empire sailing for the Straits of Scylla and Charybdis. They’ve earned the right to retire in the isles of the Sargasso Sea.


Poor Charity, bound and gagged and on public display; mocked by her beneficiaries and sold for scrap in a monstrous age, with ‘ridden hard and put away wet’ tattooed on her forehead lest she forget, when she looks in the mirror to behold the gaze of those merciless eyes that seem to rule in these days.


It seems to be the slowest and most lumbering of things, this creeping to judgment, as if the prayers of Charity in her ruin and Mercy in shame have still enough prayers to suspend the moment, in the hope that awakening will come, to those who have reduced them to such a state. Its business as usual in this realm of packaged meats and bloody floors, hosed down by drones in rain slickers, dreaming of an easy chair and a television and a surfeit of canned beers, to attend and compliment the lies that will send them forth with each new day into more of the same.


Here’s an example of Charity being raped under the guise of her asking for it. You don’t need to ask what is being used for Rohypnol to make the bitch compliant. You don’t need to ask what it all means. You just go on applauding the abuse of your being, at the hands of those who are set out to destroy you, with your own resounding applaud and approval greasing the wheels. I’ve said it many times and I will say it again, you had better get a clue.


And We Could all be Free


The New Shangri-La (almost 3000 members)



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