The Truth is an Unwelcome Guest.

One of the things I always try to remember is the sort of treatment that much greater souls than me have experienced over the course of time. I say to myself, “Well, if that happened to them; why should I expect any different? This is one of the problems with relative truth, which is all we can possess unless we are an incarnation of it. In India, Lord Shiva tends to occupy that role, which is why he isn’t welcome at weddings and other celebrations. I think you can figure that out.

The primary difficulty with seeking to provide or tell the truth is the reflex tendency to need to defend it. Truth needs no defense. All lies are terminal and mortal, truth is not. Our need to defend it is usually an expression of our need to defend ourselves as the organ of its transmission. This is unnecessary. If the truth chooses to identify with us it will, otherwise we have to keep mucking out the stables. I don’t choose to argue with people. To me, an argument means you’ve lost the point. Things either are so or not so, in the relative and absolute realms. Two and two is four; except that there are two liquids (I forget their names) where you can mix two quarts of each and wind up with 3.5 quarts.

Recently, someone, who insisted that he was on the up and up, fabricated an elaborate lie about something that didn’t happen. When I broached him on it he said that his recollection was foggy so maybe it wasn’t like that. Meanwhile, the lie was filled with precise details that indicated no fogginess at all. I pointed this out. His next venture was to call attention to the fact that I have very little money and no seeming means of support (he’s an expert on my life apparently, though never having met me or been exposed to any of the inner workings of my day to day existence) and yet I criticize Israel all the time. This, he says, is proof that I am a disinfo agent. He insists he is not a troll while behaving just like one.

Another long time, occasional contributor, who is a fundamentalist Christian, has decided that cursing me out is the proper Christian response to some condition that he has yet to explain. Out of the blue he became bilious and aggressive and I’ve never understood why and probably never will. These are rare occurrences but they do happen and they can become subtle indeed. One fellow likes to come in and toss off a couple of complimentary statements and then stick a knife in my ribs. He’s something of a sociopath, I think …but I don’t know.

Some numbers of respondents like to constantly remind me that the Zionists are mere tools and have nothing to do with the real agenda. Their demonstrable control of critical industries and their observable command over governments and individuals is not what it seems. Behind them are some shadowy international groups that are using them as pawns. I ask for direct evidence of this. I ask for names and connections where I can see the truth of their claims. So I get a list. It’s a list of a number of organizations; I’ve heard of a lot of them but there’s no relationship between them and a control of the Zionist plague that is provably at the forefront of the persecution of humanity for its own profit. When their forebears were the major slave traders of the time; their names on the captain’s logs and elsewhere, there has appeared no evidence that they were manipulated into this.

Overwhelming evidence exists that ties Israel to the 9/11 attacks. I don’t see names from the shadows popping up as their handlers. They control the banks, the media, publishing and the music and entertainment corporations. They control the pornography industry. They are deep into the international drug traffic. Their agents have been placed in Mumbai, the London tube and Madrid Train Station. I am supposed to presume that they are not what they seem and really just blameless stooges being used by someone else, somewhere… over the rainbow?

This seedy amalgam of some ancient tribe has been thrown out of more countries than everyone else put together and always for the same reasons. I’m being led to believe that the Rothschilds are taking their orders from some illuminati or Masonic cabal of eternal darkness. They are actively involved in seeking to destroy the Christian religion and are already known as the assassins of the founding member. Through their complete control of the gay movement and so many movements, that seek to utilize humanism and other things to destroy the family unit, they are tirelessly persistent in the intended demise of the Christian faith. Along the way they are blindly supported by those they seek to destroy. They are also engaged in a visibly obvious way in the slander and destruction of Islam

I’m not afraid of these people (if people they be) because I work for the entity that is on it’s way to kick their ass in a convincing manner; along with all of their robots, lackeys and mindless sycophants. Everyone works for someone, one way or the other. One way or the other you are in support and defense of ancient forces who seem to war against each other on the material plane. We seldom actually know good from evil and the determiner of which is which …is generally decided by those who control the flow of information. We know damn well that Muslims didn’t do 9/11. It was done by dual national, neo-con Zionist Jews, in tandem with intelligence services that they have subverted or operate in tandem with. They are not the exclusive bad guys on the planet. They have lots of associates.

This force is active in harassing my sites and prior to that, in destroying my various careers in different fields, even though I wasn’t mentioning them or even aware of most of what I am aware of today. As I look back I can see that the primary members of my opposition to success were always members of the tribe. They must have known things about me that I didn’t know myself, or, maybe it’s just that everyone who wants to present the truth in some way is a threat to them eventually, indirectly or directly. It’s something supernatural. Lies maintain and protect them. Truth threatens them.

Day after day, I attempt to present what little I know of the truth, here at these sites. I try to bring it out in my music and my novels. It’s what I live for because one of the few things I am sure of is that lies lead to death and the truth leads to immortality. I recognize that Earth is a way station. It’s a basic training planet that determines your fitness to be promoted to other planes of being. People can argue about what they can’t see based on the evidence of what they can see but it always comes back to ‘as above, so below’. Metaphysics and physics are two parts of the same science that prove the same things.

People show up who present the evidence of so much suffering and torment on this planet. They say this is proof that there is no divine agency. They don’t see, or refuse to admit that this planet is where cycling karma acts out in role reversal through time. It never fails to amaze me that people who know so little can be such experts on things they know nothing about and haven’t even taken the trouble to study. Alcoholic lawmakers are experts on illegal drugs and fierce supporters of pharmaceuticals that are provably much more harmful. Meanwhile they are in partnerships with those who control the flow of illegal drugs.

People who know all too little about their own religion are experts on every other religion. People who don’t have sex are experts on it, even though we now know they do have forced sex with children. People who know nothing about so many things are wonderfully informed about everything because they read it somewhere. The world is lousy with experts who don’t know shit but who produce it at every turn.

Now we’ve had several days of relentless propaganda about 9/11 and who did it and all the pomp and bombast about courage and conviction, loss and bereavement. The people reporting on and writing about this know that they are lying often enough but it pays the bills. People consciously and unconsciously accept that lies are the currency of this world and that you are going to be broke and an outcast if you are not showing the proper fealty to them.

This is your life. You make of it what you will. Every moment of this life is precious in respect to your further destination. The truth of this most often occurs on your death bed when you’ve spent every cent you saved in your life on bad health care in the last year of your life. Those who live in the service of lies get looked after and attended by lies. Liberty and self realization are waiting beside you all through your confused efforts to imprison yourself in darkness because you think your protection lies there. It does not. Finally death is your best friend. He liberates you for one more turn of the wheel and on it goes.

End Transmission…….

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  1. Tully Pettigrew said,

    September 12, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    The troof is wunnerful. Eye would rather have it then a truckload of cash. Is always better tell the truth too hard to keep track of tangled web when lying.

  2. DM said,

    September 12, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Truth has always been an co-traveler with me. As you say it always prevails and I don’t need to remember what I said in the past because all I can remember is the Truth. Not that my point of view is necessarily the point of others but nonetheless it can always stand on it’s own shoulders.

    Truth is a strange thing. It rarely makes friends but the once you have are always tested out by it. In other words: truth-lovers have the tendency to be loners as the years pass by.

    Not that it maters to me for it is also the Truth that helped to set me free. At least, this is the only ‘currency’ that I have encountered to be able to do that. Not even love could do that for love has as many faces as there are humans.

    Love in 99.99% of the circumstances has an ego-thing entangled in it. As the ego doesn’t have any interest in Truth, the odds are quiet big that love will not kiss the cheek of truth. The reason why the ego has no interest in truth should be obvious to all who read Les Visibles’ blogs but just in case.

    The ego is the result of an unique and self-inflicting sense of importantship. As with the truth: it stands on it’s own and acts on it’s own although they stand opposite of each other. A bit like leftists and rightists do. As a matter of fact: truth can destroy ego and ego does destroy truth. Ask yourself: how may times in your life have you really meant the words “I love you” without the complications of the ego-system entangled in it.

    It never fails to amaze me how people believe in their own lies. I have to struggle myself through them so I could have easily said: “It never fails to amaze me how people are happy living with lies”. As for this sense of happiness a lie wouldn’t stand another chance to stand and live on grounds of ego-irrationality.

    Now I think about it: it seems that people who are entangled in lie-dom seem to live longer (at least in the Western world). Maybe that’s because those who have unraveled the Riddle of Life have an tendency to be eager for reincarnation in a better world. Those who ‘stay behind’ are also left with those who are behind, aka the powers of evil ruling this planet.

    A thing to think about…

  3. stanko jankowic said,

    September 12, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    Les eye am enjoy the sunday joint and some Herp Alpert & the Tijuana Brass! I have some Mexican beers. Thats the truth.

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