Whirlpools and Tornadoes and the Suicide of Evil.

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Who’s really behind the pending Koran burning? I don’t mean the stupid idea, which is only one of many floating around, looking for morons to express themselves through. I’m talking about who has made it a cause celebre and brought it to the attention of the people it intends to arouse and make angry enough to react with explosive violence in many parts of the world? Well, who owns the media that is forcing the issue into the minds of those being stoked to rage?

One of the principal reasons for this is to take the attention away from the ever growing awareness that Israel was behind 9/11. This is surfacing all over the place and one 9/11 truth site is raising money to pay for television commercials, whose intent is to draw attention to what happened to WTC 7 and it’s controlled demolition. It’s not much of a step from the controlled demolition idea to who was involved in it. The fingerprints of powerful, dual national, neo-cons are all over the 9/11 gambit, from PNAC on into the present day and no one has benefited more from the deception than has Israel. These are the same people who lobbied for the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq and are presently seeking to engage the U.S. in attacking Iran. No Israeli is probably more involved in the matter than Ehud Barack and Nitwityahoo is right up alongside him, with Dov Zackheim and Larry Silverstein. On a supporting level you have Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, William Kristol and a handful of others.

Granted I could be wrong about my pecking order here and have left out significant players. I left out Cheney because he’s not a dual national, neo-con. Yes, I could be wrong but not by much. We know who these reptiles are and it’s becoming more and more visible to the wider world. On a peripheral level you can see Israel scrambling to avoid this scrutiny and no doubt they are putting the finishing touches on the most important false flag which they have ever been the author of, in order to swing the nation and the world’s attention to a conflict with Iran. Their survival depends on it because the truth is coming out and everything they do only accelerates its appearance.

The Koran burnings are not going to work on Israel’s behalf however. Nothing is going to work on Israel’s behalf anymore, not in the time of the apocalypse. Everything that happens now is going to run counter to the best interests of Israel, because Israel’s time is at hand and it is not going to be very long before Israel’s demise becomes a fait accompli to the eyes of the world. Like a mad dog in the last stages of hydrophobia, Israel is a dangerous creature and you don’t want to get bit by her. At the same time, the hours of the dog’s life are numbered and there is no cure that can be applied at this stage.

The next weekend after the one coming marks a critical time for Israel. There are a whole lot of negative forces arrayed against her well being and we can only hope that they get blown through some Voice of the Theater speakers with a massive Crown amp powering them.

I’ve talked a lot about this waiting/constipation scenario that we have been in for some months now. The whole world is living on borrowed time in a suspended fugue state. Linchpins and dominos are trembling in the virtual world as the real ground shakes beneath their precarious purchase. We are in the state of nervous normal, while the unheeding masses go about their mindless business. Most of them can’t find anything on a map. They don’t know who the Vice President is (neither does he). They don’t know who’s in charge of what anywhere. It is unbelievable what they do not know and still manage to operate in the ignorance of. It’s Jay Walk on steroids. You can see a lot more of this kind of thing in the menu to the right on the same page. If you haven’t seen this before or only a few times, I recommend you watch a few of them and remember that most of these are pretty old and people are a great deal stupider now. If there were a dial that measured the change in degrees you could actually see it moving. I am not kidding here.

The greatest acceleration of stupidity took place during the reign of George the Stupid and that is because life is ironic and mirrors its own conditions because its conditions are a reflection of the state of contemporary consciousness. Whatever the state of the collective mind, it is reflected in the conditions that are extant in that time. It’s some kind of a law, which makes sense without too much analysis. I might point out that there are a lot of laws of Nature which we do not understand but accept as being so. You might want to think about that.

Another law of Nature, at least I think it is one, is that the state of relative stupidity is relative to the possibility of world crisis and the opportunity for liberation from the ignorance which is bringing it about. This is to say that whenever there is a massive whirlpool that sucks down everything in reach, there is also a metaphysical tornado that sucks everything up which is not caught in the force of the whirlpool to a greater degree than the pull of the tornado. This is the case at this very moment.

There are a lot of laws you can see in operation all around you, which are invisible due to the veil of ignorance that surrounds them. For instance, if someone is a jerk they cannot see it. If someone is in danger due to a lack of awareness, they are not aware of it. If someone is defending a form of personal behavior, they cannot identity with any argument to the contrary, because their argument is self identifying and anything to the contrary negates their existence as it presently stands..

For years, I would find myself in situations where people would tell me about some problem that was troubling them, or a condition they were trying to extricate themselves from. I could look at it and usually give them the solution. They would agree that it was a workable solution but they would not employ it. This puzzled me for some time until I realized that it was they who were the problem and in order to solve it they had to cease being who they are. This is a kind of death, which is consonant with liberation but which cannot be seen as anything but death to those attached to the idea of who they think they are. This is the explanation of Karma and the need to go through certain painful experiences to free oneself from the ignorance which caused it. Should you be able to free yourself in advance, this karma can, in many cases, be neutralized.

All of these things apply to Israel and because Israel is so very wrong about so many things and so very violent in defense of them and because its very existence is based on lies and because these lies justified the theft of the land from the people who legally and morally possessed it, there is no way that Israel can avoid a terrible judgment and because it is based on lies there is no foundation of defense it can use against its inescapable destiny of destruction. This is especially true in a time when one age is passing and another is coming into being. All that Israel is and the entirety of its false history of the last so many thousand years is being exposed, summed up and resolved in this time. All that the residents and their ancestors have been engaged in, is being brought before the eyes of the world as an example and a teaching vehicle for humanity. This is the case collectively and individually with all of us and… it is really important for each of us to ask ourselves if we are more deeply engaged in the current of the whirlpool or the current of the tornado. It is also useful to consider whether you are magnetized in your relationships to those inclined toward the whirlpool or the tornado.

Those whose vile behavior and agenda have caused this whirlpool are the ones who will be sucked most deeply into the pit and Israel is chief among the nations in this regard as are her Zionist criminal representatives and stooges the world over.

We are in this waiting/constipation period and it cannot go on for much longer. When it changes it will affect everything, everywhere. Currency will go wild. Food will suddenly skyrocket in prices and shortages will bloom everywhere like poisonous flowers that seemed to spring out of no where. Fuel costs will go through the roof and the whole economy that depends of fuel will be affected at every level. It will happen overnight.

Many people will be asking themselves, “What was I doing when I could have been getting ready”? “Why didn’t I see this coming”? “What am I going to do now”? There will be a lot of questions with a great many fewer answers than there were. I’ve put my Italian property into the flow for the few and those qualified who are first to take advantage and I have access to and information concerning a great many communities which are seeking people to share their dream. You might want to think about this kind of thing for yourself. There’s something somewhere near anywhere you may be. I hope to see you in one of these places, in my mind or in real time. Good fortune to you.

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The New Shangri-La

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  1. Michele said,

    October 26, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Merci infiniment. Que justice soit faite……..enfin.

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