This is the Teabagging that John Waters considers Pornographic.

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Most of us haven’t seen the Martha Washington Monument; probably because it’s a 500 foot hole in the ground but… most any American who’s your average resident knows what it feels like to be Martha and have the force of government buried into them by someone other than George. This kind of writing would probably set George’s wooden teeth on fire but there’s a lot more Voltaire in me than there is Damon Runyon. I guess that makes me French; kind of.

The best way to co-opt a revolution is to have one preemptively in advance of the one you know is coming because you screwed people so badly they haven’t got any other choice. It’s like building a steam valve in advance of the steam that is certain to come because you pressed down on people so hard that life was no longer worth living and worth the risk of losing it. Well, I could give you a brief lesson in physics right now and it would prove how what can be predicted to occur under ordinary circumstances will operate in reverse of what is predicted under extraordinary circumstances but… why bother. You know what I mean.

So now you have this Tea-bagger revolution that is best explained by one of America’s chief emergent demagogues. Note a few things; note the casual fireside persona, the modulating resonance of speech, the constant reference to ‘the media’ by someone working for the most powerful media of the times, the constant buttoning and unbuttoning of the suit coat, the working of the hands in front of the Ken doll crotch, the burgeoning and girdled midriff, the ‘poker tells’ and the body language. Well, the later would, given who it is, make me break my rule about not picking fights and compel me to seduce (using his methods) or force this fool into a situation where I could have the encounter videotaped. It would work better if Hannity and O’Reilly were off camera and awaiting their turn, without the usual muscle boys crowding the action.

I used to have a feature on my TV show called, “The Choke Chain”. In this sequence I would have just about anyone appear; Ferdinand Marcos, Pat Robertson or Mick Jagger. After a private session in a back room that no one ever enters besides me and the candidate, the candidate would, for reasons never made clear, agree to be put on a choke chain by me and walked through the streets of New York City like a dog. I’m a little sorry and a little nostalgic that I don’t do that show anymore because Glenn Beck and his fellow travelers would be on that chain and able to see the world from a perspective too long denied them.

Now they have created this Teabag movement to usurp the natural revolution, which would have occurred in any case, because people are being hammered into the ground. It’s true that the poorest American probably eats better than half of the rest of the world but they’re used to it and a lot of the newly bankrupt are not. Glen Beck; waterworks, hypocrite extraordinaire likes to use the word ‘serfs’. He has a canny sense of Reader’s Digest, Cliff Notes history. He’s just a regular guy with parent permission slips to miss the formerly mandatory, physical education needs of growing youth. That need is now being met by boys and girls being purchased in American malls, by men in suits, for items and objects that their peer review judges have declared to be mandatory possessions. Hey, if you’re going to give it away you might as well get paid for it and there are lots of Daddy’s willing to pay.

The Teabaggers are not going to attract anyone with any objective reasoning capacity but you would be the minority. It’s going to be a blood bath people, because once normal and stupid meet there is no other option. My advice, to those of you who are still conscious, is to get out of the middle of the crowd. Fringe dwelling is the recommended option. Whatever hits will be most severe in those locations where materialism and the seeming suppression of sexual force are the greatest; by this I mean guilt, not abstinence. Obviously that is not a feature, not even among those claiming it to be (big up and shout out to Onan. was sup?).

What the Teabagger movement is all about is replacing corrupt but competent politicians with incompetent and more easily deceived and therefore cheaper politicians, in order to maximize the profit margin of those already in control and possessed of the belief that it will go on forever, which is exactly what the director wants the actors to be thinking on their way to Waterloo or Gallipoli or just your ordinary Watergate.

I know that most of you have probably wondered at some point how seemingly intelligent people can be so stupid. Some of them are professionals; have gone to college and gotten degrees, make a great income and even raise their children into some kind of copy of themselves but you just can’t understand how they can still be so stupid. You’re not stupid. You can see. Why can’t they? It must be some kind of spiritual thing having to do with insight or access to a higher plane of viewing. I tend to think that the more honest you are with yourself, the more you see around you.

Listening to Glenn Beck, which I have done about 3 times, is the equivalent of pouring poison into my mind, while trusting I have the antidote; so far so good. If you ever want to see a reptile in human skin then this is your chance.

America is going to go down in flames because there is no natural or supernatural way that the people who follow these lines of unreason can be brought into awareness short of seeing their world burn down before their eyes. They are going to reap the whirlwind. As I looked at the face of Christine O’Donnell, as she spoke after her victory, all I could think is that this is the fatted calf of America. This is ignorance on the hoof. When I hear Rand Paul speak, I know his father must be a viper too. I realize now that no one gets heard, no one gets into power, who is not a catamite for the crystallized shadow from the land of darkness.

There’s a great sense of loss to be felt, even by those who think they have left this world behind, when this world crumbles from the lack of any integrity to maintain it. That integrity was borrowed so that there might be a world of falsity in which we might strive for the vision to see it. I knew a long time ago that living in a teepee in the woods was the best it was ever going to get for me and I find I’m not wrong on that account. I will wind up spending the last of my touchable time here in a yurt somewhere, probably in Italy; that’s a presumption but the yurt is not.

I can find it in my heart to feel pity for those who listen to Glenn Beck. I can be compassionate for those who think being a Teabagger represents some idea of freedom, even though it is slavery to the lies they believe they war against. They are themselves, active participants in the endurance of these lies, even while they give their children and their own lives in support of them. It is a sad, sad affair.

I have to keep my mind upon the light that is breaking through the shackles of an artificial night. I have to walk alone in search of a seam large enough to slip through. I know I am not alone in this regard. Others are finding their way through as I write these words. I don’t know what’s on the other side but it beats staying here.

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The Truth is an Unwelcome Guest.

One of the things I always try to remember is the sort of treatment that much greater souls than me have experienced over the course of time. I say to myself, “Well, if that happened to them; why should I expect any different? This is one of the problems with relative truth, which is all we can possess unless we are an incarnation of it. In India, Lord Shiva tends to occupy that role, which is why he isn’t welcome at weddings and other celebrations. I think you can figure that out.

The primary difficulty with seeking to provide or tell the truth is the reflex tendency to need to defend it. Truth needs no defense. All lies are terminal and mortal, truth is not. Our need to defend it is usually an expression of our need to defend ourselves as the organ of its transmission. This is unnecessary. If the truth chooses to identify with us it will, otherwise we have to keep mucking out the stables. I don’t choose to argue with people. To me, an argument means you’ve lost the point. Things either are so or not so, in the relative and absolute realms. Two and two is four; except that there are two liquids (I forget their names) where you can mix two quarts of each and wind up with 3.5 quarts.

Recently, someone, who insisted that he was on the up and up, fabricated an elaborate lie about something that didn’t happen. When I broached him on it he said that his recollection was foggy so maybe it wasn’t like that. Meanwhile, the lie was filled with precise details that indicated no fogginess at all. I pointed this out. His next venture was to call attention to the fact that I have very little money and no seeming means of support (he’s an expert on my life apparently, though never having met me or been exposed to any of the inner workings of my day to day existence) and yet I criticize Israel all the time. This, he says, is proof that I am a disinfo agent. He insists he is not a troll while behaving just like one.

Another long time, occasional contributor, who is a fundamentalist Christian, has decided that cursing me out is the proper Christian response to some condition that he has yet to explain. Out of the blue he became bilious and aggressive and I’ve never understood why and probably never will. These are rare occurrences but they do happen and they can become subtle indeed. One fellow likes to come in and toss off a couple of complimentary statements and then stick a knife in my ribs. He’s something of a sociopath, I think …but I don’t know.

Some numbers of respondents like to constantly remind me that the Zionists are mere tools and have nothing to do with the real agenda. Their demonstrable control of critical industries and their observable command over governments and individuals is not what it seems. Behind them are some shadowy international groups that are using them as pawns. I ask for direct evidence of this. I ask for names and connections where I can see the truth of their claims. So I get a list. It’s a list of a number of organizations; I’ve heard of a lot of them but there’s no relationship between them and a control of the Zionist plague that is provably at the forefront of the persecution of humanity for its own profit. When their forebears were the major slave traders of the time; their names on the captain’s logs and elsewhere, there has appeared no evidence that they were manipulated into this.

Overwhelming evidence exists that ties Israel to the 9/11 attacks. I don’t see names from the shadows popping up as their handlers. They control the banks, the media, publishing and the music and entertainment corporations. They control the pornography industry. They are deep into the international drug traffic. Their agents have been placed in Mumbai, the London tube and Madrid Train Station. I am supposed to presume that they are not what they seem and really just blameless stooges being used by someone else, somewhere… over the rainbow?

This seedy amalgam of some ancient tribe has been thrown out of more countries than everyone else put together and always for the same reasons. I’m being led to believe that the Rothschilds are taking their orders from some illuminati or Masonic cabal of eternal darkness. They are actively involved in seeking to destroy the Christian religion and are already known as the assassins of the founding member. Through their complete control of the gay movement and so many movements, that seek to utilize humanism and other things to destroy the family unit, they are tirelessly persistent in the intended demise of the Christian faith. Along the way they are blindly supported by those they seek to destroy. They are also engaged in a visibly obvious way in the slander and destruction of Islam

I’m not afraid of these people (if people they be) because I work for the entity that is on it’s way to kick their ass in a convincing manner; along with all of their robots, lackeys and mindless sycophants. Everyone works for someone, one way or the other. One way or the other you are in support and defense of ancient forces who seem to war against each other on the material plane. We seldom actually know good from evil and the determiner of which is which …is generally decided by those who control the flow of information. We know damn well that Muslims didn’t do 9/11. It was done by dual national, neo-con Zionist Jews, in tandem with intelligence services that they have subverted or operate in tandem with. They are not the exclusive bad guys on the planet. They have lots of associates.

This force is active in harassing my sites and prior to that, in destroying my various careers in different fields, even though I wasn’t mentioning them or even aware of most of what I am aware of today. As I look back I can see that the primary members of my opposition to success were always members of the tribe. They must have known things about me that I didn’t know myself, or, maybe it’s just that everyone who wants to present the truth in some way is a threat to them eventually, indirectly or directly. It’s something supernatural. Lies maintain and protect them. Truth threatens them.

Day after day, I attempt to present what little I know of the truth, here at these sites. I try to bring it out in my music and my novels. It’s what I live for because one of the few things I am sure of is that lies lead to death and the truth leads to immortality. I recognize that Earth is a way station. It’s a basic training planet that determines your fitness to be promoted to other planes of being. People can argue about what they can’t see based on the evidence of what they can see but it always comes back to ‘as above, so below’. Metaphysics and physics are two parts of the same science that prove the same things.

People show up who present the evidence of so much suffering and torment on this planet. They say this is proof that there is no divine agency. They don’t see, or refuse to admit that this planet is where cycling karma acts out in role reversal through time. It never fails to amaze me that people who know so little can be such experts on things they know nothing about and haven’t even taken the trouble to study. Alcoholic lawmakers are experts on illegal drugs and fierce supporters of pharmaceuticals that are provably much more harmful. Meanwhile they are in partnerships with those who control the flow of illegal drugs.

People who know all too little about their own religion are experts on every other religion. People who don’t have sex are experts on it, even though we now know they do have forced sex with children. People who know nothing about so many things are wonderfully informed about everything because they read it somewhere. The world is lousy with experts who don’t know shit but who produce it at every turn.

Now we’ve had several days of relentless propaganda about 9/11 and who did it and all the pomp and bombast about courage and conviction, loss and bereavement. The people reporting on and writing about this know that they are lying often enough but it pays the bills. People consciously and unconsciously accept that lies are the currency of this world and that you are going to be broke and an outcast if you are not showing the proper fealty to them.

This is your life. You make of it what you will. Every moment of this life is precious in respect to your further destination. The truth of this most often occurs on your death bed when you’ve spent every cent you saved in your life on bad health care in the last year of your life. Those who live in the service of lies get looked after and attended by lies. Liberty and self realization are waiting beside you all through your confused efforts to imprison yourself in darkness because you think your protection lies there. It does not. Finally death is your best friend. He liberates you for one more turn of the wheel and on it goes.

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Whirlpools and Tornadoes and the Suicide of Evil.

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Who’s really behind the pending Koran burning? I don’t mean the stupid idea, which is only one of many floating around, looking for morons to express themselves through. I’m talking about who has made it a cause celebre and brought it to the attention of the people it intends to arouse and make angry enough to react with explosive violence in many parts of the world? Well, who owns the media that is forcing the issue into the minds of those being stoked to rage?

One of the principal reasons for this is to take the attention away from the ever growing awareness that Israel was behind 9/11. This is surfacing all over the place and one 9/11 truth site is raising money to pay for television commercials, whose intent is to draw attention to what happened to WTC 7 and it’s controlled demolition. It’s not much of a step from the controlled demolition idea to who was involved in it. The fingerprints of powerful, dual national, neo-cons are all over the 9/11 gambit, from PNAC on into the present day and no one has benefited more from the deception than has Israel. These are the same people who lobbied for the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq and are presently seeking to engage the U.S. in attacking Iran. No Israeli is probably more involved in the matter than Ehud Barack and Nitwityahoo is right up alongside him, with Dov Zackheim and Larry Silverstein. On a supporting level you have Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, William Kristol and a handful of others.

Granted I could be wrong about my pecking order here and have left out significant players. I left out Cheney because he’s not a dual national, neo-con. Yes, I could be wrong but not by much. We know who these reptiles are and it’s becoming more and more visible to the wider world. On a peripheral level you can see Israel scrambling to avoid this scrutiny and no doubt they are putting the finishing touches on the most important false flag which they have ever been the author of, in order to swing the nation and the world’s attention to a conflict with Iran. Their survival depends on it because the truth is coming out and everything they do only accelerates its appearance.

The Koran burnings are not going to work on Israel’s behalf however. Nothing is going to work on Israel’s behalf anymore, not in the time of the apocalypse. Everything that happens now is going to run counter to the best interests of Israel, because Israel’s time is at hand and it is not going to be very long before Israel’s demise becomes a fait accompli to the eyes of the world. Like a mad dog in the last stages of hydrophobia, Israel is a dangerous creature and you don’t want to get bit by her. At the same time, the hours of the dog’s life are numbered and there is no cure that can be applied at this stage.

The next weekend after the one coming marks a critical time for Israel. There are a whole lot of negative forces arrayed against her well being and we can only hope that they get blown through some Voice of the Theater speakers with a massive Crown amp powering them.

I’ve talked a lot about this waiting/constipation scenario that we have been in for some months now. The whole world is living on borrowed time in a suspended fugue state. Linchpins and dominos are trembling in the virtual world as the real ground shakes beneath their precarious purchase. We are in the state of nervous normal, while the unheeding masses go about their mindless business. Most of them can’t find anything on a map. They don’t know who the Vice President is (neither does he). They don’t know who’s in charge of what anywhere. It is unbelievable what they do not know and still manage to operate in the ignorance of. It’s Jay Walk on steroids. You can see a lot more of this kind of thing in the menu to the right on the same page. If you haven’t seen this before or only a few times, I recommend you watch a few of them and remember that most of these are pretty old and people are a great deal stupider now. If there were a dial that measured the change in degrees you could actually see it moving. I am not kidding here.

The greatest acceleration of stupidity took place during the reign of George the Stupid and that is because life is ironic and mirrors its own conditions because its conditions are a reflection of the state of contemporary consciousness. Whatever the state of the collective mind, it is reflected in the conditions that are extant in that time. It’s some kind of a law, which makes sense without too much analysis. I might point out that there are a lot of laws of Nature which we do not understand but accept as being so. You might want to think about that.

Another law of Nature, at least I think it is one, is that the state of relative stupidity is relative to the possibility of world crisis and the opportunity for liberation from the ignorance which is bringing it about. This is to say that whenever there is a massive whirlpool that sucks down everything in reach, there is also a metaphysical tornado that sucks everything up which is not caught in the force of the whirlpool to a greater degree than the pull of the tornado. This is the case at this very moment.

There are a lot of laws you can see in operation all around you, which are invisible due to the veil of ignorance that surrounds them. For instance, if someone is a jerk they cannot see it. If someone is in danger due to a lack of awareness, they are not aware of it. If someone is defending a form of personal behavior, they cannot identity with any argument to the contrary, because their argument is self identifying and anything to the contrary negates their existence as it presently stands..

For years, I would find myself in situations where people would tell me about some problem that was troubling them, or a condition they were trying to extricate themselves from. I could look at it and usually give them the solution. They would agree that it was a workable solution but they would not employ it. This puzzled me for some time until I realized that it was they who were the problem and in order to solve it they had to cease being who they are. This is a kind of death, which is consonant with liberation but which cannot be seen as anything but death to those attached to the idea of who they think they are. This is the explanation of Karma and the need to go through certain painful experiences to free oneself from the ignorance which caused it. Should you be able to free yourself in advance, this karma can, in many cases, be neutralized.

All of these things apply to Israel and because Israel is so very wrong about so many things and so very violent in defense of them and because its very existence is based on lies and because these lies justified the theft of the land from the people who legally and morally possessed it, there is no way that Israel can avoid a terrible judgment and because it is based on lies there is no foundation of defense it can use against its inescapable destiny of destruction. This is especially true in a time when one age is passing and another is coming into being. All that Israel is and the entirety of its false history of the last so many thousand years is being exposed, summed up and resolved in this time. All that the residents and their ancestors have been engaged in, is being brought before the eyes of the world as an example and a teaching vehicle for humanity. This is the case collectively and individually with all of us and… it is really important for each of us to ask ourselves if we are more deeply engaged in the current of the whirlpool or the current of the tornado. It is also useful to consider whether you are magnetized in your relationships to those inclined toward the whirlpool or the tornado.

Those whose vile behavior and agenda have caused this whirlpool are the ones who will be sucked most deeply into the pit and Israel is chief among the nations in this regard as are her Zionist criminal representatives and stooges the world over.

We are in this waiting/constipation period and it cannot go on for much longer. When it changes it will affect everything, everywhere. Currency will go wild. Food will suddenly skyrocket in prices and shortages will bloom everywhere like poisonous flowers that seemed to spring out of no where. Fuel costs will go through the roof and the whole economy that depends of fuel will be affected at every level. It will happen overnight.

Many people will be asking themselves, “What was I doing when I could have been getting ready”? “Why didn’t I see this coming”? “What am I going to do now”? There will be a lot of questions with a great many fewer answers than there were. I’ve put my Italian property into the flow for the few and those qualified who are first to take advantage and I have access to and information concerning a great many communities which are seeking people to share their dream. You might want to think about this kind of thing for yourself. There’s something somewhere near anywhere you may be. I hope to see you in one of these places, in my mind or in real time. Good fortune to you.

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Waiting on the Cosmic Ex-Lax.

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According to a well known astrologer friend of mine, the week of 9/18 to 25- most inauspicious on the 20th– is a major crisis point for the nation of Israel and considering some of the things they have been up to over the course of time, any crisis is a good crisis when it comes to these people.

I don’t particularly want to talk about them today; talking about them makes me feel like I need a shower, even if I just took one. I get the sense that the world is in a state of constipation because many things that would have happened, haven’t happened because conditions changed on the way to their occurrence. So, like a crowded airport, planes of unlanded circumstance are in a holding pattern over the runways below.

I want Justice and I want Peace but it appears I can’t have one without the other; “no Justice, no Peace”, as the chant in the public park goes, outside the soundproofed windows of the apartments above. The rage in the streets below has gone toxic and any small provocation to anger is likely to light a conflagration that will consume both park and apartment building. From Karachi to Seattle, the tension is right up against it; the tension being the intransigence and rapacious acquisitiveness of the bloated and insatiable ruling classes, against the needs of the victimized public.

Because of the unyielding and imperial sense of entitlement that is assumed by the financial elite, the rest of society is losing everything. They are losing basic services, infrastructure maintenance, health services, retirement guarantees, the long ago lost union representation and most of those inherent truths granted them by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and all of this has come because of the general accepted lie, concerning the origins of 9/11 and the actions taken in the follow up.

All the terrible changes that have placed a grey cloud over the day to day existence of the majority of the Earth’s people can be traced to that one day in 2001. In no time, this event, now proven to have been orchestrated and carried out in a joint effort between Israel and the American CIA- as well as elements of British intelligence and collaborators in other countries- has put the world in the loading zone outside the gates of the Concentration Camp Mind.

One day follows the next as humanity marches on the lip of a volcano. Onward they march in search of the mastery of others, with no thought of self mastery, which lies in the unremembered and unchallenged past, a realm of shadows and lies, a place where none of these things happened but are recorded as truth. We can hardly expect truth to bloom on the horizon when it grows in a landscape where it has never yet appeared. This is why truth appears as a savage monster when it arrives, because it bears no resemblance to the claims made about it and is destructive to all that we thought we knew.

I saw this on Whatreallyhappened today and thought of what his country subjected him to. It made me think of Marlon Brando and many other great artists that America and other countries have known. As soon as men like this begin to speak the truth they are no longer welcome in their country and are branded with evil terms that have no bearing on the veracity of anything they may have said, which diminishes their achievements and makes it impossible for them to be employed at their profession. Many great Americans like Henry Ford, Jack Kerouac and others have had their say and been marginalized for speaking truth to power. Now we are hearing about The Beatles and what they had to say about the thefts and slanders that they endured.

How much information supported by irrefutable evidence do we need to experience before the reality of our situation dawns upon us? I come across thing like this on a regular basis. Anton Szandor Lavey makes more sense to me than most ministers of most religions and has some very surprising things to say. I’m not a fan of his philosophy but I listen to everyone. I think what he has to say in this video will present some things that certain readers here bring up on occasion. Try to see this video with a sense of humor which is how I do it. I’m not afraid of these people or these kinds of things so they have no impact on me.

Even so called real Satanists can’t hold a candle to the kind of people we’ve been talking about here because they still possess a certain kind of restraining morality. The khazars possess none. In Israel today we have a collection of the very worst genetic compositions that have ever existed on the face of the Earth. They would make Genghis Khan blush.

As I have said many times, this is the time of The Apocalypse. Now, all of the things that have been concealed by the evil threads, woven through the tapestry of an age, are being showcased for what they have done and the way they have altered our perception of the tapestry by their presence within it. It is their presence that has made our understanding of existence and our place within it into a lie. They transformed and made important, certain falsified records of history and used religious books for that purpose, with the knowledge that this would confer veracity upon their self-celebratory myths. Now, like sunlight breaking through dense foliage, the truth is making itself known and not all the efforts of the darkness can resist or contain it.

This appearance of truth is intensifying by the day and doing it exponentially and logarithmically, as it both intensifies and is the beneficiary of an ever increasing speeding up of time, due to the movement of the planet into a certain position in the cosmos. An apocalypse appears at the end of every age. There is no difference between an age and a movie or a book. It contains all of the same components and conditions which appear in the places you expect them to…. Climax, anti-climax-dénouement; I wouldn’t be surprised to see credits roll down the sky at the conclusion; ‘soundtrack mastered in Dolby and THX with surround sound’.

Take a look around you. What is it that keeps people from seeing what is to be seen everywhere? “Tsunamis, earthquakes, wars and all of the features of ancient prophecies; of course we’ve had these things a time or two before but seldom altogether as we have them now. Meanwhile some strange force is breaking upon the human consciousness and making a number of things clear to a certain number of us AND, some other force is turning over rocks, seemingly at random and exposing all sorts of things in a timely fashion. Evidences long hidden are jumping out of cobwebbed corners and convicting certain criminal people with their own words and records. The exponents of religions and governments are being nailed for any number of peccadilloes and crimes against both parishioners and the general public. All of this is taking place under the shadow of a long awaited time period, centering around a general date of 2012 which is recorded in the ancient records of civilizations around the world and no longer present.

While this is taking place the degree of materialism and epidemic self-interest is at a level never seen before. Stupidity has been elevated to the position of a norm and trivia and bad taste are considered to be an epitome of conformity. How can so much be so coincidentally present, in a condition of such pervasive irony and comic overstatement; if you can call that sort of thing funny? All of this is right in front of our eyes and becoming more visible with the hour and yet… and yet.

Some may think this is a post that didn’t need to be written and some may wonder what the overall point is that I was trying to make. It has to do with that waiting/constipation thing. Something is retarding near everything. Events that should have logically occurred already are dangling in a frustrated immobility, as if all of them were awaiting some signal happening that opens the canal locks for all of what must follow. I can feel this like I can feel the sun and the wind on my face. I sense that whenever, whatever, comes to pass there will be a sudden rush of events like nothing we have ever seen before and that it will be tied to the biggest mass awakening ever seen. I do not think this awakening will be connected to the events so much as just one more part of the collective transitioning to the next state.

I was sitting with my friend Yuka yesterday. We were playing guitar and singing Beatles songs which both of us love and, of course, the harmonies make the doing so much fun; not that I was anywhere near my best capacity, given that my voice comes and goes these days as it is being changed, apparently, as well. We spent a lot of time talking about these very things and it was arresting to me, how much the same observations kept coming up. I feel like the readership here could have all been in the room with us and it would have been the same thing.

As predicted, the membership at The New Shangri- La went over five hundred (501, this morning) and is increasing at a remarkable rate. I’ve been posting there now, as promised and am hoping our core group is giving thought to the imminent appearance of a place to happen in. Hang in there.

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