Time and the Bus Station and the Perfect Justice of Life.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Time in the bus station is not like time at the beach or time at a rave. Time is a construct of the mind and so the mind determines the rate of its passage. A unified mind doesn’t have to concern itself with time and you find examples of this among indigenous peoples like the Aborigines and similar groups, where time is a shared concept that doesn’t wear a suit and split up its moments in measured increments between ambitions, hopes and failures on the way to an expensive funeral that guarantees you will come up in conversation for some short while thereafter. Even in indigenous cultures, there is some concept of time. Even timelessness implies time. Time can be seasonal and time can be far below your melting fingers, as you look between them at the world you were in ages ago but actually, maybe, only an hour ago, before you took all those psychedelics.

The wonders of our civilized times, which justifies mass murders of the many by the few, in complicated polemics that exonerate and applaud the actions of the few, gives us many variations of time; the bus station, the prison cell and government agencies, as opposed to a first class ticket from Paris, a limo ride from JFK to The Plaza and a quick whisk through the velvet ropes into the VIP section of Marquee. The latter are not likely to encounter the former, along their chosen routes, though examples do have to be made, now and again, when the latter become the former, for being expendable enough to fall out of favor.

Time weighs heavy on most of us at the moment (grin), unless you are in the moment and have avoided the concerns that the elite are using to make your moment one of sixty small lines on your watch; you notice this perversion of time most intensely when you are driving in traffic or waiting in line. It is then that you notice how important it is for everyone to get somewhere so that they can privatize their ‘hurry up and wait’. Be thankful that you don’t have to watch them have sex, although that is available, both overtly and covertly.

There are metaphysical truths about time that can repay your consideration of them, if you can get past your hard wired materialism, into the holding area of the archetypes. Then you could make connections between Chronos and Saturn and Satan and time or… with the wide angle lens; throw in Kali and others as well. For all I know you’ll get the connection between Satan and Santa and the polyester bunny humping on the skin magazines. You can’t really inform people, all you can do is throw out imperfect outlines and hope they connect the dots and, moreover, add the ones that are missing.

Those calling themselves Jews, control the material world through currency and information because they are the chief agents of the master of the infernal kingdom. You notice it most in times of darkness because that is when the borrowed power of the infernal kingdom is at its greatest force. These are the least of time periods here on this planet but they seem very long and oppressive when you are in them. One of the main tools of these chosen people is the revision of history and the fabrication of the meaning of the events of your time. Because of this they take as much control as they can gain over information, education and of course, anything having to do with currency and temporal power.

How do you get to be born one of these people? That’s not difficult. You have to accept, at least for the moment, the truth about reincarnation. We’re all watched, all of the time, through the medium of our own senses, which records everything we say and do, as well as that of everyone we observe. All of this is inscribed upon the parchment of our being in the area of our memory and certain other areas as well. All of these parchments, or vibrating records, have a weight and a general presence, which allows an immediate routing to the particular area of judgment that applies to any of us once any particular life ends.

Some of us screw up a lot more than others and for all of us, there is a point you are not supposed to go past or you come up for special consideration. Once you have distinguished yourself as a complete failure as a human being and in need of a serious asskicking, as well as relegation back to something like cat scat, eaten by particular microbes, which becomes your new vehicle of personal presentation, or something as attractive as pure skunk oil, suspended in Smegma soap; to be used for that hopeful night out among your associates, you are taken out of the ordinary loop of repeating lifetimes and brought before an agent of the master of the infernal kingdom.

Here you are told that you have one lifetime of possible redemption left but you are not given any kind of detailed rendition of what might follow, if you don’t redeem yourself at all. This is because that is not the actual truth. There may remain as many as three lifetimes yet but that’s irrelevant at this point. You are then told that you are going to be reborn a Jew. You will seem, to yourself, more privileged and intelligent than your fellows. This is not the case. What it is, is that you are going to be rendered much more clever and inventive than you have ever been before, because, as someone who has given over their soul and all of their values to the material world, you are now going to have an instinctive awareness of how it works.

You are now going to be in a position to manipulate appearances, systems and conditions via an awareness that is focused exclusively on the manifest world, because all you care about is contained there. You are also going to be imbued with a certain guilt that will inform you of the wrongness of your actions all down the line. You are told that this guilt will be explained away as being the result of something else, but really, it is the resonance of all of what you have become to gain this condition and the opportunity that comes with it.

You will be told that along with the ability to act with a rare selfishness in all respects, you will also be in possession of abilities that give you the opportunity to behave like a real human being and to make amends by adding some great contribution to the human experiment or… worse/best case scenario, involve yourself in a ceaseless study of religions texts in which are hidden the path to the true meaning of all the faults and dispositions that led you to where you now find yourself. You are advised that the answer, to what may be indicated in the primary systems to which you are exposed, does not lie there and must be sought in systems outside of this and that your natural inclination will be to pervert everything you learn for the purpose of self-enrichment and temporal fame as if you had actually done, or said, something useful.

You will be told that all of the areas of the arts, science, business and all else will be open to you as opportunities to undo, or make right, all of the offenses that preceded your being where you are and that if you screw up, which you probably will, then you will see what that gets you.

What generally happens is that you get another chance, because the judgment result of the long road that has taken you here is a return to the most primary point of the most elementary life form. At the end of the next life, having screwed up again and in even more spectacular fashion, you are given the choice of becoming a demon and all that entails or a long series of lives of forced and inescapable sacrifice which visits upon you the contempt that you deserve until your selfishness is pounded out of you. You are also forced to do the right thing whether you like it or not. This is a necessarily simplistic version of all that is involved but those with access to resources like the Akashic Records can study the complexities if they wish.

This is not the only way you get born as a member of The Tribe and it should be kept in mind that there are quite some exceptions over the long course of manifest time but it explains a lot, if only in a simplistic way.

We’re coming up on a period of pervasive and intricate sorting out and should keep in mind that nothing is going to behave as we expect it to once the final stages are initiated. Even the most long existing foundations of all we call reality are going to have the substance of smoke. I think I’ve said all I need to say for the moment.

End Transmission…….

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