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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Greetings Earthlings, this is Starfleet Commander Visible. I was sent to this planet some years ago and underwent voluntary amnesia for the period of my stay, until recent times when it was necessary for me to have some knowledge of why I and some of my comrades came here. Prior to a partial awakening, I was on a form of autopilot which meant that my job description could be fulfilled without my compromising it in any way because all of the features were hardwired.

I know Starfleet Commander is a pretty grand title but there are quite a few of us and all that means is having obtained a certain rank, via the passing of certain tests and the possession of several natural abilities that all people of that rank must have. It doesn’t actually mean that one commands a fleet… simply that one can if needed.

Chemicals are released into my system at certain points that make certain activities automatic and other compounds are magnetically attracted when there is a need for them in the fulfillment of my duties.

Some numbers of the readers at these blogs are also alien visitors here and some are also partially awakened. They have been drawn here by sympathetic vibration and are engaged in those areas where their skills are best applied. Since a number of long awaited events are about to take place, it is necessary to make our presence known and provide some background on why we are here at all.

About six thousand years ago, two groups of aliens arrived here after the decimation of the previous cultures, due to misuse of powerful technologies, which unleashed various natural and unnatural disasters. One of these groups was of a benevolent sort, like our own and another was a malevolent group who seek to manipulate human existence for their own amusement and they are also a sort of vampire that feeds on the vital forces in the human body. The benevolent group departed not long after its arrival, having given the human survivors a number of tools and keys to assist them in their upward climb once again. The vampires have remained and are now preeminent and operating in tandem with human psychopaths.

There is a cyclic flow to the cultures and life styles of human beings and these cycles follow a particular order which accommodates the desires and intelligence level of different orders of human beings. In ages that are predominantly more light filled you have the better parts of which the human life form is capable and also independent of negative alien influences, because a certain kind of collective auto-immune system is in place. As the ages grow darker on their way to a completion of a cycle, human existence becomes increasingly more corrupt and vulnerable to parasite entities and the psychopathic character that is resident in about 6% of the race at its most proliferating point.

I should explain about the cycles within cycles. There are four very long periods which grow shorter as they become darker. We are presently in the darkest period. However, each period has smaller cycles within it that are reflective of all of the longer periods so that you can occasionally catch a period of enlightenment and much of what had existed in more golden periods. One of these is now approaching, as the previous age is being dismantled and done away with. The passing age is one of great corruptions and that is why your present leaders are nearly all villains and why the commerce of world wide corporations and lending institutions are in charge of everything, including your leaders, both political and religious. Honesty and the higher virtues are nearly non existent in the human race at this time and those possessing them are anomalies and outcasts, due to their inability to operate within the schematic of decadence and corruption.

As this has been an age of materialism and the worship of external objects and positions of temporal power, a particular group of people, known for their focus on and devotion to materialism, have seized control of the mediums of information and most of everything else. They are not human in the way that others are and have interbred and aligned themselves with the bad aliens, which has also given them a certain control over time and events that happened but didn’t materialize. They are not all of them negative entities but a larger portion of them are by comparison with any other group. They have acquired a control over the collective mind of human ordinarius so that so that things which did not occur appear to have and these myths and non existent events have allowed them to gain for themselves a special victim status, while effectively behaving as the worst predators on the planet.

Luckily for you, there are certain unstoppable dynamics, which come into play whenever humanity is being herded in a direction that is ultimately completely confining and suicidal. You might think of it as an inexplicable phenomenon that insures that evil always destroys itself. This is why no people, nation or collective has ever taken over the world. The Earth is a sacred vessel and there are powers within it and outside of it that maintain inflexible barriers against certain possibilities that are never allowed to occur.

Many people, with the intelligence to ponder it, wonder what the purpose of human life is, given the terrible historical record of this passing age and not having an awareness of other times, whose presence has all but vanished from the world of this passing age. Planet Earth is a testing ground where anyone resident can pursue their hearts desires. In most cases this means being completely immersed in the material side of things and that includes the religions as well. Some few opt for the acquisition of important virtues which are like bus tickets to locations outside of this testing ground.

You can’t migrate to higher realms of being without them because you can’t gain entry to these realms without these qualities. The particular vibration that holds any of these worlds together will not allow you entrance without them. Spiritual teachers appear in every age and proclaim this very thing, one way or another. It isn’t too long after they have come and gone that all of what they said and did becomes a travesty upon it. Nearly all of you will pass at some point so, whether you are meant to remain and continue with the building of a new age is unimportant in this life. You will be back shortly if this was your intent, prior to your departure and in other cases the correct placement will occur here or somewhere else.

This is not just the passing of one age and the beginning of another. This is also the completion and genesis of a much larger cycle and provides an opportunity for an enormous personal advance, for those who have prepared themselves and who will be able to see a dimensional opening, which they can pass through into a new order of being. This aperture may appear everywhere for a certain time or it might require some travel to a launching point. You will know in either case or you won’t see it at all.

Those of us who are here from an alien culture, which is resident in the Alpha Centauri and Sirius clusters, are working to make this information known. We are letting you know that whatever is happening, here now and will soon happen, is irrelevant to your destiny and that your focus should be fixed upon the acquisition of valuable qualities and virtues that are your ticket out of here. Help will be provided as it is needed; not to save your life, except in some cases. This help is more of a directional theme and related to providing the right information in a time when confusion will be the order of the day.

Take the opportunity of the moment to step away from the recycling of the cultures and institutions of this passing age and put your hearts and minds upon strengthening your conviction and intentions in respect of a very possible escape into a new dimension of being. We’ll be in touch and we will also be assisting in the efforts of those who are directed toward their own destruction, as well as everyone else’s. Enjoy the day with the assured promise of something more that grows closer with every breath.

End Transmission…….

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  1. Woody McPeckteron said,

    August 12, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Even MC Hawking is saying we must vacate earth. Its not so bad here if you understand that everyone is as fake as a 7$ bill and only interested in how much is in your wallet and if your place to store your worthless shit from China is bitchin’ enough for the neighbors whom you can’t stand.

  2. welty buttface said,

    August 13, 2010 at 5:48 am

    I’m retarded and emotionally handicapped and I live with my mommy.

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