Nice Girls by Day and Hookers by Night.

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Let’s look at the two main features of any country; even if there are a few exceptions about what’s permitted, some of the citizens will still engage in a private way and if you just go back some years you will find is was there too. I’m talking about religion. The other one is government. You get governments because people want certain things handled by an organization that represents their interests.

The basic unit of any society is the family. You get a certain amount of families together and you get towns and cities, counties and states and a nation. It’s the same in any country, although they may have different names for the segments within segments of the total. All of these segments have some kind of government and some kind of churches that represent some different way that the members try to celebrate and worship the same thing in a different outfit. The present historical memory of what’s happened on Planet Earth contains  a number of major religions that were created here or there at different times and have been around long enough that each one of them has a pretty good number of groups who formed out of the central faith for one reason or another.

Around the world and over time there are and have been different types of governments that promise to provide basic needs according to a system they follow that makes these things happen or not happen, depending on what the government wants for itself and depending on the people’s ability to compel the government to see to their needs instead of filling its own. Government and Religion are the big guns of a society. Ideally, one sees to temporal needs and one sees to spiritual needs.

Let’s just talk about America because it is the main super power but you can think about England and the other countries she owns like Ireland; Scotland, Canada and Australia too. It’s been said that England owns America but it’s really money that owns all of them and whoever wants to do business with them too. Let’s talk about Christianity because that’s the main religion in all of these countries and let’s think of the American government as a couple of sisters that dress up every few years and go out on the town to see which one of them gets to be in charge of the country for awhile. One of them poses as the soul of business and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is going to be okay and she’s just get smaller as the business gets bigger and the dance gets wilder. The other sister poses as the soul of the people and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is just going to get happier and she’s going to get bigger and everybody is going to start dancing with her. Both of them say they are going to take care of everybody if you just let them dance.

Christianity is a woman who is all chaste and clean and she’s everybody’s mother but we don’t know how it happened because she doesn’t have sex. She dances too and she raises her hands to the sky and she says that if she can just keep dancing she’s going to build a stairway to Heaven so that everyone can have a piece of pie. All three of these ladies are modest and sweet and they travel around all over the place handing out candy and wearing long skirts and they each have a torch so that they look a lot like the lady that comes on the screen when the movie is made by Columbia. All of this happens in the day time.

Every day when the sun comes up things have gone through a little change. People find needles and condoms in the alleys and conditions are different than you expect they would be. Days turn into months and months into years as decades come and go and the sisters keep changing places while everything winds up in the hands of some people who belong to a tiny little country that suddenly appeared in the Middle East. Along with some other folk it turns out that 1% of the people own the majority of things and everybody else lives on chicken lips and deep fried butt rings.

What happens is that all three of these ladies change into something else when the sun goes down. They put on real short skirts and halter tops and paint their faces like a clown. They head into the alleys where there are these secret little clubs that stay open all night long and all three ladies are the main entertainment for the one’s who print the money that makes everything work and all they have to do is anything the money men want. The money men make movies and take pictures of all the things these ladies do and they show them to them in the day time so, after awhile, they’re doing the same things they do at night. They don’t mind about the movies and the pictures because they really like their work. It doesn’t matter who the men are and the money is nice but they would probably do it anyway because of what they are.

All 3 of these ladies live in big important houses that have a lot of rooms for all the people that want to see them dance and the houses are made of wood. The money men move into the supporting beams, rafters, the walls and the floors and they eat it all up like termites but you can’t see where anything is wrong. The houses have to keep standing until all of them get out of town. It’s time for them to move to India and Georgia, Brazil and other places so that they can find some new dancing ladies and a new important house.

It’s a pretty simple system that these money men perform. They find a couple of countries and they provoke them into war. They loan both sides some money with a heavy interest charge and they got money loaned out to all the businesses that provide the tools of war. When the war is over they have backed the winning side. They also have the losers in debt and they’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years. The first thing they do with the governments of either side is to arrange to print the money and not have to make their transactions public. That means they can make the money available to own the media and every business that has to do with music and books and teaching items so that they can control what people say and learn about them and request it too.

It’s pretty simple really and it explains how girls and women who can look so modest and fresh and chaste can turn into whores who will do anything for money. Christianity was a little different thing. They had a lot to do with what went into the book like changing the fact that one of the main players was a Syrian. They were doing the same things back then and the Syrian got annoyed and called them on their money thing so they nailed him to some boards. The second half of the book was full of all kinds of things you weren’t supposed to do and all of these things were businesses that the money men favored and controlled, like pornography and gambling and many more.

For years they’ve been financing things that are designed to destroy Christianity while convincing the Christians that they were chosen by God. Here’s a little history on how that sorts out. A whole lot of Christians are going to be dead soon enough because of that oil spill. All three of these whores have so many diseases now that they have to have sex in total darkness so that none of the clients can see them and in the day time they have to keep disappearing into backrooms over and over until they’ve been screwed into shape and then they can come back out like Nancy Pelosi and do whatever it takes to keep the termites happy and keep the tired dancing whores on their feet.

It’s money that hookers need to keep doing what they do. Nobody is trading them eggs or vegetables or fruit. Governments and big religions need money or they can’t be the one dancing in your head, somebody else will be dancing there instead. So, whoever can print the money and keep the books secret can control the system at every point and all you need to know is who that is and that’s not hard because who it is has been doing this for a long, long time and the only thing that might interfere with you catching on is that the whores and the money men are pretty powerful and strong. As long as they can keep most of the country believing in what they do, or at least afraid of them, you can’t do much on your own. You can’t go on TV unless they make you a freak. You can’t make a movie. You can’t write a book and have it go in all the stores. You can’t record music about it and get it on the radio. You can’t get the newspapers to report it. You can’t get the government to investigate it or the church to speak out against it.

Well… I know this was kind of loose and unbalanced like the hookers coming home at dawn but I never know what shape it’s going to be in and I got something else on my mind. Here’s a new Visible Origami about the subject we’ve been on and maybe that will take your mind off the termites and the whores.

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The New Shangri-La

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  1. Omni Consumer Products said,

    July 31, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Man I hope the Sack n’ Save has chicken lips and deep fried butt rings!! I’d buy that for a dollar.

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