The Peculiar Disconnect of Sex.

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There are certain things I talk about that create no controversy with my readers in my statements concerning them or anything else for that matter but when I mention sex or drugs you can see it light up. Things which are far more dangerous than drugs don’t even arouse concern. Sex is more commonplace and on people’s minds than any other single thought or practice on the planet. Think about it. Think about that. But generally you don’t hear it considered or discussed. They don’t want to talk about anything outside of conventional morality which is hypocrisy and selectively enforced and censured. I say some pretty controversial things about sex which people object to, can’t dispute but can certainly try. If they can’t dispute it then that’s something else I don’t understand.

I did use an amount of profanity in discussing it and was intentionally excessive in my presentation but that was by design because people have some reaction to what they call dirty words. Apparently words like cocksucker are dirty. That’s interesting considering the amount of people who think about and rely upon them. Here’s an interesting feature. There are many examples of this. Say there’s a woman who is very giving and free spirited who loves to provide whatever there may be available in the satisfaction of her partners (oops, partners might not be permitted). Say she sleeps with some guy and does all kinds of things for him and now he has contempt for her for providing what he wanted in the first place and is now out looking for again. Why cocksucker is a bad word when it is one of the most thought about,  requested and desired services?

There are so many examples of this that I need not go into them. There are no doubt people reading this who just thought, why did he have to say ‘cocksucker’ now he’s gotten prurient about it and I don’t think I will appreciate what he’s got to say. I’ll bet you’d appreciate a blow job though. The interesting thing is I don’t care about them at all any more as an attractive thing but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and I think it should be applied across the board by more people but it might also be that the type of men they are with don’t deserve them because sex is bad to begin with even though it is an integral part of manifest existence.

I could say so many things about sex and give so many examples of misunderstanding and hypocrisy that it would take awhile to example them and even if I did a lot of people would still have their reservations. But here is one of my points, a lot of these people believe that they are aware of all kinds of spiritual truths and cosmic moral codes and what is right and wrong in the temporal world. How can they know so much about so many things and so little about sex which is more pervasive and more connected to more things on more levels than anything else or I think so. It’s on people’s minds more than any other thing more of the time. The suppression of it and the profaning of it is the cornerstone of most religions as far the application of temporal forms of so called divine edicts.

Why is this is hardly talked about? Even more peculiar, why is it that no religion besides the Hindu talks much about or explains the process of transmuting the sexual force for the purpose of liberation from the suffering of the material plane. Why it is that so few people consider the waste of a certain vital force in relation to its cost? This waste of the force is actually celebrated in many ways in the general understanding and you have to consider that I mean more than masturbation or that that applies to more things than the direct definition.

Because sex is so subliminally negative and historically and culturally negative, the actual positive performance of it by most people is less artfully and considerately applied in action which results in enormous tragedies that are never discussed. You should wonder. Why is the attractive force which is also Love in terms of its higher expression and that which holds the planets in space and the molecules in objects together so demeaned and misunderstood? If you can figure this out you will know the main vehicle for negative temporal control on every level. Why is the reality of God as a serpent the most rejected of possibilities when it is obvious in a metaphysical sense and why is the serpent vilified considering the particular coiling state that is the definition of basic truth about the universe? If you don’t think this is true because you already know everything about the divine because you read it in a book whose purpose is largely social control, I’m not going to explain it. I’m not going to explain a lot of things any more. I’m just going to state them if I know they are so and not worry at all whether people don’t get it because if they won’t go through the trouble to look into in the first place who cares.

Let me explain something about an aspect of Love and an incredible feature of its being and one of the major reasons for its power, endurance and so many things that almost no one knows in a regular way of understanding and which is not talked about in religions and by most spiritual masters because it relates back to the thing about sex. Let’s just think about this in terms of the force itself and not the few individuals that consciously apply it. Let’s also consider it in relation to divine sacrifice and there is the possibility here to think about it and come up with some very deep meanings of the mystery and power of Love. Let me also say that the general understanding of Love is not the essence of Love to my way of thinking and is part of the problem in understanding and definitely the greatest problem in understanding its reality as the power, perfection and identity of God as Love.

Please do not ask me how God can be a serpent, Love and other things as well. Go look and find out in those places where one can learn these things and you might want to consider finding out what those places are as well and they are not books or religions except for the Hindu.

Back to the thing about Love; in the last post I discussed this but I used the word ‘fuck’ so people probably didn’t pay attention because this critical and no doubt extremely rare feature of Love was less important than a word considered profane while it is generally the most comprehensively descriptive of the ways most people perform the act. Fucking is the non Love motivated application of the sex act.

Here’s the aspect of Love. The reason that Love is the greatest power in the universe is that it tolerates, permits, and transforms all the perversions and violations of it. Love says, okay; if you just want to gain some kind of release go ahead. However, wouldn’t you like to know how to actually master me and get me to do things beyond your imagination? You didn’t hear that? Then you were probably F**king. Why is it okay to write it that way? There are people who are solicited to have sex with people who have no intention of performing it in any way but as a compulsion and which they also consider wrong subconsciously, even though it is justified in more ways than genocide and war, while considered illegal and immoral at the same time. These people will freely give themselves for the opportunity to instruct these people in what they are actually looking for. And I’m real sure about this. That’s something not usually known because those doing it don’t talk about it. Is that wrong? These people engage in various degrees of considered general wrongness for the purpose of healing something which makes more sense than any religious prohibition or any other approved charitable, educational and sundry effort to fix something that doesn’t get fixed ever in terms of having much of an impact on ignorance or practice of sex ever. Think about so many things that some people do that never really get talked about and ask yourself who are these people and consider the general behavior and prohibitions of all the known expressions how its supposed be but never is.

Possibly you can imagine a lot of possibilities where something like this might occur where illegal or immoral behavior is taking place where someone went into all kinds of things and did something similar. I could bring up the scriptural mention of Jesus Christ hanging out with publicans and sinners. Think about that. Think about whatever possibilities might exist in this way regarding all kinds of things. Most people have no idea of these people who do these things, or of a whole lot of other things going on around them that have to do with physical reality and all the veils and deceptions operating at so many levels.

This posting is intended to suggest an enormous amount of considerations and meanings concerning sex, Love and the interpretation of what the divine does, disapproves and approves of, is composed of and probably a whole lot more having to do with the real truth about life and Nature in all of its deeper implications and which are not only nearly always wrong and unknown but intentionally deceptive for some kind of reason. Why is it that spiritual masters and religions and society conceal the actual truths? The reason is that general society is not allowed to know these things because of the effect on the construction of existence for whatever its purpose may be.

I am hoping that it is understood that I wrote this in such a way so that it would provoke the reader to think about how all of this relates to just about everything; what they think is real, even about a lot of so called higher spiritual truths in terms of what is forbidden and the possibility these prohibitions and laws or whatever they are do not apply to a certain level of individual. I would also hope the reader will be inclined to consider things not even mentioned and possibilities beyond all of that and maybe make a connection between all kinds of things we think we know and what may be otherwise.

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