The Impending Dimensional Shift.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

When my friend Imron was here last week all kinds of weird events were taking place. The last night he was here we were going to watch a movie, listen to some music; songs he hadn’t heard from an era he wasn’t around for. I cued something up and an image came on the screen which announced, Les Charbonniers. It looked like the beginning of a film but it wouldn’t play. It didn’t matter what media player I used. That was all that would come up, over and over. It didn’t relate to anything I’d ever looked for or come across and it was all I could get. There was no sound and no other file would open. The next day it was gone.

There’s a local pub here where I’ve played a few times but not recently. Sometimes I don’t go there for six months or more and sometimes I will go down there every night for a few days. It’s always the same people. For ten years it has been the same people having the same conversations about the same things. While Imron was here I went there on several nights and had gone there a few times the week before. All of a sudden there were new people each night sitting with the same old crowd, including the fellow who invited me to the rave. Most of the new people spoke to me and if I would sit alone, which was generally the case, they would come over and sit and talk with me. For ten years I seldom saw anyone new. It’s a small town. Now, half of the people were new and everyone seemed to know each other.

I had a rare K session while Imron was here. This sort of thing doesn’t come around more than a couple of times a year. I didn’t know Imron very well. I did know the kind of things that happened when I engaged. Imron comes from a Muslim background and his people are from India. He lives in Texas and works as an IT consultant. On first viewing you would take him for someone straight and normal; not the sort of person I would have around for this kind of an event. Generally there is no one around, period. I told him what was up and I engaged. Due to the reactivation of my Kundalini over recent months there is no telling what might happen.

I didn’t think about it much. Right off the bat I was being thrown around in my chair and I can tell you, if you haven’t seen this kind of thing before it can be pretty shocking. I thought with him being descended from Indian parents he might have some kind of ancestral precedence for my behavior. I can’t really describe how off the charts my symptoms were on that first day and he had just flown in from the states on a long plane trip into the environment of someone he’d never met except online. Later, when a more normalized mindset arrived I saw just how off the charts the whole period must have appeared. There were times when it looked like what we call reality was going to melt away and something wild and powerful was going to replace it, more or less permanently. On several occasions I came back into the usual frequency to find that some things just weren’t the same anymore and then it would happen again. He just sat there and never said a word.

I had already planned on taking a shower prior to his arrival on the first day. I was finishing a post when he called from the airport which, as I have already recorded elsewhere, is over a half an hour drive away; given his having to connect with a ride and whatever else needed doing before he was on his way. I hung up the phone and went into the shower and he arrived a few minutes later. I still can’t get my head around that.

Why I’m talking about this is because we are about to enter into the fullness of a particular astrological phenomena that hasn’t been seen around here in a long, long time. Bholanath has already commented on it very recently on the last post that appeared here. Robert Hitt has been talking about it too. I’m not going to detail the configurations. I’ve got a background in esoteric astrology but it’s better if someone who has an actual savvy with the nuts and bolts says something and I encourage any of you who do to say something in the comments.

Here’s what Bholanath said at the last Petri Dish. This is an followup to something else he said in an earlier comment;

“An addendum to the Full Moon weekend of the 24-25 July:
1)Saturn-Uranus & Jupiter opposition peaks
2)Mercury-Neptune opposition peaks
3)Jupiter square Pluto peaks
= big-ass T-square.
Then the following weekend (wait for it!) MARS joins the fray (conjunct Saturn)!
Mars is in this instance considered a ‘malefic’ trigger for the larger configuration of slower planets.
Holey moley!
Keep clear of the collective madness.”

This brings me to mention the power of collective belief; mass hysteria, long accepted fundamentals- material and spiritual, extended mass accepted reality of color and tone, general view of Nature and long standing institutions in cultures. You can extrapolate from all of this on your own. I’ve been saying it for awhile and we’ve been seeing the encroachment of it but let me say it again; the old world is passing away and the new world is coming.

For the new world to generate; and it is unstoppable by any force, because the cosmos is generating it, the old world must be broken down and the power of its influence taken away. Those dependent on it are doing all they can to maintain it. That’s not going to fly. More informed manipulators are seeking to transplant themselves into the new age. That’s not going to fly either, not for some time. It’s ours to celebrate or compromise. The only power the manipulators will have is the possibility of corrupting those who have avoided corruption within their old matrix. The chances are slim.

The breaking down of the old order will not be exclusive to those institutions and organizations that are causing so much distress at the moment. It is going to affect everyone and everything. Supposedly good guys are going to find that their motives have been more selfish than they admitted to themselves. People who have enriched themselves on being heralds; muckrakers, accusers, revealers and the like are going to find themselves judged by their profit motive and will find their support and audience moving on to more authentic representations. We’ve already seen the revelations made public about the influential and high powered gatekeepers. They are often convicted out of their own mouths and certainly by the exposure of their heretofore unknown bankrollers and shadowland associates. Several names come to mind and you know who they are.

We need to get our ya ya’s out in some cases and discard those features of our personalities and mindsets that we’ve used for protection and defense in this passing matrix. We need to confront what we are, take inventory and be rigorous in what we no longer need and can do without. This can be uncomfortable and frightening but we can’t rely on our internalized Star Wars defense systems anymore, because that also forbids entry to the invisible helping hands. We never were protecting ourselves with any of these constructs in the first place. We were being protected by those amounts of the higher qualities we possessed; our integrity, our honesty, our compassion, our selfless service in the seemingly unseen ways we performed it. Here you may extrapolate again and… don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

We need to become more impersonal about the people and things that outrage us. They are only unconscious players in a drama that is coming to a close. Their reward is written into the schematic of what they allowed themselves to become out of the predispositions of their karma. What I am saying here is more important than it might appear so it bears a penetrating scrutiny by the one’s reading this.

In a very short time we are all going to pass another demarcation line and enter into a reality shift. This is imminent. Other shifts are coming in The Fall and they are going to be even more transformative. All of the shifts are important. Those with less arresting features are not less important to you than those that are world shaking in appearance. We are talking about a progression here and every part is integral to the whole.

Everyone should have no greater concern than letting go and doing their laundry. In many cases the universe is going to do your laundry while you are in it. Let it happen and open up to the mainline positive download that is being readied for your ascension. I say ascension in terms of consciousness. Embrace the awakening of your higher self as it seeks to integrate and change you. Do not presume to know what those changes are or what they mean. If you had known you would have already done it yourself. Okay then… are you ready? Well, ready or not, here it comes.

End Transmission…….

The next radio show will be available for download Sunday night or Monday morning.

Light Up Ahead

The New Shangri-La


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