ZioNazis, Time Fugues and other Anomalies.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger, in the world and in my house and in my life. For many this would be disconcerting. People like routine. Sadly, in too many case these days, so many people are unaware of anything going on beyond their regular entertainments. There are people in The Gulf of Mexico area that are not aware that anything has happened there. International corporations and the Zionist plague of psychopathic bankers and simpering politicos have destroyed the American infrastructure. If you don’t hear about it on TV, it didn’t happen even though the effects of it are everywhere to be seen.

Despite the wider ignorance of what is taking place, more and more people are waking up to what has been going on and it is making the ZioNazis very uneasy. This is why Mel Gibson is being pilloried. They think they’re pretty slick. They paint Gibson as a racist who is slandering the black race. The point of this is for the ZioNazis, arguably the most virulent racists on the planet, to jump to the defense of the black race as if they were the most righteous, compassionate and caring of groups. They’ve been co-opting civil rights and sundry organizations for years so as to give the impression that they are the ones who care about the downtrodden; never mind that the downtrodden are in the position they are in due to the ZioNazis.

As readers of this blog know, for about a year my blogs have been only rarely appearing at Whatreallyhappened. Before this I had sent them in to Michael Rivero and he had always linked my articles without fail. I thought we were friends and we often would exchange pleasantries or information. One day he did not post my submission and then it went to a week and then another week. I wrote him about a dozen times to inquire why this was and never got a reply. I said, “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore.” I went my way and that was that. Then I saw the other day that Michael needed donations because CBS had cancelled his participation in a Hawaiian filmed TV show. I wondered if this was something similar to the Gibson thing. Michael has been relentlessly exposing ZioNazi chicaneries for some time.

The ZioNazis are running scared because they know what is coming in this time of The Apocalypse. This is why Zio-Joe Lieberman wants to shut down the internet and why people are losing their media jobs when they say the wrong thing that the ZioNazis don’t like. I wanted to write about this but realized that I couldn’t assume that Michael’s contract was cancelled for the reasons I suspected and I wanted to help him if I could since I believe he does critical work. I was more or less forced to write him and ask and I said that despite how he might feel about me I did want to be of assistance if I could. Michael wrote back to ask me what thing I was talking about. He had no knowledge that this had been going on for a year with my posts and made a comment about how much he liked my work. How could he not have gotten my letters?

Last night I get a letter from a regular reader at Rense who wanted to tell me that the reason my work wasn’t appearing at Rense was because he had been away. I had no idea who had been putting it up. I’d never sent anything in. Then I get a warm letter from Jeff Rense telling me how much he liked my work and that I should send him my posts directly and he will put them up. The Dog Poet Transmitting dialogue box is back up again and now I have also suddenly received emails from other people showing me letters they wrote and comments they made.

I had a visitor from Texas over the last several days named Imron and he called from the airport to say that he had landed and we arranged for him to be driven here. It’s at least a half hour drive. I was just going into the shower so I went into the shower and he arrived at the door a mere few minutes after I went into the shower. There’s been a lot of this kind of thing. It’s becoming commonplace for the unexpected and inexplicable to occur. I could have said more about Whatreallyhappened and Rense which highlights the strange but I’ll leave that be. I could add a number of events that have been taking place here but I’ll leave that be too.

In the recent Visible Origami, I issued a series of commands. One of them was that “time go all funny’. That’s happening and I had to rescind the command because it was causing real problems (grin). While my visitor was here we were invited to a rave. It was announced on the internet and I was personally invited by a person connected to it. We got ready to go and were told it was cancelled. I went down to the local pub to talk to the fellow who invited me. Some of the other people who were putting it on or providing the music were there. A little while later we were told it was on again and the fellow told us the location. We went there and there was no one. We went back to the pub where all these people had returned and looked like they were waiting for us.

Susanne thought they were a Mossad hit squad. That’s not like her. They were now going to have the rave at another location. I told the fellow that I would follow him. Susanne did not want to come and was sure she would never see me again. I was following them when they floored the gas and took off at high speed up into the mountain and even though I was going very fast too, they disappeared. There’s more to this story too. There are more stories also. Something very strange is going on. Those of you who are familiar with what happened to me in Italy know that exceedingly strange things have been going on for months now. I find all this very entertaining but I can’t say I understand it.

It’s been two days now with no significant events. This post has been sitting on the desktop, waiting to see if there’s something more that’s supposed to go in here but it appears not for this little while.

The world appears to be hanging in a kind of gelatin suspension. It’s a time release containment gel, which lets slip certain occurrences but suppresses the activities of others until some wide reaching internal clock comes to the right moment. Meanwhile, in some places, time is moving faster. In other locations, time is moving slower and it could be that in some locales, time isn’t moving at all. Physical time and mental time are not moving at the same rate and in special situations; time is herky jerky following no pattern at all.

Somehow, a lot of things that were meant to be in sync are not and some coming events have to play catch-up and some have to wait on these laggards. It reminds me of the movie, “Mr. Nobody” cross shuffled with “Benjamin Buttons” like a canny card dealer inserting another deck inside the one in his hands. A year ago, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the possible sequencing of pending events; the year before that I had a different view. Today I have no real view at all. I’ve had to admit to myself that I haven’t got a clue as to how this is all supposed to sort out. There are any number of dimensions that have a time code much different from each other. Something happens in one place on a virtual level and then something that should have already happened or was meant to happen later is happening, or not happening according to means and methods beyond my ken.

I operate as if containing myself was the solution and the next day I act as if any containment at all is the source of the problem, at least for me. It’s not uncomfortable or angst making. It just is, or isn’t, depending on how you look at it. It could be that the new world that is emerging and which is antithetical to the old world and the New World Order is rising invisibly to one clock and the old world is falling back like dead leaves into compost according to another clock. In the interim, we have one foot in the old world and another in the world that is coming. That’s the best I can come up with at the moment; if this is the moment and not some other moment (grin).

It could be the amalgam of free will that’s the culprit or some mysterious outworking of cosmic forces that were always in charge and are now in active mode. One thing for sure, the bad guys are parading around on the world stage with huge LED screens and talking sandwich boards, announcing to us all just what sort of people they are. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for this except to establish guilt and culpability. By the time they come before the eternal court there isn’t going to be much doubt about who is who.

End Transmission…….

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