Snake Dancing like Sleepwalkers into Childhood’s End.

Dog Poet Transmitting (through internet bans and most locations dependent on ads)…….

“Well now, I say, I say, I say… well now.” That’s a cosmic Foghorn Leghorn musing at some location at inner space. He’s been awakened from his comic book dream by an apocalyptic reveille and he’s standing with the rest of his comic book associates in a sleepy regiment line. Some of them forgot their pants (like me recently)… oh, this just in, they don’t all wear pants. Anyway, some noisy avatar is getting closer and closer to Ground Zero every day and his band is loaded with tom toms, tympanis and big bass drums. So there’s a lot of virtual ground shaking going on and, from the other end up (this isn’t scientifically sound, so treat it as an metaphor or an analogy) it looks like the ground has been shaking for awhile; the ocean floor, casino roofs, financial institutions, governments and pretty much everything that involves Earth and a connection to it, is looking like a conga line of giant spice worms, moving under the infrastructure.

Massive murder machines, driven by extra-terrestrial alien will, have crossed the Suez and are headed for Maynardville (Thunder Road). Atomic Israeli subs, courtesy of a duped German Republic, are in the mix. Across the world, enormous oil slicks are killing the wild life and rescuers are being interdicted and possibly arrested because rescued giant sea turtles don’t look good when cooking in a flaming oil tempura wok without the batter. Sorry, that’s what the oil’s for. Hundreds of thousands of sea birds are making their heavy, beleaguered way into the dying wetlands to join in a massive unseen death rite while the rest of the poor creatures just sink to the ocean floor.

The toxin from the oil spill are traveling in the air and causing spontaneous diarrhea outbreaks which (according to witnesses), are causing whole communities to stink; giving witness to how pervasive it is. Those on land and sea are also experiencing a variety of reactions to the poison that is filling the breathing spaces with all sorts of terrible anti-body chemicals. There’s word of a huge gas bubble that might explode and send tsunamis, hundreds of feet high in all directions. Meanwhile, the alien and satanic driven, crime syndicate nation of Israel is motoring into the Persian Gulf to attack Iran with their American bitch, done up in leather restraints and gag-reflex ping pong balls, like some zombie nation that got born in that basement in Pulp Fiction.

Longshoremen around the world are refusing to unload Israeli/MagogkeNazi goods. When this finally, with great speed, becomes ubiquitous, Rothschildlandia is dead and the nation with no right to exist, based on lies and violence and born out of the much greater Soviet Holocaust (for which they are solely responsible), will sink into the infernal regions from which the idea first emerged. No greater boon can be granted humanity at this time. A determined inquiry into who owns British Petroleum and so many other noxious, corporate, alien parasite driven, concerns shows just how great the boon will be.

The public fallout from the flotilla massacres and the psychopathic film parodies has put the Cast Lead demon-Orcs beyond the efforts of any P.R. firm or all P.R. firms in tandem. Now various flotillas approach the Israeli gulag, concentration camp of Gaza and possibly one of them is filled with women. Brave hearts have been awakened by The Apocalypse and all governments opposing such efforts by their citizens should have the Ceauşescu Method applied across the board. This is the force of The Apocalypse. It not only reveals the darkness and its practitioners to the light, it forces them into actions of exposure as a divine punctuation on their intent and fealty to the Prince of Darkness. We’ve already discussed whether such a thing exists or not and have made it clear that it doesn’t matter what name you call it or how you define it, it’s there.

Because of world outrage and reaction, similar to the longshoremen and because of direct action by collective efforts like flotillas and including the support of surrounding nations and former friends whose leaders were targeted for assassination by Israel/MagogkeNazi Nation and caught at it… an attack on Iran is the only thing that will take the eye of the sleeping public away from the deeds of the waking public. It’s been announced that a majority of the citizens of various western nations are in support of attacking Iran; anyone at all, their relatives, friends and even themselves, I guess. None of this will work. The attempted killing of the world’s oceans won’t work and let me take a moment to recognize Kevin Costner’s contribution to the problem. I’ve always been a fan, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

If you can’t interpret the meaning of what is happening, you probably aren’t reading this anyway. Once more, a simple synopsis; stone cold evil, counterfeit money lending, parasite terrestrials, in a link up with fellow traveling, alien parasites and dark shit golems from the inner planes, who have narcotized world leaders with promises of power, flesh and money, are engaged in a program of world conquest and wide spread confinement, murder, eugenics and euthanasia of the peoples of the world with the intent of keeping a certain amount for servants and amusement.

You don’t need a more complex picture than this. In the process of their indefensible acts they have the belief that they are doing these things. The truth is that they are being forced to continue in their nasty perversions, until they are unmasked before the eyes of the world and… at a time they are in for a real surprise. This surprise is a world enveloping consciousness of change that is going to express itself in many different ways.

It is not possible to awaken the majority of these criminals in any way but through their total destruction. It is not possible to awaken the majority of the sleeping world by any means other than Armageddon like conditions. This mindset is actually being pushed by those manipulating the Rohypnol saturated, dreamers but many surprises are possible yet.

Media from the right, center and left, along with any other mediums that present themselves as truthful and alternative are nearly all engines of disinfo. Only the secret voice of the inner heart can be trusted and no one speaking or writing can be trusted who does not resonate with it. I myself know only a handful of sites, reflecting the fingers on one hand, which I have discovered to be legitimate.

To anyone who is awake and asking what they can do, I say to join with others in a massive push for revelation and change. The primary forces and agents of these forces that are in predatory operation against humanity will not be, cannot be, changed by debate; appeals to better nature, evidence of their own approaching destruction, common sense, the echo of a lost innocence, the memory of a better self or anything else. The secondary agents; formerly lost in delusion and self interest can be changed and shamed into acts of self-redemption and a passion to recover what they have lost.

The coming weeks are going to provide both proof and opportunity to awakening souls around the world. The time when perverse actions like the holocausts in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere are over. Every new act will now only cement the belief of many that what they have been increasingly suspecting is actually true. These acts will also awaken others who are still rubbing at the cobwebs over their eyes and on their hearts and minds.

The power of a force, long unseen, is coming into view and all of this is a feature of The Apocalypse. As the old world is reduced to raw materials and the new world is constructed out of this reduction, those personally associating themselves with either will rise or fall accordingly. This is set in something far denser than stone and cannot be turned aside or halted in any way. It is going to happen and it is happening and nothing can prevent it.

The time is at hand when the miraculous will be common place and there will no longer be logical or material means to spin it as something else. It is happening right now and each new day will bring further evidence that the supernatural is in full operation upon the fading reality of what was once believed to be real. Have no fear other than the fear that you are serving the wrong agenda. Bend and you need not be broken.

End Transmission…….

Gone Baby, Gone

The New Shangri-La


1 Comment

  1. Daphne O'Brien said,

    June 22, 2010 at 4:25 am

    I just wanted to thank you, over and over, for your site. I caught up with the truth about the Jews when I read a few old books about what really happened in Russia. I have HUGE problems getting this information believed by others.

    However, mostly I thank you because you combine that sort of truth with the kind of spirituality I can relate to and therefore this is site I go to when I want truth… and nothing but…

    Thanks so much for what you are, and for what you give us.

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