Dress Rehearsal is Over. It’s Time for Opening Night.

Dog Poet…….

Crank up the nausea machine. Activate the bad taste module. Put a quarter in the Rolfing Golem, lay down and hope it passes. Bristol Palin is going on the talk lecture tour. Apparently she’s going to talk about abstinence, instead of just abstaining from making a bigger fool of herself than she already is. She’s going to get $15,000 to $30,000 an appearance. Levi Johnston is said to be in Hollywood looking for a reality show which is newspeak for, “Get a life”, without the necessity of actually doing so. It’s an incredible disconnect to hear about TSA and border thugs manhandling the populace while banality has become the God of the people.

There’s some good news. Long time political whore and Israeli operative, Arlen Spectre (spelling intentional) has been given the boot after pulling a Joe Lieberman, without success, because Pennsylvania doesn’t have the level of general corruption that Connecticut has, which is kind of like saying that you’re never going to get the same smell from an ordinary two week old, dead body that you will get from a floater of the same age, unprofessionally pulled out of the Detroit River, with a misplaced grappling hook. He’ll be off to his next life as munitions lobbyist for The Carlyle Group as soon as Cthulhu climbs up out of the Gulf of Mexico and gives George Bush a blow job, which is kinda like beating a dead horse without the entertainment factor. This is in no wise meant to distract from Bush Senior’s actual focus of sexual attraction, which you can find through only a cursory internet search.

Do I really need to talk like this? Well, it’s the Petri Dish, that concave, virtual glass object that holds Western Culture in its cupped embrace. You can take an electron microscope and use it like Google Earth to get a street view of the people moving through it without gum boots but you have to utilize a few well placed mirrors to get the actual effect. The only thing I ever used Petri dishes for was to prepare cocaine for insufflation and that’s only accessed in The Wayback Machine these days.

If this is true, then we are now living in the moment of an extended “Bad Day at Black Rock”. We are seeing the nature of evil at the surface of its expression and “The Human Centipede” is the other half of the double feature, which is playing beneath the surface; do not see that movie and do not say I didn’t warn you.

It’s a bit of a trip to absolutely believe in the divine ineffable and to write like this at the same time but it just so happens that the ineffable does not behave according to human understanding or the cute little stage sets that sexually dysfunctional men of the cloth designed for him. God’s the ultimate outlaw. I’m pretty sure he has no intention of behaving according to the rules forced down upon us by men and women who don’t obey them either. Furthermore, all one has to do is read about his exploits to realize that he does what he pleases and for his own pleasure and that the entirety of creation is nothing more than a vehicle for his entertainment. We take things too seriously because we don’t take the truly important things seriously.

I don’t know what to tell you, which you have probably guessed by now but I will try to come up with something comforting and faith enhancing. I can tell you this. It all works out and appearances are deceiving. That’s a good thing because appearances are going to get increasingly worse as it all works out. I’d suggest a light touch and a conscious focus on levitating the expected heaviness of the heart, as it appears to spiral more and more out of control. It is a spiral and that is also a good thing.

I will tell you it is time to batten down the hatches or move to wherever it is that you expect to be when the baseball sized, flaming hail stones start raining out of the skies. It’s time for you to either fully trust in what animates you or go into survival preparation mode. I’m in the former class so I’m not making any preparations at all; taking it one day at a time and expecting things to just keep improving as they presently are doing. I don’t recommend this unless you believe it. If you do then you won’t need anything else. If you don’t then nothing else will be sufficient.

The problem with trying to understand the nature and depth of evil is that it is not possible unless you are willing to become evil by degrees as you progress to the core. The core is composed of the same thing that composes the mystery that is the majority attraction of a femme fatale. As you explore this mystery and come to the center you find there was nothing there at all. The currency of mystery is mystery itself. Once explored you find there was nothing mysterious except the appearance of it.

These are all things that we carry around with us, usually in an undeveloped state. Show business is the same thing. It’s a fantasy woven out of nothing and given presence and importance through the use of lights, mirrors and music. Life itself is easily as empty unless the only thing possessing reality inhabits your person in an activated sense and also has your attention.

This is also a very good thing because all you have to do is discover the real and dismiss the unreal and what doesn’t exist won’t be in a position to hurt you. The point of blessing things is that the act sets up a resonance with what is real and dissolves what is not on its way toward making contact. Cursing things is similar to breathing the breath of life into zombies.

I realize how all of this sounds put into the language of the Petri Dish. However, if something is so then it is true in the roughest presentation as it is in the most sublime. If it isn’t, all the prettiest words in the world won’t give it enduring life.

What’s this all about? The non-existent shit is about to hit the non-existent fan and cover all the things composed of it with more of the same. The hallucinated body doubles from Ghost World, like Hillary Clinton, are dead serious about using their seeming superiority, while it’s preeminent and before any balance of power can come into place to check it. The premise is as ignorant by contrast to the degree to which they consider themselves to be informed and is going to have the predictable result.

To the extent that something is considered necessary and desirable; to that extent it is going to become rare and difficult to obtain. People in the act of stockpiling are going to become the new grocery stores for the rampaging mob. Because of the deep cosmic need for a universal lesson, these things are going to take place in order to define the value of what is euphemistically called civilization at this time. Some will be in the movie and some will be watching it from varying distances.

You know what sort of locations, due to density, are going to be the primary staging grounds. You know which countries, due to the nature of the culture and the government is going to host the majority of the scenes. You know what sort of conditions are going to provoke what kind reactions based on the laws that have been created over the course of recent years. You know by the nature of evidence given, concerning disasters natural and manufactured, what sort of additional special effects might manifest in which locations.

Well, you must have come here for a reason and we are about to find out what that is. Since it really is a movie, my suggestion is that you make a deep investigation of what you consider to be your part and play it with all your might. It doesn’t hurt to have an in with the director either.

Sing it Loud

The New Shangri-La



  1. Sami Dhimmi said,

    May 20, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Shit this is more exciting than Micheal Jackson ‘This is It!’. Is it really time for the interplanetary reboot, the cosmic os reinstall! Well damn there goes my career I wanted to participate in the rat race and be the big ratface! Can I take my made in China junk and Wendy’s macht holograms?

  2. not Herbert said,

    May 20, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    I found a funny picture of Sarah Palin teabagging a big hairy nutsack it made me laugh out loud hysterically. We are all just along for the ride anyway so clutch your gold coins, crack open a can of refried beans and listen to Glenn Beck on your imaxipad and enjoy the show.

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