Pardon my Language you Lying Sacks of Shit.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It’s Petri Dish after all and it needs to be said; a loosely aligned aggregate of psychopaths, bi-pedal lizards, Satanists, Draconian Religion Junkies, Coprophagial Wannabe Anti-Christ’s, Garden Variety Greed Monkeys and assorted clowns with the blood of children on their costumes and big ass shoes are working over time with time cards in six different names to feed bank accounts in three different countries, while they turn Planet Earth into a stinking, smoldering rubbish dump because that’s their idea of the forever and ever getaway, Bahamas Beach in the mind of an insane fool who, having destroyed and consumed everything and everyone, will spend eternity atop the rubbish dump, gnawing off his own foot.

These sterling representatives of what may or may not be life forms, are aided and abetted by some of the most clueless- beyond ignorant- (and beyond definition by those of us who have watched it happen in front of our eyes) oyster-brained, lawn ornaments, pet rocks, retarded beach balls, with purple dragons on them and a collection of various flea market items for alien locations, where they are purchased and used for things I probably shouldn’t be talking about. These… these… uh, whatever they are, share equal responsibility for the antics and success of the first group, because without their devolutionary, fast track, three legged, potato sack race into the primordial, entropic swamp, the world would not presently resemble a swollen colostomy bag, well past its due date. Folks, stand up, take a bow, you’re the ones who made it possible.

You’re the ones who would embarrass a turnip with your mute acceptance of the indefensible lies that are presently pouring from all of the polluted mediums of the world press.

For the last several days I have donned my puncture proof space suit and walked through the septic regions of the media to encounter things that offend every good and decent thing that life is the promise of. You feckless whores, who can allow yourselves for money, to spread with your lying mouths and hands the endless redundant lies that it seems impossible to me that anyone could still believe… you; would that I had a voice of thunder accompanied by spiritual fire… would that I did. You would soon have an epiphany of a kind unimagined by you.

Here are men and women; well dressed and well spoken, possessed of all the social graces… all of you knowing you are corrupt and venal and full of shit, each of you talking to each other and nodding your heads in agreement with each other about things you know are not true and… things you and your vicious handlers orchestrated and then blamed on the defenseless as well.

I am here to tell you that you will not prevail. Your plots and weapons and lies are going to turn against you. A voice is crying out in my mind from that central point shared by all living things and it will accuse you to yourself. One reality that I promise you is that you will have the veils lifted from your hearts and minds and you will see yourself as you are and everywhere you go and everything you attempt to do, you will be reminded of this, so that you will be unable to function but also unable to stop trying. Your contempt and loathing for yourself will be your cardinal awareness and will accuse you to yourself without pause.

Something…someone… is coming, coming across the distance within the enduring portions of every single one of us and it approaches by the hour. It is coming and there is no force, no weapon; nothing that can hinder it. Even now you are aware of it. You cannot define it, nor have you any concept of what it is… but it knows you.

As it presently stands, you can step away from the murderous and selfish behavior that you have raised to an art form. I am telling you that mercy attends the coming of this being. Other qualities attend as well. Only a fool will not leap to the possibility of mercy. It is extended and as it withdraws, it is incrementally replaced by something else. You can take this as you like but I am assured to a degree that I am assured of little else that this will come to pass.

Many of you imagine yourselves to be possessed of intelligence and cunning. Many of you are lawyers who believe they can cut a deal with the devil himself. You are going to have that opportunity. I would suggest a voluntary plea of guilty now rather than the imposition of it following your unsuccessful defense and sentencing. You would be surprised to see how much it mirrors what you are already so familiar with; this is part of the remarkable irony of the affair entire.

It is rather pointless of me to address the vegetable contingent as I can myself hear how it would sound… like ambient noise. I will say this, though it appears that ignorance and relentless denial are forms of protection, I can guarantee you they are not; no more than an armadillo’s shell is any protection against the tires of a semi on a southwestern highway.

I know how it got this way. It starts with something like this, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.” After that it is a formal progress in which every area of society is corrupted for the profit of whoever is controlling the money supply. Even those who mean well in any position are in no position to effect change, because the money compromises them or blackmails them or threatens them until they submit or walk away; provided that is possible.

This process includes the intentional dumbing down by degrees, according to a formula that has reduced those of you, presently hearing ambient sound, to the condition you can’t find yourself in today; a nation of Tweedledees and Tweddledums marching to the beat of a common drummer, on through the gates, into the chutes and on to the killing floor. The rest of you are in the stands, hypnotized by the lights and cheering the display as if you were not the following act. Some of you no doubt consider it well worth it to be in the lights. After all, fame is a powerful magnet and never so much as when it pulls upon those with no talent and no brains. Once again, stand up and take a bow and give yourselves a hand because you made this possible. They couldn’t have done it without you.

This process that starts with the control of the money moves in predictable stages and if you don’t know what I’m talking about well… just turn around and look down the years and note that everything you see was fashioned and propelled through the changes of the times to the point at which you find yourself now. There is an end game and perhaps if you look closely you can see that too. The kicker is that it never gets accomplished. Oh there’ve been experiments in various countries, which even managed to include other countries for a period of time but it never finalized any more than this one will. But that’s not the point really. The point is where are you in the mix?

I look at the course of humanity as it comes down through time and it looks like a boat on a river. It’s a powerful river as those who have tried to swim against the current have discovered. Its destination is already determined from the moment the boat enters the river. Many individual details are not. Seen in fast forward, it appears to be a dangerous passage filled with screams and hands and heads disappearing beneath the froth that bangs against the rocks. Rapids and falls appear. There are periods of calm as well. Somehow, inevitably and always, the banks fall away and the boat passes on the great sea. We all get there, even if it’s floating face down (grin). However that isn’t the point of the moment. What are you going to do about it now?

End Transmission…….

Walk through the Fire or Burn

The New Shangri-La


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  1. Excaliber said,

    May 18, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Never fear for Noam Chomsky’s sweater, President Barry the Jesus Messiah and keyboard commando blog groupie trolls are going to save us at the last second. \m/ ^. .^ \m/

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