In for a Penny, in for a Pounding.

In the Lam(e)ass Media today we find the headline saying that Climate Data was not manipulated. The British had an inquiry which, “largely cleared the scientists”. Here’s my favorite quote from the article-

“One that attracted particular media attention was Jones’ reference to a “trick” that could be used to “hide the decline” of temperatures.”Hide the decline” was not an attempt to conceal data but was scientific shorthand for discarding erroneous data, the committee concluded. Similarly, Jones intended “trick” to mean a neat way of handling evidence, rather than anything underhanded, the inquiry found.” Isn’t that special?

I am more amused than I like, more often than I like, at the sheer unbridled hypocrisy that wars with sanctimony for the top honors in professional behavior. Priests playing ‘ring around the rosy’, or rosebud, as you prefer… is, of course, a heinous violation of trust. However, buggering the credibility of the public on a daily basis ‘en masse’ is an equal act of treachery, which comes to a rape of faith and assorted offenses against trust misplaced in the hands of those whose job it is to be trustworthy.

Whether it’s the misappropriation of public funds; the outright theft of public funds, treason, mass murder- both domestic and foreign or simply a non-stop conveyor belt of lies, which kill a nation’s faith in all those shining ideals that have turned out to be just so much confetti catching the sunlight, with the implication that it is generated there… well, you got to hand it to these people. If you don’t hand it to them they will just take it, I suppose.

I’m guessing they brought the 9/11 commission out of mothballs to use their ruthless capacity for truthseeking on behalf of Climate Gate. One thing they did find was that no missile hit the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. They also were unable to find any direct link between Phil Jones and Bin Laden except for rumors of an affair while at university in the early days.

Dr. (snicker) Jones reminded the committee that this was proof of his foresight in wearing leather elbow patches on his tweed jacket all these years. I suppose that anything less than good leather wears out in the first year of employment, when you’re trying to get a leg up in ‘the game’.

I’ve said it many times and I will say it again; this is all an expression of the unveiling of The Apocalypse and… the batshit frantic efforts to re-cover it all and keep all ten fingers in the dyke at the same time is as impressive as it is embarrassing. Forget about all this Masonic-illuminati- NWO nonsense. When the cosmos moves, everything else moves too.

We go about our world conquering ways for periods of time. We acquire the goods, the girls and the boys and velvet ropes part, just as the legs part for us. We get used to it. It goes on for so long that we are convinced that we can do whatever we want and kill anyone who gets in our way. We do the most terrible things and call them business and practical necessity. Modern day eunuchs sing our praises as we toss the chump change in our pockets at the canaille, the rabble. We’re beautiful people in appearance and theory and monsters and motherfuckers in practice; that would be your mother. We rule the world in our minds and for appearances sake.

That’s the key… in their minds …and it is in their minds that the voice is going to come, bringing with it an arctic terror and uncontrollable incontinence. They won’t have to worry about whether to shit or go blind because they are already blind but… they will not be deaf to the voice of retribution and it is coming on the wind and with all the force and sovereign magic of Nature. Personally, I go in awe of her. She feels my footsteps and hears my every word. She sees everything I do because it all happens in her realm.

The mockeries that we make out of her substance stand as testimony to our incompetence and lack of imagination, not to mention our greed as; “they put up a bunch of ugly boxes and Jesus, people bought them”. You impudent swine are going to get a lesson that will not pass away for an age and you will live every jot and tittle of it in the lifetimes to follow. Saturn is going to take you by the hand and show you the meaning of desolation.

The cosmos is merciful, far more merciful than any of us deserve. It beggars comprehension so… even at this late date; many of you could come before the throne; which is everywhere at once and ask to be forgiven. In most cases this would be granted. In those cases where forgiveness might be withheld it would be for the reason that there is no desire for redemption; that is the true meaning of being a demon. They have cut themselves off …as has been noted, the quality of mercy is never strained. It comes like the dew on every day. But… you will have none of that, will you?

Many of us, because we cannot see the mysterious workings of the cosmos, doubt that it is present when it can be seen in any moment; in the sun and moon and all of the heavenly bodies in their courses. The ancients studied these things and found a perfect symmetry there. They could see the wonderful mind of the maker in the beauty and profundity of the gifts. Far too many of us are not impressed and would rather rub our noses in our own shit and think it perfume. We would rather fix our minds upon the most superficial travesties of Nature, distorted by the basest among us. Madness is afoot and it is going to turn upon the minds that carry it.

The creator lives inside the mind; permeates and composes it. At any time it can reveal itself to the entity that has usurped its rightful place for its own enterprises and amusements. It’s watching you right now. It is sorting all of the thoughts and emotions of every one of us in a collective analysis. It is before, in the midst and after every impetus and ambition. Only a fool does not ask for help throughout every day. Only a fool walks the path he insists on by himself; full confident in his abilities to master whatever comes. May you have the good fortune to fall early and comprehend, before the inevitable circumstance comes upon you.

I cannot help but laugh when I see anonymous committees exonerate the proven miscreants of all their deeds. When the evidence stands inarguably before them they declare that some deeper meaning was missed or, “They’ve just lads”. I wince when I see those who have taken it upon themselves to be spokesmouths against the empire, behave just like those they rail against; patently lying and misdirecting, even while they present themselves as white knights on a charger, lance or bullhorn in hand and fearlessly facing down the dragon. Methinks they know dick about dragons. They made their secret deals outside the sight of the stupefied and deceived world. In the darkness the kissed the ass of the devil and now they can be heroes one and all. Now they can advertise and cry out for donations because the cosmos hasn’t seen fit to cover their every whim to grow as big as their targets. I wonder why?

Well, we shall see. I don’t know anything so I could be wrong… but my direct experience of the cosmos tells me otherwise and I would not want to be in another’s shoes were they not in complete surrender to that which is greater than themselves. The road is long. One forgets their purpose and the promises they made themselves. Adjustments had to be made. Compromises were required. “That’s just how it’s done” is what they were told and “why not get yourself a piece of the pie”?

In the world of secret handshakes, where the master’s of the universe practice their feckless arts, something is rising all around them. It is not the mob, though that may come and it is not their master, the frightful visage of the personal will. It is something else. For the moment, it seems as if there is only the need for one more public relations release that details how everything is okay and that whatever was done is perfectly understandable once it has been properly explained. We shall see. We shall see.

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It’s not a Total Wasteland Yet.

It’s some kind of a trend. I’ve been noticing it for awhile; a year or two, maybe more. Lately the incidents have been getting more frequent. Is it a population increase or are they just getting louder? Someone showed up at my seldom visited Facebook page last night, wishing to harangue me about giving Avatar a positive. He hadn’t seen the movie but he knew all about it. It was a blatant rip off of Dances with Wolves and also Smurfs and Fern Gully. I don’t much about these last two. I think they’re children’s movies.

He wasn’t going to see the movie because, he says, Rupert Murdoch financed it. I don’t know the real details about this. I think Murdoch might own 20th Century Fox but as far as I know, financing comes from all over the place. Like I said, I don’t know. Then I started hearing about James Cameron being an illuminati and 33rd degree mason filmmaker. There was a certain amount of virulence going on. I suggested that the posters should look very carefully at everything they buy; the car they drive, the roads they ride on, the places they eat, the food they eat, the beverages they drink and I am certain they would find that they were supporting the same kind of corporations many times every day.

From what I hear, Picasso was a ruthless sonofabitch and I’ve heard negative things about many famous artists. I have seen some of it too. I’ll wager that a pretty good portion of well known artists are no different than politicians and religious figures. Self interest rules the days in most cases. Regardless, Picasso was a great artist and his work endures. Maybe you have to be a selfish hard ass simply to survive in that world. I don’t know, not having been put to the test in that way in recent memory.

The individuals sneering at me on my wall at Facebook are part of, what appears to be, a growing breed of individuals who think just about everyone is either consciously evil or an unconscious sheep. It looks to me like only they and their close associates are free of taint. I expect as this viral condition intensifies they might begin to denounce themselves as well (grin).

Recently we’ve heard a lot here about the possibility of me being an agent of Satan or employed by something called The New Age to assist in the proliferation of NWO and Masonic/illuminati philosophies that are all part of a conspiracy of darkness that covers the Earth from pole to pole. It appears to exist in nano form in the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s in our minds. Its representatives travel the interior of our body from mouth to rectum like Stanley looking for Livingston. “You can imagine some illuminati agent climbing out of your rear end and saying to his comrade, “I don’t know Fred, this doesn’t look like The Belgian Congo but that last stretch might have been it.”

I don’t know what the persona of James Cameron has to do with the movie Avatar. I don’t know what Picasso’s personal life has to do with his paintings. Filmmaking, painting, tool and die work and even accounting all operate according to certain rules. You’re either good at your job or you aren’t. Often when you are, it’s because inspiration enters the mix and that is more likely to be found in the field of art than in tool and die and accountancy.

I enjoyed Avatar like I have many things that pass quickly in and out of my life. I haven’t thought much about it since. This seems to be some kind of new strain of political correctness; like the recent flu strains that are half pig, half dung slug and half Paul Wolfowitz. These people, like the Jacobins, make their life a dreary place by running around screaming “j’accuse” every two minutes like a meth-head with Tourettes.

I might have a private opinion about famous rock stars who accept knighthoods from The Queen and run around calling themselves Sir Paul but it really isn’t any of my business. It isn’t any of my business if Mick Jagger hits all the fashion shows so he can bang the heroin models. One could make a case that much of Jagger’s work was satanically influenced but professionally that band was at a very high (or low- if you prefer) level. I was never much of a fan of theirs but I recognize competency and ability. I can’t stand the films of Ingmar Bergman and he was another prime sonofabitch in his personal life but I respect that many other people enjoy his films after a chatty evening of white wine and modern art. I’ve no use for most modern art, which I wouldn’t call art by any definition but people see things I don’t. Not everyone is me or has to conform to my standards; providing I have any.

A lot of people running around and talking about the New World Order; illuminati, Masons, Satanists, New Agers and what have you do not have a firm grip on their subject matter. I have next to zero use for the way the bankers in white yoga pants and Nehru jackets make their money or in the things they preach but I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater; mostly because they stole a lot of their material from traditions I do believe in and I’ve no cause to reject things that are true on their own merits.

Good and evil are very often relative and change places as the times change. A number of things that were formerly considered evil have become useful tools of humanity. Even those serving their own self interest and under the influence of forces inimical to humanity do good things, even if they are unintentional. The divine turns everything to his purposes and that is the key. That is the key. We’ve got a lot of wild-eyed Don Quixote’s running around tilting at windmills that they think are dragons and they’re not saving the world from what I can see. Everyone is not evil. Not even all the priests and politicians are evil. The Catholic Church is a circus of pederasts and its done horrible things over the centuries but it’s done a lot of good too. Its time is passing. The time of so many institutions and traditions are being reconstituted into something new and alive but… in time… these things will turn out the same.

Somehow we have got to try to see the silver linings and have more fun with our lives because a benevolent all powerful consciousness really is in control of everything and “be not deceived, even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment” No doubt people can find a lot to pick at here and no doubt things said here can be misread and taken out of context but I think there’s some real truth to be had with a little focused sifting.

We can’t just sit around thinking the world is completely crap. We don’t know what’s coming and maybe each day is influenced by what we think and say and do, more than we realize. The darkness wins if we give it power. The greater power is within. Like the scripture says, “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world” Dark and heavy times are moments of great challenge. This is when we show our mettle and rise to the occasion. We’d be a lot better off if we handed out encouragement like sweets at Easter. We wouldn’t live in a self created mind-world of apparitions and fears if we were helping out where needed and serving as we go.

If we could only forget ourselves we might be of real use to others and help to make at least our part of the world a better place to live in. We carry our world wherever we go like a snail carries its home on its back. We are ambassadors for our world in everything we say and do. The proof of the power of any of our worlds is in the good it can do for the other worlds that come and go by us like ships in the night. We can sit around lamenting like Minever Cheevy or we can shine a light into the darkness of this world. That’s the job of stars.

We are given this life to see what we will do with it and we each have our shares of crisis, loss and disappointment. Many people give up in the face of these but something illumined and priceless awaits those who soldier on. We’re not meant to stay here and that’s a good thing to keep in mind. Remember that you’re just passing through to your bright home- to worlds and moment’s unimagined now- and it won’t weigh so heavy nor seem so dark.


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Avatar gets put in The Hurt Locker.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

You may know and you may not know and you may like me less afterwards when you do know but… one of my greater enjoyments is movies; good movies. There are a number of ways to watch a movie, I won’t list them and if you think about it you can figure out the various perspectives. I watch movies from the director’s perspective. Movies, like anything else, can have positive and negative impact. Books are like movies except that the screen is your mind. Life is a movie and… I mean that in a very real way. That might be the main reason that I enjoy movies (good movies).

I’ve heard various opinions on the film, Avatar. I’ve even gotten detailed opinions from people who haven’t seen the film. Those are my favorites. I get these kinds of opinions on just about everything as time goes by. I even get them about my own life, from people who haven’t lived it and know little or nothing at all about it. There’s not much you can say in response to things like that. Perhaps I should say that it’s not something you should respond to because it’s not likely to resolve itself in a useful way.

Regardless of everyone and anyone’s opinion about Avatar, I thought it was a remarkable effort. It was outstanding in two ways in particular; the cinematography and the plot… or message as you prefer. Film is a limited medium. There are all kinds of wrong directions you can go in and lose your audience. Catering to any particular level of intelligence can confuse or dissatisfy another. Filmmakers usually prefer the widest reach.

This isn’t about Avatar specifically or The Hurt Locker. It’s about the subtext and also has to do with my days of recent travel in which I watched Fox News for a few hours at my hotel one evening.

I saw The Hurt Locker and when I heard it was nominated, I was quite surprised. I only watched it because I saw that Guy Pearce was in it but he left early on. I found it to be forgettable; I actually can’t remember much about it …what I do remember seems like they wanted to personalize those engaged in warfare. One thing is clear in my mind, The Hurt Locker in no way compares with Avatar in any category I can think of. It is interesting to note that the lady who made The Hurt Locker is James Cameron’s ex-wife. I heard that on Fox News so it might not be true (grin).

I’ve come to a certain conclusion which was already a foregone conclusion and that is a concerted effort at work to control the public’s perspective. Well, duh…

I watched Fox News and I hadn’t seen any Fox News for around ten years, except for the occasional Youtube. The first thing I noticed was that they had upped their game. The tabloid format was slicker. They’d hired a battalion of blonde, Playboy Bunny types; some kind of neo-con, Girls Gone Wild motif that I guess the marketing division told them would be good for business. Looking at them, I calculated that they must spray at least ten different chemicals over their bodies each day and then put on their makeup with a spackle knife.

Now they’ve got these features that appear at regular intervals called ‘Real Americans’ along with other categories that I don’t remember. The Real Americans all seem to be connected to the military or the police and they tell, ‘dead buddy’ stories about the horrors of combat which they have been engaged in. The reason is to protect the American Homeland by going abroad and murdering many, many thousands of people who have no connection to any attacks on the American Homeland but who do happen to be sitting on resources that American corporation’s desire. These real Americans get serious and misty eyed as they talk about their ordeals and the loss of their fellows. It’s stirring stuff.

Avatar gives a really good look at the personalities and objectives of these Real Americans as well as the corporate interests that finance them. At some point, in the not too distant past, control of the American military shifted into the hands of the corporations. It’s obvious that neo-con Hollywood did not like what James Cameron was projecting about the American Way. So they got into a huddle somewhere over the last year and decided to press for support for The Hurt Locker which shows American soldiers doing a hard and necessary job, eliminating the citizens of foreign lands on whose soil they have no business being.

I happened to see Bill O’Reilly and he’s got a much extended time period now; or so it seemed to me and they gave him a brace of bunnies to Nod Well as he bloviates into the overblown caricature of himself that is his trademark. The big deal of the day, that I was watching, was to discredit the Obama health care initiative in favor of the AMA Pharmaceutical combine and the insurance companies. America is not set up to embrace programs that, across the board, help the average American. America is set up to provide an environment where the corporations can maximize profit at the expense of average Americans and where wealth provides a wall of protection against all of the problems created by disparities in wealth.

I felt like I had to watch Fox News for awhile so that I could get a feel for what they are up to. I could only take it for so long. It was fascinating to watch everyone lying without any deviation. Surely they know they are lying? Maybe they just want you to believe it’s true and maybe if they say it over and over most people will. Some reptile from the New York Post came on and was whining about the civilian trials for the alleged 9/11 masterminds. At one point he said, “They’ve all confessed, it’s a done deal” and then he went on about the need for military tribunals. You know why that is right? Those aren’t public are they? You also get a jury trial in a civilian court but not at a military tribunal where they also allow secret evidence, I believe.

When I saw Avatar I said to myself, “Yeah, that’s how it is”. When I saw The Hurt Locker I must not have seen much of anything because I can’t remember it. Maybe I should have gone back and seen it again before I wrote this but I didn’t feel like it. Apparently The Hurt Locker only grossed 14,000,000 dollars. You can be sure it’s going to gross a lot more now.

I got a lot of insight into the generic American mind by watching Fox News. I could see how the day after day, relentless brain washing must take its toll. It’s tragic to see American melt down into a festering soup of ignorance and appetite but most likely that’s where it was headed all along. It’s long been about the preeminence of materialism. Even the house religion is just another kind of department store. It’s on its way to looking like a bombed out strip mall and makes Escape from New York a prophetic kind of a film.

For all I know, the PTB knew The Apocalypse was coming and they knew about the awakening and revealing that attends it and Fox News and all the rest of it were engineered to militate against revelation and awakening. The news announcers kept repeating over and over about how they had no agenda and only presented the facts. They said they let the viewer decide what’s real and what’s not. They kept saying this in different ways.

I’m not sure I transmitted my point as effectively as I might have. Hopefully the reader gets what I’m trying to say. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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