How do They do It? It Baffles the Mind.

Dog Poet Orbiting…….

The truth is a dangerous thing. Even being close to the truth is a dangerous thing. Those who find the truth to be undesirable or inconvenient are usually those most devoted to the proliferation of lies and also the ones who are profiting from lies in a business as usual kind of way. When you get between a liar and his profit objective, you become a dangerous item to him and he becomes a dangerous item to you. We’ve seen enough of how the goose-stepping status quo goes about its daily affairs. Your life, your welfare and your head, provide a soft cushion for the marching tread of their hobnailed boots.

As usual, there is a plague of lawyers at work to create a comfortable distance between the fools who want the truth and the venal, Armani-suited footpads who prefer the rewarding environment of lies. The internet has been a scrotal itch for the godless scum who have appointed themselves as our leaders. They’re working on doing something about that. Well, I guess that means that I-and hopefully you-will do something about that. Here’s what I’m going to do; if and when these slime dumpsters like Jay Rockefeller and the rest of them, that don’t like hearing the truth about their evil machinations, pass their snarky laws and you can’t get these essays, I’m going to email them to you. You’ll get them as a word document, a PDF or a screen capture. Then you will email me your comments and I will put them up.

If they go to work on Gmail, you can email me at or or or some dotted com that will keep appearing at a new location and… I guess that takes care of that. I want to alert every blogger to this method of ‘sideways round the septic tank’ and I am sure there will be many other, even more ingenious ideas coming along. There is no one more stupid than a power hungry, greedhead who thinks himself clever. Their scene is falling apart. They can see this but they don’t get it yet. I’m not a Shadenfreude kind of a guy but I will admit, on behalf of the human race, I take a certain amount of pleasure in watching these parasites try to compromise the universal system, now that the head engineer has awakened from his nap and is having his morning coffee at the control board.

If you ever had any doubt about what kind of a Gollum, Bwak! Bwak! Obama (rhymes with Osama) is, you need only read this. I don’t know if they are charter members of the ‘Church of Satan Internationale’ or whether they are members of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ in Israel or whether it’s some branch association like The Son’s of Cthulhu. I don’t care if they’re wearing Love Boat captain’s hats on ‘The Ghost Ship Scientology’ and I don’t care how many gratuitous medals adorn their chests or how much braid they have coming off their shoulders, so that they look like the doorman at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. I don’t care if they’re lifetime members of Boys R Us over at The Vatican and I don’t care how much smegma- epoxied, wind tunnel shaped, hair they’ve got as they call the Schmoos to Jesus in some mega-church, money machine complex. Their time has come.

I’m not going to call for their heads, though I suspect that others will. Given the power, I would humiliate them but it would be for their own good. I’ve no hesitation about ending someone’s stay here on Terra under certain circumstances and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. We all know what those circumstances are. There are times when you have no choice and times when innocent lives are at stake in the exigency of the moment. I’m not looking for such opportunities but some of us do encounter them. My relationship with the ineffable precludes this at the moment and it is my hope that that continues.

I must say that it astounds me when I watch these people lie and press on with their lies and evil deeds, even when their lies are exposed all around them. I try to understand what it must be like to be capable of this but I cannot. I think about the men and women who send other people’s sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands, for the profit of bankers and their associates. I can’t imagine how one gets to a state of such callous indifference; this desire for the fruits gained upon the torment and deaths of others. I pity them. I really do. I would not want to walk that road they are on. Have they no consciousness of where it leads? I do.

I’ve thought about what I believe in and what I try to stand for. I’ve looked at it with some amount of extended attention. I don’t behave as I do from fear of the consequences. God knows, I’ve danced with my passions and I don’t look back upon that with regret. I don’t buy into the ‘accept Jesus or go to Hell’ cartoon. When you meet the divine personally and… anyone can, if they make it the single, most important concern in their life, you find out that… although certain literal scripture may be true, as far as it goes, it is not to be understood literally. I’ve broken laws, without thinking about it and for which I also have no regrets, when I found them to be bad laws. Looking at my personal course, I would have to say that I behave as I do because it’s the right way to be… as far as I am presently able to understand it.

I’m not the smartest, most well read or informed person on the planet. I suspect it is possible that some of these men and women I am speaking of are a lot smarter than me and may well have read more books. They certainly have access to information that doesn’t get CC’d to me. How can you know that you are lying and wrong and hurting people with every move you make and keep at it? You have to be made differently. How can you pass a hungry person or animal as you go and feel nothing but contempt or impatience to get where you’re going so that you can hurry up and wait? Something hardened your heart and something is driving you. You think you are doing the driving but you are being driven, that’s clear enough to me. You may be smarter than me but you don’t know where you’re going and I can see it without difficulty.

What is it that compels a man or a woman to seek the approval of people who don’t care about them? I find that so perplexing. How can one be inspired to curry the favor of people who despise them? How can you sell your soul and your ass for money and power? Are not your soul and your ass of more value, literally? How can you seek the favor of demons while you expose yourself to the wrath of the immutable and the memory of the people? There’s an old phrase that I remember at oft times which goes; “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up because these are the same people you will see on your way down”. These Pauley Shores of the various material realms just don’t see the natural cycle of the hidden side of Nature. It’s not all that hidden but then again it is. They have seen countless others walk the very same road to ruin but they’re not impressed. Sure, a lot of them die in bed I suppose and live to an unpleasantly ‘ripe’ age but what do they live with within? How do they die and where do they go? I’m thinking that they will think about that later. Later is coming into the Now. We are approaching the Now. Time and the perception of it are in transformation. We are coming up upon a quantum state at the crossroads of time. I am concerned with my various, smaller shortcomings and they… they are seemingly unconcerned by the magnitude of their own. It never fails to give me pause when I see them in action.

As I have said, more than once, there are so many of us who think we are all doomed. Others think that, no matter what happens, ‘they’ will continue to get away with it. Some people think flying saucers are going to come out of the sky and some people insist there are no flying saucers. Some people expect The Mahdi or Kalki or the returning Christ. If it is this last then I am confident this personage will manifest according to each system of belief. As for the rest I am convinced it all exists somewhere. If the mind can conceive it, it is possible. Make peace with yourself and serve as you can.

I can’t tell you why I am so sure that these brigands will have their hour in the dock. I’ve been told this in no uncertain terms but… maybe it was a hallucination? Even though it happened over and over again in the same way across significant periods of time? We’ll see. In the end, when I look upon these clueless, deluded miscreants, all I can say is, “There but for fortune go I.”

Reverse Orbit…….

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