The Flaming Dumpsters at the End of the Line.

Surely there are chemical waste dumps around. Some of them have permission slips and some of them don’t. There’s no telling how many different chemicals get together and what they might get up to, burbling away as they merge in strange and unpredictable copulations below the sight line. One can only imagine the sort of progeny that results.

Similar things are happening in the human body, as the various chemicals have their way with the DNA and the internal systems. Similar things are happening in the culture as the individual mutations interact with each other. The changes in the composition of the human form and the effect of these on the individual minds and emotional bodies, as they interact in the wider world, have an impact on just about everything.

Most people embrace what appears in front of them. If it wasn’t supposed to be there it wouldn’t be would it? Certain restaurant chains pop on the landscape and become the de rigueur dining experience for the world at large. It might be about chickens; cows, pigs or even kangaroos. Whatever it is it has a persona and an atmosphere and its quick and it’s tailored for some combination of taste buds which determine if you want it and whether you’ll be back.

Massive stores appear, with countless shelves filled with thousands of items. Like the cellphone, life had gone on fine without these things but now you have to have them. They are all part of what you do and you’d be lost without them now. The runoff from the production of all these foods and items find its way into the dumping grounds. Beneath the surface of the world these chemical compounds engage one another. They form communities and have offspring. Hundreds of pharmaceutical and other chemical products from manufacturing plants and private and public sewage works have found their way into the water supply.

The rainforests of the world are being bulldozed for beef production in order to service these restaurant chains. I had some statistics on a small piece of paper. It’s traveled with me for years. Occasionally I run across it and then it disappears into my files again. I’ll have to try to recover what I can from memory. It said, that if it were not for government support of the meat industry and the free water for livestock, that a hamburger would cost 125 dollars. It also said that if meat consumption were reduced by ten percent we could put an end to world hunger. This may sound fantastic but it was convincing as I remember.

A certain crowd of well-heeled parasites has been caught fabricating data to make a convincing argument for global warming. They want their opportunity to rape and pillage the public till just as the bankers and Wall Streeters did recently. They even appear to be the same people. The meat industry, with its destruction of critical wild places and other effects from the production of meat is a far greater polluter than the transportation industry but… you don’t hear an international call to reduce meat production and consumption. The bottom line is that people do not want to alter their lifestyles but they do want what they would achieve if they did alter them. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) gave the impression that he wanted a national health care program. The Europeans and certain other countries have some very successful examples of public health care. I have full health insurance for a pittance compared to what is charged in America and on the rare occasion I need something like that, it is expeditiously taken care of; treatment, medicines, hospital tests and hospital stays… no problem, no denial of service. I had a kidney stone event a little while ago and this would have cost as much as twenty thousand dollars in the US. It cost me nothing. I had costly scans and even stayed in the hospital for 3 days for IV pain medication as I pondered the surgical recommendation of the doctor; all free.

I decided to treat it on my own with ayurvedic products and that’s how it went. Because I am an artist, I also pay a pittance compared to what others pay here and what others pay here is far less than what you have paid and will soon pay in America.

Now we see that the White House has intruded into the health care legislation to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. We see that arrangements are being made so that insurance conglomerates can deny you coverage if you acquire an expensive to treat malady. Not only will there be no national health care for Americans but they are absolutely going to be even worse off now. Seen from their perspective it could well be a blessing if the world ends. They won’t suffer nearly as long or as much as they might have.

They are providing -and aggressively encouraging- free flu vaccines for segments of the population but we are coming to understand what is going on there. The number of Americans on food stamps is inching up to 20% of the population. The job market is bad news and the immediate opportunities lie in military service.  Massive war efforts are being financed to stop terrorism, which is routinely being performed by the very people engaged in allegedly stopping terrorism. This money turned to domestic concerns would very swiftly change the climate but… that’s not being done. Some alien intelligence has entered into the minds of the leaders and the wrong way is the right way and the law.

Now they are saying Bin Laden has been dead for years and… they knew this. It has become very clear that the governments and the corporations that run them are evil and consumed with self-interest. It is clear that the corrupted media lies in defiance of what is true and supports and encourages terrible and treacherous acts against the population. You are on a runaway train with an insane meth freak at the controls. Nothing has to be as it is but it is.

There is a segment of the population at the top of the heap who has more than they will ever, ever use and they want more. There is a conspiracy of complicity and silence that runs through the worlds of privilege and when it comes down to it, it is you or them and it’s not going to be them. Well… this can’t go on forever. In an effort to loot everything of value from the system they have destroyed the system and now they expect the system to protect them from what they have done. Unfortunately, all through the system are the people they are abusing whom they expect to continue to serve them. They do not live in a bubble although they may think they do. They rely on their victims for more than they fully understand.

There’s time to be equitable and sane and to fix everything but they are not inclined in that direction. Well, so be it. All along our personal roads to Samarra we have opportunities and choices that would have changed the outcome of our destined meeting there. We/they ignored every warning. They murdered their conscience in the dark of the night and buried it in a forgotten field. They killed what made them human and now they rise to each day to seek greater and greater insanities of behavior with increasingly public displays. They are so certain of the force of their madness that they pose and preen at the funerals of those they have ruined and destroyed and then they turn their attention to the survivors.

You may well ask yourself why it has to be the way it is when it does not have to be the way that it is. I reflect upon these things through my every day. These scoundrels have got their bolt holes and secret rooms in their palaces and estates. They are so sure that when the storm which has been engineered by their behavior passes, all will return to normal; whatever that is. I am not so sure of that.

As what happens, happens… the awakening continues. The unveiling proceeds apace. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass. Within every moment there lies the opportunity to change. Epiphany waits at every crossroads. One can come to realization or realization can come on its own. The result will be the same in either case. The conditions which follow will not.

Down the Roads

The New Shangri-La


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