Cliff and George and the ALTA Report.

A regular reader, for reasons best known to himself and unknown to me, made a few comments in, what I imagine was, a fit of pique and… I thought about it because… sometimes people are correct in their observations (grin). In this case the observations were off base though because, had he been correct, I wouldn’t be getting a certain kind of input over the long haul. The observation was that I was losing my confrontational edge and playing to the crowd; that I had become satisfied with my fan base and wasn’t being edgy enough. This is by no means precise but I think it serves for example.

This is the cultural blog and I am trying (more than in the past) to stay within shouting distance of the area of endeavor and… if this is a culture, then I am a lab tech and I should be wearing a white coat. Back to the reader’s comment and why I even brought it up. I not only believe there is a divine agency, I am certain of it. It reminds me of its presence every day. Take it or leave it on that account. I don’t care if others agree with me. They are free to believe as they like and… so am I. Still, I hear about it.

Another thing I hear about is this, ‘positive attitude’ of mine. Some think this a Pollyanna condition and some feel it’s the result of my just not knowing enough about TPTB and how far along they are on the road to completely screwing every single one of us (including household pets, plants and livestock) forever and ever, amen. I talk about how the bad guys are going to get theirs and how the whole drama of life is an orchestrated play along Shakespearean lines. It’s also been my position that all secret societies are not bad; this lizard/snake thing is misunderstood and includes both good and bad and is related to the various applications of the kundalini force and that we are not screwed forever and ever. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

There’s more but the reader is aware of my positions.  I state them often enough and… I hear about all of this too. In fairness to me, the people I hear about it from are in a small minority. I’ve also got a fellow who feels that it’s his job to, ‘cut me down to size’. I’m not sure how he got this appointment but he takes it seriously. It doesn’t matter whether my points are right or wrong, what matters is that I get far too much positive reinforcement from my readers and that’s not a good thing according to him. I don’t tell my readers what to say to me and sometimes I find it embarrassing, probably as much as he finds it intimidating. When he can’t find something real, he’s not beyond making things up or twisting the meaning of something I said for his own purposes and… he can be pretty nasty in his delivery much of the time.

All kinds of people come around to these blogs, some stay and some depart. Some comment and some lurk. Some have questions and some have answers and some have really useful information. That’s a given here, that all sorts of surprising information shows up via reader’s comments.

What this is about is the new ALTA report that came out yesterday, courtesy of Cliff High at Half Past Human and George Ure at Urban Survival. There is an explanation of the mechanics of the ALTA Report here. I consider the ALTA Report to be some of the most riveting reading to be found on the internet. I get the strangest sensations when I read one and I can’t stop reading until I finish it. A generous reader usually makes sure that I get a copy as soon as it comes out.

As I was reading it last night, I kept hearing a gong resonating from one of the mountain tops in my mind as if some guy in a saffron robe was hitting it every time some feature or point hit me. I couldn’t get over how many similarities there were in the things we talk about here and what I was reading there and… over and over there was mention of the bad guys getting theirs. Over and over there was mention of societies forming to counteract societies that have preyed on us for so long. I’m not even going to try to illustrate or ‘try’ to explain what I read. I’m not able to do that. The report costs ten bucks and a better bargain you are not going to find if… you are into this sort of thing and I am.

These fellows appear on the Jeff Rense Show occasionally and it’s a real treat to hear them. You can catch their interviews by selecting from the list here or searching on your own. I see where a series has been deleted from Zio-Tube for terms of use violations. That’s always a good sign. If the Zio-bots don’t want you to hear it then you should definitely hear it. It’s a huge plus that they appear with Jeff Rense because Jeff is a consummate interviewer with one of the best radio voices I have ever heard. He does not intrude himself into the mix. He’s a real professional. I’m sure we’ve all been sufficiently annoyed at any number of other radio personalities who won’t let their guests talk and who often use their guests as launching pads for their accidental soliloquies and rants.

There is something about these ALTA Reports that is so real, it’s scary. I get actual physical reactions when I read them. I can feel a certain part of me, that usually sleeps in the background, open its eyes and sit up from that couch in the back of my head where it routinely ignores the majority of other things to which I turn my attention. I feel like I am seeing parts of something dreamed or experienced at some forgotten time. It isn’t something I experienced. It may be similar to things I have dreamed but my sensation is more than that; as if I were catching a view into the cosmic subconscious where anything might surface at any time. It’s eerie.

If you haven’t experienced one of these reports then you owe it to yourself and this one is the most intense of the lot which I’ve had the opportunity to read. I only discovered them a little while ago and it was over a year before I actually read one. Until then I have only seen snippets taken out of the larger report.

It is seriously uncanny to me how closely it mirrors the thoughts which pass through my mind. I find myself nodding my head and going, “Uh huh… right… right… that sounds right. They are not specific and seldom mention names. They are clear that the predictions might be off timewise here and there. You can sense the honesty of the architects of this phenomenon. They are just laying it out there. It’s also done with cutting edge humor and a sense of drama that will occasionally send shivers up your spine. For ten bucks you can go to the theater and expect, on most occasions, to be disappointed or, you can get one of these and turn the inside of your head into a movie theater and do a little writing and directing as you go and you’ve got your refrigerator instead of the concession stand. It’s win, win (grin). I’m being intentionally light here because the report will be handling the heavy stuff. I’ve read other reports but this one… this one for some reason had a stronger degree of authenticity for me. Cliff says that this is the last report that they have planned and that’s because of the uncharted waters that we and this world are sailing off into and… I do believe he is serious.

There’s a disclaimer that warns you to be careful about reading the report if you have a weak constitution. It’s not an idle addition. I don’t advertise on my sites and I don’t shill for products because there are very few products that I believe in enough to talk about in the first place. My interest and attention is primarily esoterica. I may talk about politics, culture, the world and what have you but these are not subjects I am naturally attracted to. I’m attracted to what’s really going on, not what appears to be going on.

I have sensed for some time that the turning of this year is the jumping off point for all kinds of wild and unpredictable events. Many things are coming to a head and I can see that perfect storm on the horizon. Given the mentality of the players involved in the state of the world in which we find ourselves, there’s no way that circumstances are just going to work themselves out and return us to Ozzie and Harriet land.

I’m turning it over in my mind. Images from the report keep surfacing and vibrating like Tarot cards in etheric space… like archetypes rising up on the  blocks and waiting for the starting gun. I don’t know exactly how they do it but it has a palpable hit to it. I’ll leave off for now and let you be the judge.

Beautiful Little Oriental Girls

The New Shangri-La



  1. negativity is energy said,

    December 10, 2009 at 2:09 am

    Hopefully some atomic bombs will go off in 2010 and we can end the reign of the stupid human earth monkeys. Is that positive enough for ya? Free group hugs and rainbow stickers for those who feel left out. I just read the blog I don’t want to invade your personal space or send emails about how nice/bad the weather is. Once again thank you for your writings you have a talent with the words. I’ll never understand the Eastern stuff as I am too negative. I’ll never shoot down your beliefs either.

  2. Nurkoonsdaz said,

    July 3, 2010 at 3:42 am

    The world was created by a single thought!

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