Milking the Last Bloody Nickels from Enduring Lies.

Much as I detest linking to the S&MSM, I’m going to make one of those occasional exceptions and provide you with a pictorial travelogue of gratuitous, self-congratulating media whores, including the other Queen of England and various, emotional vampire drainage industries. It’s World AIDS Day, Week, Month; I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that along with the Climate scam, Send Jesus Your Money scams and assorted magically replicating, Holocaust Survivor scams; the AIDS scam fits right into the mix, where guilt and stupidity war for preeminence, as the hand slips through the tortured hearts in search of the wallets and pocket books.


I don’t know if things like this and this are true. Is the reality of the matter to be found here or here? If it is real, is it for particular motivations, which mirror various other motivations, which are expressing themselves in the government and corporate laboratory designed, pig flu viruses and sundry horrors being loosed on humanity?


I take no pleasure in human suffering and I take even less pleasure in powerful business people and well known entertainers milking the public for money while making it a point of letting us know what beautiful people they are. The reason they have so many charity balls is because it costs a lot of money to ball Charity. She’s not opening her legs for chump change. I love the idea of rich people having lunch and talking about world hunger. I’m impressed by the fine offices and nice salaries of those heading all the big charitable institutions of the time. I can close my eyes and see endless file cabinets filled with paper and busy secretaries transporting paper, from one office to another, so that one fountain pen or another can dance across the paper and Presto! Everybody is going to get well; just as soon as the good shit gets here from Afghanistan.


There’s great photo in this collection of crap where a group of hysterical Catholics celebrate the sun breaking from the clouds at the Pope’s appearance. Yes… here he comes, wearing O.J. Simpson’s shoes and some seriously expensive, tailored threads. He’s here to tell you that if you use a condom you are going to Hell. My solution to an even bigger world problem is to take an industrial strength condom and pull it down over the Pope’s head. After that we’ll decide where to stick it.


It’s coming clear now that Greenpeace and PETA and pretty much all of the fine institutions of service to the betterment of life on the planet are nothing but money magnets to push agendas in search of more money and influence that can translate itself into money. Cancer research is another one of those big money vacuum cleaners which are, no doubt, owed by the same companies that manufacture all of the products that give you cancer in the first place. We now know that the medical profession- for the most part- is engaged in making you sick because… what possible good are you to them if you are healthy?


Just about the sum total of all life on Earth is a scam. The whole infrastructure has to go and the people milking the system at your expense need to have a condom pulled over their heads too, while we decide where to stick it. In the off chance that it’s not going to fit, we can simply do what they do when confronted with similar technical difficulties; use force and then lie about anything and everything afterwards.


No matter what anyone does, there are going to be lawyers involved and it strikes me that we really should take Shakespeare’s advice if we want to make the world a better place. It seems to me that that would be the place to start. I’m not opposed to taking all infected parties and putting them on an island somewhere. I’m talking about a particular infection that manifests in a predatory expression toward its fellows. I’m talking about self-interest that has no regulating attachment; self interest without a moral compass.


I’m in no position to make a list and I don’t think most of us are. The last thing we want to do is become like them. So, I am hoping there is a cosmic agency that deals with this sort of thing. If there is then they have been on a far too extended holiday and it is time to get back to work… now. It is time for you invisibles who monitor psychopathic outbreaks in the human heard to do a little culling. We don’t really need to reduce the Earth’s population. We need to reduce a particular segment of the Earth’s population.


Some of the major problems afflicting the planet are; too few people have too much money, corporations have too much influence over political and public policy, the worst people are in the most important positions, the world media is under the control of a particular virus with no allegiance to anyone but itself and with zero respect for the truth about anything. There are, of course, other problems but redressing the state of the ones mentioned would do a world of good across the board.


I’m lucky because I don’t want much beyond the basic necessities. Most people are not lucky because they do want more. Many disappointments take a lifetime to set in and that is unfortunate. The few who prey upon the majority would have far less success if the majority were not so abysmally clueless and falling all over each other to be in a position to do the same things that are being done to them.


I don’t know what kind of a person you have to become to profit from the fears and the miseries of others but quite a few people seem to have been able to manage becoming that way. It appears that they have learned how to compartmentalize their minds in such a way that things can always appear the way they want them to and any justification that is needed is immediately sent to the proper location for distribution outward. Nothing matters as long as the objective is achieved. The ends justify the means, period.


Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to send some tens of thousands of new zombies into Afghanistan to protect Bush Senior’s opium crops and secure necessary transit lines and resources for that percentage of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from. He’s also going to Copenhagen to shill for a major criminal enterprise, whose intention is yet another unbearable tax upon the backs of humanity, as well as to secure the financing to operate a world-wide, fascist governing body.


It’s to be hoped, while there is still the opportunity to, that the people of the world will rise up and visit a terrible vengeance upon these self chosen elite. I hate to see this kind of thing but I hate even more to see them getting away with it day after day. If they can’t hear then they must feel. I don’t know that some large part of the world will be able to remove their ear-pods or take their hands out of their pants for long enough to see what is happening to them and… respond in the only way that seems possible now. I have no idea where all of this is headed but it doesn’t look good.


We’re being steamrollered by monster waves of unhappy horseshit with no end in sight. Sooner or later natural forces are going to intrude. These forces, contrary to conventional wisdom, are as much within us as they are outside of us. Balance is one of the key arbiters of our collective fate. When things get radically out of balance, as they now are, certain powers come into operation for the purpose of adjustment. You will definitely be seeing some amount of that pretty soon.


I realize that some numbers of us (and certainly the majority of people who read here) wish that we were living in another time but here we are. The cosmic fans are being levered into position in order to engage the aforementioned, unhappy horseshit; full raingear is recommended for all. I suggest that it’s going to be a lot bigger and a lot more intense than one might suspect given the ‘row, row, row your boat’ mentality and the daily fare of the media as it sings you to the rocky shores in the fog.


Every day I look at the news, which I automatically identify as the particular lies and distortions of the moment. Then I know what it is that they want us to believe. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how we got into this mess. I’m a great deal less clear on how we are going to get out of it.




The New Shangri-La


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