Self Interest and the Keys to the Kingdom.

Allow me to wax a tad metaphysical as I go in and out of what is seen and unseen. We learn to see things a certain way as children and then the world and the methods of education are visited upon us in order to create conformity of thought; all the better to feed the industries of the time and to grant us a place within it. If we are fortunate in our birth we have our wheels greased. If we are fortunate in our karma we find opportunity opens up for us. These two may be the same and they may also be anything but, depending on what you define as fortune and opportunity.


I want to talk about something else now and that is blood. Blood is imbued with magical power. We have seen the results of this when particular individuals are martyred. It changes the world from the moment the blood hits the ground. There are other uses to which blood is put and that is for the purpose of gaining power. This is how those who can see it, can witness what feeds on the battlefields and wherever malice has been turned toward the shedding of blood.


We know that those who create the wars are doing it for profit or some sort of gain including the actual financial end, which tends to follow in any case, whatever their other purposes may be. Actually these lives are sacrificed and the blood is spilled to gain the favor of invisible forces that drink it and grant requests as a result. These may include what has already been mentioned or something more arcane.


Different results are obtained depending on whose blood is being spilled. The blood of children has a particular attraction for particular entities who grant a term of favor in one area or another. Whether it is the blood of a lamb or a goat; a chicken, a dove, a certain kind of person, or a great many people all at once, there is a power that is released and harvested by those who have received instruction in the application.


George Bush Sr. made a comment not all that long ago; something about if people knew what they were up to it would go very badly for them. There are particular rumors that follow this man around and they have to do with some of what I have already mentioned.


No doubt most people think of someone like Giles De Rais as an anomaly. One could gain a great deal of insight into present conditions by studying who he was, what he believed and what he carried out, or had carried out. History is littered with creatures like this. For some reason we tend to think, in this modern age that certain superstitions, as they are called, no longer apply. We imagine that in this modern world, certain things that used to occur among a certain class of people no longer occur.


When you look at the savagery of this modern age and the serious psychopathy of many world leaders, as well as business and religious leaders, you should promptly disabuse yourself of the idea that they are constrained by any of the features of what is euphemistically called ‘civilization’. Some things are very old indeed and their tastes do not change. Certain traditions are very much alive and they are practiced every day but they are costumed as something else.


It is true that many warped individuals engage in terrible acts to satisfy their self interest without ever being aware of the implications of what I am talking about. However, there are quite some numbers of individuals and groups who are well aware of what certain things mean.


It might surprise you to know that there are world leaders who engage in various activities for the purpose of advancing their standing in relation to the one who sits upon the throne of the world. People from various walks of life such as the entertainment business, the banking community, religious organizations and the corporate world are members of some ancient orders. Of course you have heard about the illuminati and the Masons and some of the groups I mentioned in the recent Smoking Mirrors but these are ‘front organizations’. There is another organization behind these from which certain observable types are selected for membership.


Perhaps you think the illuminati is anything but a front organization but it is. It is the idea of the illuminati that exists in the mind of those aware of such an order. That idea is a power all by itself. It is the case that many who think they are truly behind the scenes are not. Everyone at their level is led to believe what is useful to the forces behind them. All of these individuals- and some of them are not corporate- believe what they believe according to what is put into their minds by the universal force of conscious darkness that is divinity disguised as the devil, concealing its light behind a particular mask.


Any true lightworker has nothing to fear from this agency. The single fear that is the concern of any lightworker is their own weakness and susceptibility to self interest. It is quite possible to fall from a very high place, especially if you consider it to be such. Anyone determined to succeed in the service of the light had better remain as humble as the ground upon which they walk and be aware that the ground itself is very aware of what is walking on it and with what intentions. The Earth is a sacred vessel. It hides its secrets from the profane and can grant and withdraw protections at any time.


Very few people realize that everything they think and say and do is being monitored and recorded. Very few people realize that the path to enduring freedom is right in front of them the moment they make that sincere commitment to abandon self-interest and to be led in all things. It is one thing to believe there might be the divine and the demonic and quite another to be consciously aware of their presence, depending on your inclination. They are serving the same thing but with a different relationship and destiny to it. As Lao Tzu so succinctly put it, “though Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.”


We wander aimlessly in our existence wondering when and where we will experience some realization; some insight into what is going on. All along the way it all awaits in every moment for the moment when anyone has decided to put aside self-interest. It is what creates any and all conflict with your fellows and what puts you outside your right to an awareness of the divine. The whole of Heaven is waiting for this simple truth to be born in every human mind. It is the key to the kingdom. Those who have comprehended the nature of selfless service; who serve as they go, who bless life as they pass through it, are already walking in the kingdom. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.


Take a close look at life around you with this in mind. Go anywhere that there are people and watch with this in mind. With true objective detachment observe their behavior. Consider what they hold in their eyes. How deeply are we capable of seeing? We can see as deeply into others as we have seen into ourselves. We can experience empathy for others to the degree that we have suffered. We possess as much wisdom as we have surrendered our self interest to acquire. Wisdom will not seat herself on the brow of a fool and a fool is a fool for not knowing the value of things by comparison. A fool only knows what he wants, not what it costs and not what he passed by in the pursuit of it.


These things should be common knowledge because experience and observation should teach us this without fail. It is a good question to ask why what is unmistakably so is routinely ignored. Immortality and other gifts are daily extended in the rays of the Sun.


It is a profound wonder that those possessed of great intelligence and various other seemingly desirable abilities would choose to serve what will surely destroy them. What madness is this? It reminds me of that line of scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul. Every day you see them, marching in large numbers on that highway. How it that they do not realize what is real and what is not? These are ancient mysteries. The fires of sensation are a brutal course and the very power upon which the world is founded.


Walk Thru the Fire or Burn


The New Shangri-La




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