Wandering in the Mist of our own Confusion.

Dog Poet Transmitting (cue the howling of a Canadian wolf across the moonlit expanse of the frozen tundra. A Chopin nocturne begins to play as the faders move upward on the mixer. John Cage attempts to rise from the dead but… there wasn’t enough dissonance)


I was talking about lawyers yesterday over at Smoking Mirrors. I think I’m going to segue via the Mobius strip and see if those capoeria lessons from long ago have managed to make it over the neckline; precipitating upward, so to speak. Obama is tarted up like a Piccadilly rent boy on his first date. There’s no better time and place for him to pull out his old Kabuki mask, while his people talk to their people (Obama moves his hand up and down- thumb and little finger extended- next to his right ear. He’s mouthing something sub rosa. It looks like, “Ball me”. I could be wrong. Reading lips- except in Braille- is not my thing.


I know a lot of you think that the red caste mark that you see on a Hindu’s forehead means that coffee is ready. Stupidity is job one in certain parts of the western world these days and I want to talk about a particular stupid. I’m not sure it’s stupid as much as a lack of awareness concerning things where time has made accommodation a naturally ongoing affair. ‘Accommodation’ is that thing that happens when sounds fade into the background. A jackhammer is playing outside your window and then you don’t consciously hear it any more because it has become subliminal or… something.


Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew are among the languages that are written from right to left. Meanwhile, the British and their former colonies drive on the left hand side of the road but… English is written from left to right. Britain played the larger role in the creation of Israel and also helped them get the atomic bomb. The City in London is the nerve center for world finance and Zionist bankers pretty much run the show there. Swans mate for life. Are you with me so far? Good (grin).


The pyramids are supposed to be tombs but there weren’t any mummies. Angelo Mariani made a wine back around the turn of the last century (not this one) that was routinely imbibed by Popes; Kings, world leaders, entertainment figures and, I suppose, anyone who could get their hands on it. It was pretty exclusive. Now you know what was in those snuff boxes during The Yellow Nineties in Paris and other dens of propinquity.


We all like to feel good, unless our idea of feeling good is personified in feeling bad; S&M freaks, slave bottoms, incurable romantics and alcoholics, to name just a few. An increasing number of us are resorting to a variety of comestibles that one can drink; swallow, smoke and snort. If you’ve snorted too much you can always hop on a plane for Peru and employ someone to blow it up your backdoor through a bamboo tube.


Drugs have been around a long time. Alcohol has definitely been around as long as that. Before The Harrison Act (not George) and right around the time that certain bankers muscled the Federal Reserve back into business again, drugs were easily had from your local pharmacy. Laudanum was all the rage and many an uptown lady would spend many an hour in bed with her amber bottle.


Back around that time, alcoholism was epidemic and you could see the signs of it everywhere. It’s what finally launched The Temperance Act. Perhaps you can imagine what it must have been like to have been a drunk back when carriage wheels would sink into the mud above the axle. Viewing the series, “Deadwood” one gets an idea of what it might have been like in the hinterlands.


These days, someone dies as the result of a drunk driver every 20 minutes. Some say it’s 39. I don’t know. Alcohol ‘related’ deaths would, of course, be much higher. Marijuana related deaths are a much different affair. Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. I’m sure there are more precise figures around. I grabbed these pages for their brevity. I think it can be safely said that more people die from alcohol (what the heck, throw in tobacco too) in one year than have died from all illegal drugs in the last century. I don’t want to add in legal pharmaceuticals because the number of deaths would be much, much higher.


In my unsuccessful efforts to find a friendly veterinarian, I have pondered this question over many a depressing hour and I have come to a certain inescapable conclusion as to why certain things are legal and certain things are not; unless you are ‘connected’.


I’m just going to say it straight out, booze feeds guilt and also separates a person from their spirituality (despite it being called, ‘spirits’). First the spirituality goes, followed by one’s moral code and then by one’s conscience. Finally one’s health and reason depart and… after that? Take a wild guess.


Here’s the thing, it’s much easier to motivate a person when you can manipulate their guilt. It plays right into the Judeo-Christian work ethic. Alcohol causes even the most reasonable person to do all kinds of things. These things feed the guilt. Yes, there are certain disadvantages to smoking pot. It can space you out and disorient you and maybe it’s not good for your lungs but the main disadvantage (from the viewpoint of those making it illegal) is that it can make you unproductive in Prison World. It can also open your eyes to the bullshit reality being pawned off on you by those who made it illegal. Sure, the liquor companies have something to do with it and they are very powerful. All you have to do is look at how ubiquitous alcohol is to see how many lawyers they can afford and how many politicians they can buy.


I don’t smoke pot by the way. I have. I don’t care if they make it legal or illegal because if I wanted to do it I would. Like I said, I obey reasonable laws. I ignore the others because, like some portion of the rest of you, I am my own man and I am not on the guilt treadmill. Alcohol doesn’t open your eyes, it closes them and it one of the weapons the enemy uses to control the populations. Pornography, gambling and sundry also fuel guilt. Guilt is what drives so many of us in a direction we might not choose to go otherwise.


I could go into greater detail and some of you might comment on that. It’s your job to go into greater detail. This is to spark the conversation, not limit its opportunity by hogging the ball.


Alcohol is an enormous problem and enormous industries have their wheels greased by it because a significant portion of the people in prison are there because of acts they committed under the influence.


Before we can be free we must first become aware of ‘how’ we are enslaved. Before we can be free in this world we have to become free in our minds. Before we can address why we are troubled or afraid we have to discover what is causing these conditions. You can wriggle like fish with a hook in its mouth through all of your days but you will not be able to do much about it until you find out what it is and why it is.


A lot of us know that the world is crazy but, I suspect, most of us don’t know how crazy. You can take this little treatise on alcohol and drugs and apply it to a great many other things and conditions that are present or happening.


You do not just break free one day due to a spontaneous reaction to your confinement. You have to find out what is confining you. You have to see clearly enough and be willing to let go of the chains that bind because we are actually holding on to the chains. We wrap our arms around the bars of our prison when the liberator comes to free us. One has to become able to see the pervasiveness of the net in which we are caught and comprehend its composition.


This may seem like an odd production. I seem to be talking about something but it’s not clear. That is precisely the point. It is possible that pondering what has been said here will lead to a little thinking outside of the box. There is a pressure coming from somewhere. There is an atmosphere of apprehension. We need to study ourselves and our reactions. We think we are free but we are not. We will not be free until we recognize that we are a part of the conspiracy that keeps us the way we are. It does not have to be alcohol or drugs that are causing it. The possibilities are vast and wide and all of them are contained within our minds.


End Transmission…….




The New Shangri-La


















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