Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad.

Dog Poet transmitting…….


“Those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” These are powerful and prophetic words from one who was considered a madman. There are so many conundrums and contradictions in existence, in words …and surely in the people who speak them. Why would one purported to be an atheist reference the actions of one in whom he has no belief? Things are not what they appear.


In keeping with that quote from over a century ago let us consider the present behavior of those ticketed for destruction; assuming the quote is accurate and I think it is. History gives us many powerful examples of individuals, groups and nations believing and doing the most irrational things which did lead to their being presently …an object lesson for us all.


For the intelligent who are atheists, it is not God they do not believe in, it is religion. Consider the curious case of Yahweh. What would an objective intelligence make of a God who says, “I am a jealous God”? Does this not mean he has placed himself among ‘other gods’? What do we make of a god who appreciates burnt offerings; child sacrifice, the wholesale murder of other cultures, the singling out of one group of material envelopes over another? The personality is that of a demon or a devil, not a god. Maybe we need to look at what is termed a god and see if we do not find representatives of what most of us consider good and evil. The same man who made the quote mentioned also wrote a book entitled, “Beyond good and evil”. You can explore the implications of that on your own time.


Logic tells us that those who serve evil gods; so defined by their tastes and alleged statements are devils in human form. Those who serve good gods are angels in human form or, more precisely, either are overshadowed or motivated by demons or angels.


If there is one god ….and my experience has led me to believe this. He/she rules in both the infernal and heavenly realms but appears as opposites for the purpose of the play of existence in the manifest. Above and below this plane are the descending and rising kingdoms where those leaving this ‘middle Earth’ migrate to. This plane is a recycling way station. You might think of a bus station from which buses set off for distant locations and then return after a time. This is a multi-dimensional bus station and some buses pass through warps in the fabric of physical existence and journey to places that cannot be seen from here. Indications of what lies beyond can be seen here by what we see here.


It is a staggering thing to see, the highly placed and pervasively visible, going on and on about the fall of The Berlin Wall with no mention of the wall that surrounds Palestine. It is amazing to see so many unnamed mouthpieces mentioning that the Fort Hoodwink psychiatrist was a regular at a strip club. Some of the details mirror those made after 9/11 about Mohammed Atta and friends in Florida. This was around the time they were visiting Israeli bagman, Black Jack Abramoff on his gambling boat; as reported by the FBI. It is amazing to hear that this psychiatrist had ancient links to ‘so-called’ 9/11 terror mosques and radical Imans. It is completely amazing that a non combat, medical officer could shoot nearly 45 people on a military base with an automatic handgun and a revolver. The dynamics of reloading are beyond possibility. Of course, the make of the handguns changes by the day but still, the dynamics are not possible. Remember, it’s a military base.


Today they said the recession is a good thing because burglaries are down due to so many unemployed people remaining at home. I could list quite a few interesting statements like this but I suspect the reader is seeing them. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs said, with a straight face, that his company is doing god’s work. This justified the sharing out of 12 billion dollars (or pounds) among these worthy priests of a particular god.


The president and his little helpers are extolling the virtues of their democracy while murdering hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries for various, given reasons that don’t hold water. The land of the free is overrun with black suited tazer waving trolls who can very quickly teach you the cost of being free. The land of equal opportunity gave away enough money to solve all of its problems to the people who created the problems. I could go on and on in this vein but these are just a few illustrations of the ‘madness’ of those “whom the gods would destroy”


I have access to occult history as well as the revisionist history of the moment, as it reflects the past, according to how those in charge of the present would like it to be viewed. There’s one thing you notice and that is the fall of empires. This has been happening for a lot longer than ordinary history records. A logical mind would assume a cause for this and we’ve had theories aplenty. Let’s just say that someone, or something, is opposed to the continuity of any particular top dog of any particular period of time.


Another thing you notice is that most cultures are vibrant and alive in the beginning. They manifest great works of architecture and art. They become very prosperous and that period holds through the summer of its glory and the early fall of the bounty that continued but was not further compelled to repeat. Then it fell apart. We’ve had theories aplenty and some of them are true, within the limitations of the tools of measurement and analysis, as well as the limitations of the portion of the canvas being observed. I note that none of these theories have been useful in preventing this process from repeating itself over and over again. Could it be that at a certain point they just go mad? The irrational thinking, speaking and acting that I see certainly make a strong argument for that.


Today we have a lot of complex theories about the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11 and soon, as we already see, about Fort Hoodlum as well. I don’t much care about the angle of the bullet or the speed of the planes… structural and mechanical treatises or whatever your view may be while you play Clue. For me it is enough to know who did it. For instance, as the attacks were taking place on 9/11, Dick Cheney ordered the jet fighters to stay on the ground. Obviously Dick Cheney was involved. An Israeli firm was in charge at every 9/11 airport. Obviously Israel was involved. When you ask cui bono, these facts are strengthened enormously. When you observe following patterns it becomes even clearer.


I don’t need to know what hit the Pentagon. I just need to know who did it. These are the people who are being driven mad. I’ll tell you how that happens, by the way. Whether you believe in demons and angels or good and bad aliens is immaterial. Whether you believe they are interdimensional or based within some aspect of the phenomenal world is immaterial. The fact is that some version of it is at work. The good side influences the good and the bad side influences the bad. In times of decline, the bad side has a more prominent appearance. Most people would think that it does not look good for the home team but… it’s all arranged and it’s all under control and it is being done to demonstrate something to you. I’ll leave you to consider what that is on your own time.


My perspective and observations tell me that those being driven mad are under the influence of a lesser god or a lesser alien race and that’s going to become more and more apparent. There are some unguessed at and mighty forces around and it doesn’t matter to me if they use supernatural forces or flying saucers or whatever they have at hand. What matters is that they are there and will show up when the back stage manager gives them their cue. There is a backstage manager and a script writer. There is also a director. Shakespeare had a lot to say about the people on stage and life has shown this to be true.


I don’t have to be concerned with the possible outcome of other people’s behavior, except for the lesson in it or my job on commenting as I go. I have only to be concerned with my own behavior. I know there is more conscious power in reserve than has ever, at any time, appeared on the stage. Against this power there are no armies of any consequence. They are, according to Francis Dolarhyde, ‘ants in the afterbirth’. The arrogant presumptions of those being driven mad are ludicrous. Their every effort serves a higher purpose of which they know nothing. Listen deeply and you can hear the comforter speaking in the wind and in the quiet of your heart and mind.


End transmission


Graveyards of the Heart


The New Shangri-La



  1. hellbent for pleather said,

    November 12, 2009 at 2:09 am

    The rugged individuals all clogged up the same roads every day to serve their corporate pimps because after all a man without a corporation is a big loser here in the land of the fee, the home of the knave. Will the black jesus messiah let the dressed in black trolls stomp the rugged individuals mushrooms (fed shit and kept in the dark)? I sure hope not! The bankers and the black jesus messiah would never harm us. Be quiet how dare you speak over Glenn Beck he is about to tell me what to think. We don’t ever speak over FUX news (Slap!) now listen after these messages from our benevolent corporate pimps we’ll go down to Pinko-Mart and support China’s economy they have a special on USA flags (made in China) pre Iran-attack special only 37 pesos! Mickey Mouse wiped a tear from his eye and cried for the rough and tumble rugged individuals. The end

  2. cynthia said,

    December 31, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    Dear Les, Les is more,

    I am truly blessed to have started to hear you. I feel your grasp of the pulse of the people of alternative media, those who have read and read until they’re blind, gritting their teeth in this seemingly unresolvable anger. Frozen with the loss of control over what goes on in this uncivilized world, raging at these injustices and murders that don’t stop. Then turning the hate inward and doubting themselves due to their impotence.

    I love the humor you give so generously. It is like the brief respite in a Shakespeare tragedy.

    Thank you so very much. Happy New Year (it is just now midnight in Italy), please keep transmitting.


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