The Greco-Roman Polanski Method.

I’ve never had much attraction for Whoopi Goldberg. I never found her funny or talented except in the way certain overblown characters mock their humanity. Whatever it would take for a person to be willing to appear on Hollywood Squares would be enough to guarantee that we would never meet except by unfortunate accident.

Whoopee says that it wasn’t “rape, rape” and “All I’m trying to get you to understand is when we’re talking about what someone did and what they were charged with.” She also said something about how they look at things differently in Hollywood. I can’t recall the exact quote and I don’t want to go looking for it because her picture might come up again and I don’t want to go through that twice in one morning.

I read the grand jury testimony so I know what Polanski did. In the process of a photo shoot he managed to finally get her naked in a hot tub. Then he relocated her to a room and performed oral sex on her. Then he penetrated her against her will which had been compromised by a Quaalude he gave her. I’m familiar with what Quaaludes do. They were very available at one time. Then, he penetrated her anally. Here’s the point where serious outrage can make an appearance but anywhere along the route will do.

During the course of the legal process, he paid the girl off and his pricey lawyers did what they were hired to do and cut a deal with the judge. Apparently the judge backed off on the deal and it looked like Mr. Repulsion was going to prison so he did a Houdini to the old country where he’s been plying his trade and living among his peers in various locations. He went to Switzerland to accept an award and he got arrested which is where he is now. I’m less than a hundred kilometers from where he is at this very moment.

I lived in Hollywood for awhile. I knew some people and that was an in for all kinds of things; meaning I got to got to certain parties and the upstairs rooms at certain clubs. That’s not a big deal. All sorts of people know people and some of them aren’t even people. Hollywood is one of the centers of psychopathy on the planet; like D.C. and NYC and anywhere that large populations congregate to grant a larger selection of victims. In Hollywood, the money men run the place. Anything goes depending on who you are and I mean ‘anything’. Thirteen year old girls and boys are as available as after dinner mints; younger ones too.

Satanism and its sister cult, Scientology are very big and very powerful. There are some heavy players in the satanic subculture. You won’t have heard about them because they really do keep a low profile. They celebrate the four low Holy Days in grand style. Ritual murder happens and that’s just the way it is. Normal people can’t grasp what some of these people get up to. It’s another order of thinking.

As a writer and a cultural anthropologist, I have more than a natural curiosity about things. I’ve also got a great deal of caution when it comes to things like this. I wanted to know about certain things but I didn’t want that to be known so it’s a slippery shelf.

When you’ve got a certain kind of ‘in’ in Hollywood you can run into just about anyone. Ancient celebrities, the up and comers and all of those who make their money being around them are ubiquitous. Where I lived, I could look down on Milton Berle’s pool. I was on a street called Wolf Drive, if I remember correctly. Other times I lived in the heart of Hollywood. The strangest people in the world are there and you see them every day. You see young children selling themselves on the street. Not much gets done about any of it. There’s a huge brooding demon that squats over the whole town. I’ve seen him.

So when Whoopee says things are different there you may rely on that being true. There’s no moral compass whatsoever. It’s the most natural thing in the world for people to screw each other over on a routine basis. It’s they way things get done. The surprise in the Polanski matter is that it ever came to light in the first place. These things are usually handled discreetly. They happen every day there. Parents know what’s happening and many of them willingly offer their kids because of the possibility of fame and fortune.

Six months was all I could take of the place, although I came and went over the years at brief interludes. I’m not going to name drop. It would serve no purpose. Their world is not my world. My world these days is pretty much me and the dogs and my consort and her mother. I might not speak to another person- except whatever salutations are exchanged at the check out counter or the cash register- for long periods of time. I don’t really have anything to say to anyone because whatever interests me does not interest others most of the time. I had the good fortune to receive a visit from a reader recently and that was wonderful. It had been nearly a year since the last time this happened. I’m a recluse and I like it just fine.

I’ve seen the world that Polanski moves in over here. I’ve been to St. Tropez and other places. I’ve seen the enormous yachts and the glitterati glittering about. I’ve never seen people take themselves so seriously. They love their importance among their fellows and, like in Hollywood, they scheme together. They look for the angles. They set out after each others husbands and wives. Scammers move among them like barracuda around a reef. When you don’t want anything from anybody you see things that others can’t see because their vision is compromised by their desires.

I don’t know what to think about Polanski getting arrested. I don’t care much one way or the other. He’s into dark things, this I know, so… who knows exactly what brought him to this pass? I do believe in Karma and that’s what we have here. I also am aware that this is The Apocalypse, more rather an apocalypse and things happen at these times that don’t happen at other times. All sorts of people are being exposed and destroyed in various ways. There’s a force of judgment loose and it’s going about …passing judgment. It’s going to increase as time passes and there are going to be some big surprises.

I hear from a lot of people who tell me that the reptiles and other soulless husks have got everything sewn up. I see people imagining all kinds of things. The fact is that nobody knows what’s coming, including the people who think they’re running the show. They are not running the show. They are mere object lessons. They are being manipulated by a force that cares less about them than they do about their victims. They are in hard hands with no mercy on the horizon. Polanski and his apologists are just more of the deluded who demand one standard for themselves and another for everyone else.

Young girls and boys are simply party favors at the grand buffet, where the high steppers strut their arrogant disregard for the restraints that their lessers are confined by. They think the party is going to go on forever but that is not the case.

Someone wrote to me this morning to tell me that I can’t be very aware and awake if I don’t know that ‘all’ the natural disasters are being caused by the illuminati. That’s ridiculous. I don’t doubt that they are up to things like this but there are a number of things happening simultaneously and the only connection between them is the times in which they occur. We are at a certain point on the cosmic clock. You can think of the cosmic clock as a three dimensional item where planets are passing in relation to each other through a continuum.

When the auto was invented there were a number of people working independently on producing a car. The same goes for most things that appear in this world. Certain forces rule at certain times. Civilization, if you can call it that, has reached a nexus and things are going to be shaken up. There’s a purpose to it all and a dynamic. All kinds of things are going to happen; are happening.

I believe in a greater good. I do not believe in the world of appearances that give power to temporary things. I am convinced that everything is under control and not by the fools who imagine it is them who hold the reins. Grant yourself the freedom to be confident no matter how thinks look and your fortune will follow suit.

Fade Away

The New Shangri-La


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