Fluffy Toilet Paper and Old Growth Trees.

Oh what a noxious stew we brew when we go to the Petri Dish for our view. Just thought I would paraphrase a little Shakespeare (cough-Bacon) to start off this entry; remember to be wearing your lab coats because it’s the only way to distinguish your-self from the creatures crawling through the laboratory apparati.

In light of the reportage from the S&MSM (cough-Zio-Press) covering the presentations from Gaddafi and Ahmanedijad at the U.N., it might be a good idea to take another look at the Lockerbie bombing and then compare that to the coverage of the event by the same Monopoly Men who give you the aforementioned S&MSM news, which they cook up in another Petri Dish that’s been used for so many viruses, media lies and STDs that it resembles a Madonna concert in full swing.

If Obama or Bush had wanted to camp in a tent before an important speech there would have been no great outcry because an outcry requires what? It requires the transmission tools of the S&MSM to manufacture the outcry. As anyone with a brain knows by now, Libya had nothing to do with Lockerbie. Even if it had, it involved a small number of dead which, compared to the dead left at the feet of Bush and Obama is inconsequential by comparison and that is also inconsequential compared to the deaths provided by the ones who own and run them.

Israel mass murdered many more women and children in Gaza, up close and personal …and using banned weapons and… somehow it is still the fault of the Palestinians for having had the nerve to even be there to die in the first place when there was thousands of miles of empty sand around them, which they could have marched off into and died in …without Israel having been forced to kill and dismember them instead.

I wonder what it must be like inside the heads of the members of The Black Nobility these days as they consider why so much is not going their way. They had to set the Lockerbie Patsy free because of the pending exposure of so much evidence proving his innocence. Now they’ve evaded that, for the moment.

Since we’re all about culture here, as well as sputum, mucus and related forms of fast food pate, it might be enlightening to read this little entry before proceeding. The days when one might see something as tongue in cheek have been surpassed by the amount of times people instantly think of other cheeks automatically. There’s been no decrease in tongues however. This would lead one to- might lead one to- consider which segment of the public most often associates scatological accessories with sexual engagements.

Coincidences abound more frequently than tennis balls rebound at Wimbledon; speaking of rackets, the smart money continues to invest in disease and the absence of cures by way of the pharmaceutical companies or in the military and prison industrial complexes by way of the fact that there’s no shortage of people who need to die and no limits on how costly it can be to achieve it. On the one hand they die quick but the material and means have to be purchased and up taken through major transport and the quartermaster supply. On the other hand they die by inches and have to be poorly maintained on the way.

We’re beginning to find out, or we’ve known for some time, that just about every disaster; terror attack and assassination (and the list goes on) have been carried out by the same people. You can see who they are after …and you can watch the steps they have taken to get around to it but there’s one thing you don’t see much of and that’s people realizing that they are next or… next after them or next after them.

Here’s one of the defining aspects of Western Culture as it’s been spun out of the American Culture; fluffy toilet paper from old growth trees. There was a big article in the S&MSM media about it, which I won’t link to because I would like to protect our minds as well as the old growth trees. Corporate heads wrung their hands and said, “What can we do? Our customers demand ultra soft toilet paper for their massive asses. We have to supply it.” The reason they use old growth trees for toilet paper is because the fibers are ‘longer’. You should be able to figure this out by thinking about it.

You can connect this with the extraction of those minerals necessary for cellphone, video game components and computers from The Congo. You get some idea of what Western Culture is all about. It doesn’t have to be like this but it is like this because corporations now run the system that controls what is and is not against the law. Because corporations- and the people who run them- are not human, the motivation is to always seek the highest possible profit return with the least expense. This also includes things like health care; pensions, jobs and employee wages. This is the reason for outsourcing and unregulated immigration. This is why corporations began to employ people for time periods that fell short of what the law had mandated for receiving certain benefits.

All of this is connected to the effort to dumb down the public so that they would not be able to see beyond what B does following A. Strange things happen when you get to C, D and onward.

Ahmanedijad is a simple man born of simple means who loves his country and is not corrupt to the bone like those seeking to destroy him. I’ve studied the man’s personal history (what can be known) and I’ve looked at what he has -and has tried to- accomplish.

All of the wars and terror events as well the economic downturns and social unrest are happening in order to make fear and uncertainty the most important focus of concern. You can clearly see, if you want to, the connection between the growing hostility between the races; the holy war agendas and the rumors of threats on the horizon in relation to the manner and direction in which life is changing in front of you.

America isn’t out of value and resources. The Federal Reserve is out of money (even though they can print however much they like). You can only go so far with the money game before there is no more money in the money. The Federal Reserve is out of money because they are thieves and have done their best to consolidate their wealth into their own ‘personal’ hands and the hands of their cronies. They’ve also had problems with their crime machinery which left them with mountains of paper on which the ink is fading because there was no integrity in the ink and none in them either.

I’ve never felt the need for fluffy toilet paper, nor does the item it is most associated with make me tumescent. I’ve never been able to justify killing people for the means to create unnecessary products which put the ‘excessive’ in ‘excessive lifestyles’. I have no inclination for fraud and theft at every available opportunity and have been unable to make myself stupid enough to buy the various rationales which prove that up is down and black is white if you are stupid enough to believe them.

Given what I can see, it is amazing to me that I don’t feel anxious and insecure about what’s coming. For some reason I’m not getting the signal to head for the hills with survival items and dehydrated food packets. I haven’t been by the gun store and the sight of a police car doesn’t fill me with panic. I’m thinking that it helps to have a historical perspective and some kind of a belief system that hasn’t gone Hollywood on the one in possession of it.

You don’t have to look further than the need for fluffy toilet paper from old growth trees to get your answer to the question, “Why is everything so screwed up and what’s wrong with people?” You can find that article via keywords at any search engine. You can read it, if you think nano-bots won’t cop your head as you do so. The players and events in the article and the comments included pretty much say it all. And there are ever so many more examples than this.

The New Shangri-La

While the President makes War


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