Welcome to the Big Stripe, Chaingang World.

At Angola Prison in Louisiana they have a term called “Big Stripe”. That’s a name they hang on certain prisoners doing serious time. Prisons are an industry and you shouldn’t kid yourself about it. One of the prison industries biggest money makers is the War on Drugs. You can scroll down just past the video screen to find ten more documentaries to watch just in case Global Cooling is keeping you indoors.

Unlike Al Gore, I have a PhD and all sorts of advanced studies degrees in my area of expertise; field testing both natural and un-natural chemical compounds that affect perception and awareness. I’ve even got a certain smaller amount of experience in the most dangerous drugs on the planet. These would be legal drugs. I don’t recommend fooling around with illegal drugs unless you have the gene. I definitely do not recommend fooling around with legal drugs at any time because they will certainly kill you. Illegal drugs may or may not accomplish that. You have to try harder with them.

I used to think that alcohol was the most dangerous legal drug but I can’t say for sure anymore. I don’t know if Edgar Bronfman still kills more people than the corporations based in Basel, Switzerland. What I do know is that over a million people are presently locked up in the Prison Industrial, ‘McPenitentiary’ Complex for entrepreneurial activities related to prohibited comestibles . They’ve got a flashing banner on their website which says, “Over one million served”.

Putting people in prison for association with illegal drugs is the way the big guys deal with the competition. The illegal drug industry is controlled by the men in suits, which is the reason the quality has been so bad for so long.

I realize that a lot of people use illegal drugs to escape from the possibilities of their bright, shining future in this “best of all possible worlds” but there are others whose shamanistic intentions for self-inquiry pose a definite threat to the quid pro quo, status quo of, “You’re my bitch and she’s my ho,” assembly line- hamsters on a treadmill- legal drug existence in the Brave New World. As at any time in recorded history, visionaries had better watch their ass. The civilians in the mix are usually watching someone else’s ass and that’s how they come to hear the steel doors slam behind them, once the effects wear off.

I’ll have to digress a little here for the sake of illustration and explanation. I’m going to have to talk about reincarnation. I want you to imagine a few scenarios based on certain personality types as they move from life to life and finally achieve the dream position at the end of their long term journey to the fixed destination.

There’s a secret system, within the system of reincarnation, which selects certain personality types for fast-tracking in the manifest world. Everybody else without the requisite gene is just allowed to develop along whatever lines their basic nature and whatever they run up against results in. In some cases these rejected entities develop an awareness of possibilities beyond The Matrix and they are able to participate in their evolution which creates a hot-housing environment for moving on up.

Let’s consider those chosen for manifest world, fast tracking. It takes awhile but under the tutelage of their handlers, these entities have their natural humanity processed out of them, while opportunities for education and personal expression are opened up for them. Most of them never go much beyond the grunt capability in their areas of employment but they do get that Peter Principle thing and they turn out to be a big help for the smaller group who exhibit the ability to go beyond the grunt mentality to actually thinking and expanding on the world view of their handlers. These ‘special’ individuals are then routed for reincarnation into particular families where they can be ‘grooved’ to become conscious workers in the industries that employ their handlers. Some of them become handlers. The rest of them become politicians; religious leaders, media figures, university heads, government czars, syndicate approved- illegal drug dealers, major crime figures, corporations heads, military leaders, mainstream entertainment faces, philosophers presenting ideological constructs and all the varieties that make up the representatives of the temporal, control envelope.

This grants them the opportunity to legislate against; rail against, condemn and create disinfo for the purpose of maintaining control over the operations they put everyone else in jail for attempting to engage in on their own without an official seal of approval. This also provides them with an enormous economic machine that funds the educational reverse engineering that wipes out the majority of the capacity for independent thought in the masses not chosen to serve the system. Where does this put you, if you are reading this and understanding what I am talking about? Heh heh… well, it won’t be Beverly Hills or The White House.

The system is rigged from top to bottom and from cradle to grave and back to the cradle again. There are two systems but I’m only going to talk about the one today, except insofar as the other system gets affected by cosmic events that have to do with balancing out what would eventually become a completely unbalanced global state of total oppression, if it were allowed to continue on its own. You have to look at power as it is understood on your tiny Earth and compare it to the power that you can’t even imagine in the rest of the universe. While certain souls have been busy looking for ways to control everything on this little planet, other souls have somehow made it out of The Matrix and hooked up with infinitely more powerful forces that could cook this planet like an egg in a microwave without thinking about it.

So an arrangement gets made where the scumbags who want to control and torment every creature on Earth are allowed to get away with it for certain periods of time. This also serves to separate the two types of people who appear to serve two seemingly different forces. Like the song says, “You got to serve somebody”. Then, at times already agreed upon previously, the heretofore, invisible representatives, whose agenda is to free and to heal those controlled and tormented by the employees of The Matrix get to step in and administer some lasting cosmic justice upon the rear ends of The Cenobites with their Pinhead theme park and their pinheaded customers. The game is fixed in ways unknown even to those who know the game is fixed.

Therefore, everything you see and experience is part of a series of dream sequences designed to make some very important points; it is a dream, it’s possible to wake up, it’s all under control and nobody knows exactly why that is but that is the way it is.

Over the long tortured course of this reincarnation, ‘long train running’, The Queen of England gets reborn as a crack whore. Corporation heads and liquor barons become urban, street winos. Big entertainment figures become lifelong social pariahs. Prison industry- management heads become child molesters headed for the joint. Powerful media figures become mental patients writing in their own shit, in small print on the walls of their locked cells. Pharmaceutical titans wind up as animals in a testing lab (over and over again) and so on and so forth. It works the other way too… depending. As I said though… every now and then the game board is suspended for a time so that small traces of evidence may remain for the duration of the next round of play. This is that time.

Some of you have read the yogis, metaphysicians and… some of you have read Joseph Campbell. Some of you are familiar with Terrence McKenna and the works of Carl Jung. There are others who continue to point out certain things even though the truth in not specifically any of these things they do provide an environment for you to develop the impetus to discover, The Door of Everything.

I keep checking my mail but I guess… given the pressures of the moment… no one has yet proven equal to the task, which gives new meaning to the phrase, “sitting here in limbo.”

Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire

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  1. chip said,

    July 15, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Love the song Les. A little Bob Gnarly eh? Have lately been questioning whether or not to keep trying to enjoy an increasingly tedious life. Some Sandoz was dropped on me by a sigma chi I knew in 66 and came to the shocking realization that I was/am a telepath. Bummer man. Since then I have used the talent mostly to my own advantage because people are slaves of their second mind, the one that mirrors the subliminally implanted program and is reified constantly through the media thought filtering process. I love the esoteric allusions you offer in these masterful gifts you pass out freely on these blogs. My offering is pretty occult because I live temporarily I hope in a red state sandwich northwest of Babylon{Denver} The planetary grid resonates with the psi force of authentic human “beings” and I’m in near total harmony with the things you mention between those lines. Hope you guessed my name, and thanks again for being here/there. The aging Chipster signing off.

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