Absurdity and Corruption Beyond Measure.

I keep telling myself that it can’t get any more absurd than it is but I am consistently wrong. I keep thinking the corruption has finally reached the point where humanity will collectively rebel; that Nature itself will manifest as a chain-mailed fist and come down on the heads of these people but… I guess not yet. How far can it go? Apparently there’s no real limit.

It’s been crystal clear for some time that the media is nothing more than a slimy, lie machine. If you hear something from the mass media you can take it for granted that it’s a lie or certainly an exaggeration or a distortion. In certain cases where the news doesn’t fit with the media’s agenda they just don’t report it at all, as in the hijacking of the Free Gaza ship and the imprisonment of the passengers. Yesterday we learned that this doesn’t even touch the level of corruption that defines today’s mass media. Yesterday we saw what they have been up to at the Washington Post. It’s painful to read the spin coming out of the mouths of the corporate heads. You can see the lies snaking through the explanations and you know… you damn well know they did everything they are accused of doing and that everyone from the top down knew what was happening.

Now, today I see this. The absurdity of the process and the commentary from the players is off the charts. There is no reality. Reality is in a coma somewhere in the charity ward of a rust belt hospital. For those of you with penetrating intellects and… I think I can safely say that reflects the general capacity of my readers… both of these news items provides a horror and squirmy entertainment that is hard to rival. Still, I know this is probably nothing compared to what I haven’t seen yet and what ‘they’ haven’t gotten up to yet or what I don’t know about. I stand in stunned amazement. How can this civilization still be standing? Surely all of the concrete and glue, every nail, bolt and screw has abandoned its post.

We find out that Goldman Sachs has been neck deep in every ugly financial meltdown in the US over the last hundred years. We know that their alumni are in charge of the Obama administration’s financial policy and we can assume that Goldman and the Federal Reserve are Siamese twins with rabies. I’m not a fan of Matt Taibbi. I don’t’ think Michael Bay is an immortal director but he certainly knows how to get your attention.

The American government and its corporate bosses are an enormous dead skunk in the middle of the road. These snakes are the authors of the 9/11 attacks through the various government agencies they used for that purpose in tandem with Mossad and some others so… there’s no limit to what they will do to serve and promote their interests. These are not human entities. What they are is yet to be fully revealed but they are not human.

Now, Ron Paul has got the votes to lift the skirts of the Federal Reserve so you can rest absolutely sure that the kitchen timer is ticking down to the next false flag attack on America and it’s going to be large. I would bet it’s going to be a series, a multiple. They need to protect themselves and that’s what they are going to try to do.

A large percentage of military personnel; police, firefighters and assorted government personnel at every level know that 9/11 was an inside job. Most of the country believes it. I don’t run into anyone in Europe who doesn’t know this. We’re really coming up on something that could result in a total transformation of the world as we know it. Well… the signs have been there for a long time now.

Pause with me for a moment and consider just how bat shit crazy these people are. Take a moment to scan the landscape on its various levels of existence. Glamour and materialism are a form of insanity and the insanity is progressive. It’s similar to the condition of a sex freak that can’t satisfy the urge in any ordinary way and is compelled to go ever deeper into the perverse. At the same time, the forces of political correctness race to keep pace with each new experiment in order to press for the necessary legislation to legalize and protect it. Where are they going? They must be going somewhere. Do they know where they are going and… if they do… what does that tell us?

Events like this show us just what sort of a Fellini film we are inside of but it’s not Fellini directing, it’s Clive Barker. As normal becomes a thing of the past on every level, madness is becoming the new sanity… but the Earth continues to rotate… people shop and sit on park benches. They go to work and they move through their days and their lives. There’s a pattern of consistency there. It’s not like it was but it still has a certain routine to it that belies what is actually taking place. This is a very explosive situation.

Some places are more nuts than others. Some places are more stressed than others. We’re all waiting for it. Will it ignite and drive large crowds into a wildfire of fear swept streets? Will it just be varieties of specific events that become news items to those at a distance? The people at the top of the food chain are out and out criminals in the main. The exceptions to this become increasingly rare. The middle class is trying to hold it together but the degree of dissipation juxtaposed to the various insults and injuries being visited upon them do not make for a positive prognosis.

The interesting thing is that there are millions of people who think what I am talking about here is absurd and exaggerated and that we’re just going through a rough patch and the all terrain Obamamobile is going to shot out of the swamp at some point and hit the Tamiani Trail. The alligators, water moccasins and mutating pythons will all be just a bad dream. We’ll remember not to eat so many burritos when we’re throwing back shots of Jagermeister in the future. It happens and now we know better.

For the same reason that no sane farmer employs a fox to guard his chickens, no sane person believes you can get to a particular state of existence without going through a certain sequence of events as in… you can’t get there from here. For some reason, the people fixing the mess believe that doing a variation on what caused the problem will solve the problem, especially if you put the people that caused the problem in charge. Seen objectively this makes no rational sense but this is what they are doing.

I wonder just how crazy it’s going to get. The Washington Post story is like a donkey punch in a grocery store and… speaking of grocery stores I am still tripping out over the warp and woof of what I read about the organic food industry.

There is a way that things work and a number of ways that they don’t work. You can’t drive a car without oil for very long and the consequences are extreme. You shouldn’t put sugar in your own gas tank, much less in the cars of your neighbors or constituents. You don’t saw off the limb you are sitting on with the saw action closest to the trunk of the tree. You don’t dry your pets in a microwave. Right now it’s not much different than that.

At other times, some of these things would make me shake my head and laugh. I’m not laughing though because it isn’t funny. Meanwhile there’s this growth industry of comic news shows whose income depends on it continuing. They don’t want it to stop. They’d be out of a job. Well… I don’t have any more to say at the moment. What do you think?



  1. July 4, 2009 at 6:23 am

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  2. fessup1 said,

    July 4, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    You aren’t angry about that, are you, Les?

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