Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime

H.R. 1913 is the brainchild of John Conyers and this collection of nitwits. Imagine Political Correctness as a ravenous beast perched on top of a bloodstained altar equipped with chains and gag-reflex, red ping pong balls attached to bungee cords for the orifice of speech. Imagine that this altar is Congress. This little gem of a law slipped through the house a couple of weeks ago like a dissolute, pre-revolution French marquis… all rouged up and panting like a dog on a hot summer’s day.

Recently there’s been a hot competition between the British Parliament and the American Congress to see who can sponsor and pass the most Cromwellian repressions by way of King Draco… cooked up in private ovens and then served in the public zones of academia and Main Street, Anywhere.

The Miss America pageant is about as engaging and attractive as Donald Trump’s hair and we know why Trump purchased this operation in the first place. Yes… the contestants are about as charming and informed as a monkey in a tuxedo but recent events there show all too well the horned hand of the contemporary Khmer Rouge. Perez Hilton, who plays the buzzing fly reporter from the movie, “Meet the Feebles” in real life, asked Mz California about gay marriage and Mz California said something to the effect that it was different strokes for different folks but that she was opposed to it.

They say that she lost the Mz America competition because of this but that’s not enough. Now they want to strip her of her useless title for exercising her right to free speech. However, spokes personnel from the Gay dimension say it isn’t what she said that was wrong. She has a perfect right to believe what she does BUT, it was the way she said it. I’m guessing she didn’t measure her words to the required template which changes its shape every ten minutes and guarantees that there is no right way to say it.

This list shows the extreme concentration of a particular political power base in respect of the gay movement and who is behind it. It’s not much of a leap from there to the outlawing of Christmas trees and the phrase, “Merry Christmas” and the forbidding of Christian symbols but apparently not other symbols. Things are often not what they seem to be about but are actually about something else which squats behind the façade of a ‘cut-out’.

I don’t much care about Mz. California or any other twit who mouths banal phrases about nothing at all while trying to sell my imagination on what it would be like to bang Barbie after she had a head on collision with a cosmetics factory. I don’t care about Gay Marriage or any of the other dress up illusions that different theater groups get into while they are doing their version of “The King of Hearts”. What concerns me is the other kind of false flag activity where so called victims manufacture crimes against themselves in order to make life for everyone just a little more unlivable with each succeeding day. That such crimes are manufactured is already well known, given how many times they’ve been caught at it in recent years.

As families are tossed into the streets and unemployment eases up to 20%, while the government is engaged in routine murder abroad at the behest of corporations AND while the infrastructure crumbles and the education system comes to resemble a Krispy Kreme donut franchise we find that the most important consideration before us is how can we bend ourselves into pretzels to accommodate a variety of movements that cannot be accommodated.

I’m not much for fundamentalist Christianity. They’re certifiable. One look at the creationist, Looney Tune agenda is all you need to prove that these people are a deadly combination of stupid and insane but… it is apparent that there is a war on to destroy the family structure and that is one thing that fundamentalist Christianity is pretty big on. I don’t believe in coincidence. I think there’s a reason for everything. You’re free to believe what you like too. I’m all about allowing people to think and say what they want. The worst part of the matter is that those seeking to suppress free speech are themselves in the habit of saying anything they want. For some reason that’s okay.

You don’t have to be paying too much attention; not that most people can manage even a little attention these days… you don’t have to be paying too much attention to note some very disturbing trends from the Monsanto putsch against normal farming to the ever increasing laws against having an opinion or being yourself. There’s some large calculating engine with several thousand hands that is churning out madness and confusion at every turn. They operate that ritual of, problem-reaction-solution and the world as we know it dances on the edge of a cliff over a terrible abyss. They orchestrate offenses and then they market legislation against these offenses.

These reptiles in human suits with their viral lawyers and congressional, circus clowns have turned into a greater problem than any of the problems they’re whining about or engineering so that they can whine about them. I have no idea how far they want to go with their Hellraiser Revue but it doesn’t look like any highway I want to travel on.

The whole idea of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech has nothing to do with what they are presented as. They are there to give cover and sanctuary to a pack of bad actors who want to inhibit the expression of others while they give free rein to their own. Its 1984 arriving 20 years late. It’s life imitating Kafka. It’s madness. At this very moment there are legions of bureaucrats hard at work seeking out the way to further bloodshed and cultural darkness as if they were selling cleaning products instead of weapons against humanity. Some of them are just glad they have a job and some of them are glad it’s that particular job.

Anyone who can’t see the insanity of teaching same sex relationships to five year olds and arresting 6 year olds for kissing a classmate is insane themselves.

It’s going to be quite a free for all in the land of 300 million guns when the power kicks off and the food disappears. There is the irony of a nation built on the murder and enslavement of others finally reaping some of what it has sown but I’m all out of shadenfreude.

Are hate crimes and hate speech a problem? I’m thinking they are right up there with death by huffing glue or people falling off amusement park rides. You can’t legislate morality and you certainly can’t legislate against different perspectives any more than you can declare one more valid than the other. People have a right to think and speak as they wish and if there are social consequences for that well… that is part of the price of growing up and part of the price of learning how to behave.

All I can say is that I am going to take a few minutes each day to think some number of politically incorrect thoughts and I’m going to see if I can’t say some number of politically incorrect things right here where I am sitting. Maybe you can’t hear me but I just want you to know I am doing it. I’m going to laugh at you and I also want to tell you that so called hate crimes and hate speech are possibly justifiable when it involves people such as yourself. It’s more likely self-defense than anything else.

There’s no real problem with hate crimes and hate speech. You want these laws to avoid criticism for the awful crimes in which you are presently engaged. I see right through you and sooner or later your day is going to come.

Clicking Mandibles and the Virgin Sperm Dancer

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