Who are the Reptiles in the Shadows?

Where I have lived in Europe it is not uncommon to see people pull their car to the side of the road and take a leak. I saw an old guy walk over to a bush in a small park, with busy roads on all sides, and take a leak. Nobody thinks twice about it. Men and women, it’s no problem. In America, if caught, you may likely have to register as a sexual offender in an increasing number of states. Who is behind this?

In Virginia, Loudoun County prosecutor James Plowman, single handedly ruined the life of a respected educator who was also abandoned by his superior (let’s post her picture too) who set the process in motion. I checked with my people at Reincarnation Central and they tell me that Plowman is indeed Inspector Javert back on the job. There are a lot of opportunistic, self-advancing bacteria who’ve crawled out of their pods and cocoons and are now burrowing through the legal system like ringworms. Oei was ‘nifonged’. We know about Mark Nifong. Now we know about James Plowman but somewhere there are reptiles in the shadows operating through these proxies and tearing at the lives and reputations of any handy John Q. as if it were the very human flesh after which they hunger.

I make it a point to urinate in the open whenever I need to go because it is part of the cycle of Nature. It would be in my nature to urinate on James Plowman if possible, given the opportunity and I hope this will serve it lieu of that for the moment.

Here’s an eye-opener of some of the malice masquerading as laws for our protection. In concert with these absurdities, things like this are becoming ubiquitous along with things like this. You read about a six year old boy who was arrested for kissing a classmate. You see police agencies with nothing better to do than to troll the internet looking for people to entrap into imaginary liaisons with young girls and boys who don’t exist. You’ve got television programs setting up busts for entertainment. Who’s behind this?

Who is behind the tens of thousands of cameras in London? Who is behind the new laws that say you can’t hug your own child in public? Meanwhile, a casual journey on the internet will grant you evidence of hanky panky at high levels all over this benighted globe. There’s a ton of it here. You have to consider Bush Sr. when he was running the brain-wiped Reagan White House and was hosting the Franklin Teabag Party. This sort of thing is organized in high levels of government around the world and its okay. We saw the level of protection that was going on in the Dutroux case in Belgium. The more it is okay for the self-styled elite to do as they please, the more it is against the law for the ordinary citizen to show natural affection for their children.

I don’t know how many vicious psychopaths like James Plowman are running around but there are a lot of them; wrapped in the flag and their own form of perverted Christianity. It’s not just the out of control, politically correct, sexual fascism precipitating down through the legal and education system. It’s also any and every kind of fascism directed at any and every group and individual concerned with basic human liberties such as you can see right here. What are the names of the people who set the policy that leaned on officials in Missouri? It’s not easy getting a list of who is on the Board of Directors at the Southern Poverty Law Center but when you look into who the reptiles in the shadows are it comes as no surprise that they would be hooked up with the ADL. Curious minds can inquire on their own. Curious minds can wonder who and why anyone would go after Ron Paul supporters and whether any of this has anything to do with a call for The Federal Reserve to be done away with.

What are the names on the Board of Directors of Monsanto? What is this network of busy, predatory little minds that are squeezing humanity on all sides into virtual Gaza’s of suppression, prosecution and humiliation? Why are the same forces active in the destruction of the family unit and the destruction and restriction of natural activity in the community?

People like James Plowman need to be dressed up in a pink tutu and thrown into a bad prison or tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail BUT… the people behind the James Plowman’s and the polices of the James Plowman’s. These are the people whose names we need to know.

Who are these reptiles in the U.S. and the U.K that are making villains out of elementary school children and their parents? Somebody is doing this. Are these the same people who are running their own pedophile rings at high government levels? Who is promoting and allowing things like this during the present state of the economy? Who is behind the faces presenting these things? Who is involved in this? What are their names? Who is in charge of the countries that allow all of these things to take place? At what level are these policies being set and by whom?

Why are ever increasing latitudes being given to alternative sexual interests while ever tighter controls are being applied to traditional choices? Where is the sanity in the persecution of the majority for the benefit of the minority? Why is the public being intentionally dumbed down and what are the names of the people engaged in setting these policies? These names and their actions need to be published across the web… yesterday at the latest.

Who does things like this while genocide is being practiced in Gaza?

Who are all the people peeking though keyholes in hopes of catching someone at something that wasn’t against the law yesterday? Who is behind the people that arrange crime scenes where no crimes actually took place? Who is holding out candy to people with weaknesses in their character in hopes of catching them at something they only got involved in because someone was offering them sugar? In the meantime, large corporations are sexualizing pre-teens through various media and offering them places for exhibition on the largest networking sites on the internet.

Welcome to the madhouse. There are no rules. Yesterdays rules are now against the law. Tomorrows rules are against the law today. The rules change according to a person’s position. Phil Spector can murder a woman in his house. You can’t. George W. Bush and his crew can murder and torture for years based on crimes of treason they assisted in committing (9/11 ring a bell?) and you hear an occasional fart from some congressman in search of celebrity but not a damn thing gets done.

Let’s get the big criminals first and then we can work our way down. Let’s get the people behind the people arresting people for no crimes at all and then go after the people whose criminal behavior sets the standards for all the little criminals whose crimes are fostered by the criminal climate created by the leaders. Let’s put the right people in jail AND, if you insist on going crazy because you have been driven nuts by an ever more confused living condition and the pressures created by the actions of those in charge… please have the decency to go crazy on the right people.

Criminal and anti-social behavior, like shit, flows down hill. Stop the behavior at the top and you can well manage the conditions below. Things are the way they are because the people making the laws are the ones breaking the laws. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

My Pickup Truck Got Pregnant


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  1. heidilore said,

    April 7, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    It is quite disturbing. It will only get worse, unfortunately.

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