Shame on you, you Pathetic Blood-Stained Clowns.

Shame on you, you vicious hypocrites; complicit in mass murder, engaged in slander and evil lies… you creatures from under rocks …who breed in sewer pipes and feed upon the living and the dead. Shame on you, you journalists and media owners, who shape your words to defend lies …and dishonor the truth in exchange for money and position. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

The U.N. Conference on Racism was visited by Israeli clowns and that was fitting because it had all the elements of a circus attended by mindless children who engage in mass murder of entire populations while screaming in pain when exposed for their acts.

Who is responsible for the killing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? Why… it’s ‘a coalition of the willing’ which includes the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia and others. They are killing a variety of people, mostly women and children and ordinary men of different colors and nationalities who made the mistake of getting in the way of the guns and the bombs. Who engineered these conflicts? That would be Israel. A simple search of the names of the neo-cons who lied America and these other nations into these conflicts will reveal what nation they serve. Go ahead and check… you don’t have to look very hard. You can find out who the neo-cons are.

Maybe there are no neo-cons. Then again, maybe there are but using that word is an act of Anti-Semitism according to Paul Wolfowitz.

So… let me get this straight. The conference was boycotted by the people who are guilty of international racism, expressed through debt enslavement and murder and they boycotted it because of pressure from the main country in the world presently performing genocide upon the people whom they have displaced from their land through force and murder. Further, let it be said that this country practicing the genocide is claiming to be the Biblical inheritors of the land when DNA tests prove that it is the Palestinians who are the original people from the Bible and not them.

So… hmmmm… these killers who are eliminating any trace of the original inhabitants from their land are also using the term ‘anti-Semitism’ as a defense against any and all criticism of their behavior and actually created this term to give the impression that they are Semitic, which the large majority of them are not but which the Palestinians are entirely and… confusing… convoluted… mystifying… so… it appears that in order to establish their legitimacy to something they are not entitled to, according to the evidence presented by a book of scripture, they need to eliminate the people who are the people they are pretending to be.

The President of Iran appears before an assembly of people and states a few things that everyone knows to be true and outrage fills the room and the world by extension because The Truth is Anti-Semitic. So these clowns… the one’s dressed as clowns and the one’s who should be dressed as clowns start acting like clowns; these clowns with the blood of millions on their hands are objecting to someone pointing out that they are blood-stained clowns. Have I got that right?

I hate to do this over and over but I have to do it again. Who is killing millions of people? That would be the U.S. and Great Britain with the assistance of Australia and Canada and some other nations who have ‘donated’ troops. Who is torturing thousands of people? That would be the U.S. Members of -and individuals sympathetic to- which nation were behind the efforts that brought these conflicts about? That would be Israel. If you got lost on the way to this paragraph then go back and read the links about neo-cons again. Who is practicing genocide on an indigenous people? That would be Israel. Who is presently stealing the little land remaining to the same indigenous people after having stolen the majority of the land already? That would be Israel.

What is the motive force behind this behavior? That would be Zionism, that great banner of self-righteousness that waves over Ersatz Israel (that is not a typo). In the last conference on Racism at Durban, the same people boycotted or walked out of the conference because many nations wanted to classify Zionism as racism …WHICH IT IS! Does this stink of hypocrisy? Yes it does. I see the same snake swallowing its tale again.

How clear does something have to be before you can’t shout it down any more? How blatant does disingenuous behavior have to be before the whole world points with a single finger and says, “SHAME ON YOU”? How long can despicable behavior continue before someone, somehow, comes out of the sky on a rocket ship or appears in the sky with thunderbolts to blow these miscreants to Kingdom Come through the basement door into The Bottomless Pit?

The representative from the next nation to be attacked by the same people that attacked all of the preceding nations at the urging of the same ‘manufactured under false pretenses’ nation, takes the stage and states a simple and unequivocal truth and a pack of blood-stained clowns, using their own shit as make-up, walk out as if this discredits what was said. This representative of a nation that presently sits as the filling in a geo-political sandwich between two other nations brutally attacked by the nations boycotting and walking out on a conference of racism where… they are the guilty parties… this representative calmly states the truth and gets hammered in the press for telling the truth while a lot of dignified chimpanzees in suits wring their hands in outrage and grief over having to hear the truth; Shame on you, you pathetic blood-stained clowns.

I don’t know how long this charade can continue. I don’t know what lies beyond the moment that Israel attacks -in person or by proxy- Iran. I don’t know what’s around the corner but I can see what the sidewalk is composed of. Though Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon, it would be better for the whole world if she did because nothing else will keep that nasty pit-bull of a Tony Montana nation in check. One can only hope that Russia is delivering the promised, defensive missiles to Iran and has not succumbed to whatever pressures are at work to negate it. It will be far better for Russia if they did.

It doesn’t seem to occur to all of the great catamite nations that the naughty little nation who is blackmailing all of them to an unknown end is not a friend of any of them and fully plans something even worse for them when the opportunity presents itself.

Hasn’t anyone learned anything from what happened in Gaza and in Lebanon? I cannot imagine what forces are being brought to bear which compel what should be intelligent world leaders to conspire in their own destruction. You got me folks. I just don’t get it. I don’t have armies or economies but I can tell you that I would never allow this kind of thing and that is probably why I will never be in a position to prevent it. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Shame on you all, you have sold out your humanity and you have trampled upon and destroyed all of the higher virtues that were possible for you. You know who you are. You are in high political and religious offices. You write for the Main Stream Media. You lie on television. You lie and you are complicit in mass murder. You dress nice and you talk nice and you know which fork to use but you are cold-blooded indifferent killers. Somehow you have managed to justify what you do. Somehow, in the safety of numbers among others like yourself, you have managed to camouflage reality from your own hearts and minds. Somehow you go to sleep at night and get up in the morning and continue in the service of evil industries against the human race. You are all of you every kind of racist and much, much worse.

Shame on you… Justice is coming somehow and some way and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. Someone… anyone among you… wake up and cry out against the tide. There may be mercy left for you if you come to your senses now. Soon there will be even less mercy than you have shown to your victims.

Nothing More

Screwed, Blued and Tattooed under the Hairline.

Sometimes you come across something that needs to be written about. It doesn’t matter what you might have had in mind previous to it. It begs discussion. Recently, on several occasions, I have had readers respond with something along these lines… they are saying Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi took money from the communists and that they served the purpose of the shadowy elite and then were killed when their usefulness was at end. On a couple of those occasions, the commentary was almost word for word even though the writers were different people.

It seems to me that there are those who think the entire institution is locked down tight. They think every millimeter of ground is scanned by an all seeing eye and that every heart and mind is not only known in its entirety but that everything being thought and felt is either made careful note of or generated to begin with.

It’s ironic, or odd or merely coincidental but… if you take the other side of the equation you find that there are those who believe exactly the same thing except… it’s some kind of all pervasive deity that accomplishes it. I’m going to assume that the former are hard-wired materialists/atheists; they would have to be if you think about it and… the latter are hard wired religionists. They come to the same conclusions except for the source of the matter. One side believes a dynasty of unending temporal rulership has been in effect since whenever this thing started and the other side believes that some guy with a white beard and a multi-dimensional abacus is keeping score for whatever purpose that might be.

I look at my own situation and I can see that I am a reactionary and a revolutionary, so there are two possibilities here. I must be co-opted by the deathless elite for whatever purpose I am serving and I am being maintained by resources granted by the same for the perpetuation of whatever part I am playing. I’m going to assume that I’m not all that important because no one is giving me much money for these blog efforts. It might be possible to maintain the life of a small dog or probably something even smaller on the flood of donations that pour in from unidentified sources; most likely communist or some other elite based front but let’s just go back to the part about my not being important.

I’m guessing now that all the trouble I have with Goggle/Blogger, which mirrors other folks difficulties with youtube and the like is only present because the opposition I receive is just a part of the conditioning that makes my small contributions what they are. If I burn myself on the woodstove or I get it in mind to have something Thai come out of my kitchen rather than Italian or Mexican it is most likely that the burn on my hand has something to do with influencing my thought when I write something here and whenever I eat something, the raw ingredients have already been through some kind of elite processing center that added or removed components in order to affect the flow of my thought as I manifest these words. I see that I use three dashes a lot and I’m thinking that might be due to the unfailing ingestion of garlic at every meal. There’s a twitch factor installed into the garlic that makes me hit the period key three times according to when they are needed.

It’s a hard thing for me to get my head around… (there they are again) that King and Gandhi were not only on the payroll but that they were willingly involved in scamming the public under idealistic pretenses in order to serve the will of the oppressors which they were in seeming opposition to. It’s not a large step to assume that the elite had Mary, the mother of Jesus into the Tavistock laboratory of the day and were making alterations to her being; sort of like the guys at The Shop in the movie “Firestarter”. When you read the series, Inside the L.C. you get the impression that most of the music that was made in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s was a government controlled project. Interestingly, I had a run in with Charlie Manson in San Francisco and the F.B.I. (when they were chasing me all over the country for a few years) made a big deal out of it when visiting the parents of the kids in whose homes I used to stay for brief periods. None of the parents believed them but that’s probably part of the elite plan too… as was my meeting Charlie.

Well, if King and Gandhi were both assets financed by the omnipresent, Illuminati/Elite, Communist and or Capitalist or… pick anything really… guys in black sunglasses …then it stands to reason that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were too. They didn’t even try to hide it with Santa Claus; red suit and all, come to think of it. There’s a guy who’s got a white beard AND works to dispense presents among the masses. He might be the real heavyweight we’ve all been looking to identify.

When I think about some of the things that the nihilistic and utter despair contingent tells me, my first reaction is to get a gun and shoot myself in the head… then it occurs to me that I won’t have to worry about that because that’s already been dated and planned out to the inth detail for when the script says it should go down. I knew my parents were screwed up and at least, now I know why. It was all to bring me to this moment where I get to write what I’m writing which is completely automatic and so are your reactions when you read it.

What I don’t get is… if everyone and everything is under control by a network of psychopaths then why is it necessary to have patsies like Timothy McVeigh when a lot of us know that the planning, orders and execution came out of Elohim City? Furthermore, if everyone good and bad is an asset then what do we need with all of the subterfuges and cover-ups? Is it just their need for drama and entertainment? After all, the reactions of the public are completely controlled already so… (Brief halt in word stream for painful flashbacks to green painted hallways, operating table, probes, shuddering…normalizing).

My take is and has been that we exist on a Mobius Strip. Half of the loop is visible and half of it is not. Somewhere within the operation of this setting, justice and balance are applied as the scales offset against each other. I’ve never thought that I/we were going to win some cosmic battle by fighting the good fight. I’ve always thought it was more about defining who we are in relation to where we are headed. I don’t think much past that because it isn’t something I can know prior to arrival. Even if I thought all of my efforts were in a losing cause I wouldn’t alter what I do.

Somehow, I/you have to make sense out of our lives and what we do in order to come to terms with our lives and what we do. We deny what is inconvenient to what we wish to believe and we accommodate what happens to what we have convinced ourselves to be true. I don’t know what made me who I am and Paris Hilton what she is but something tells me it has to do with some mysterious inner thing that works a lot differently for me than it does for Paris. I don’t need any more justification for what I believe and what I do than that I am not Paris Hilton or… working for the C.I.A. or Wal-Mart or anyone really. I pride myself on what I am not as much as for what I am. The former is a lot easier to determine anyway.

Most of what I believe and do is based on what I see other people doing. Quite often I say to myself, “I’m glad I’m not them. I’m glad I’m not doing that.” These non-actions are as much an accomplishment as any real actions; according to me. There’s no payoff for it in the ordinary sense but it makes me feel better.

Okay… so maybe we are all screwed, blued and tattooed under the hairline but… that doesn’t make any difference to me. Even if all of my actions are programmed and I’m an asset just like every single one of you, I’m going to operate on the assumption that that is not true. I’m going to operate on the assumption that it makes a difference and that there is some latitude that is something like ‘free will’ and that those few of us who work to make the world a better place are not terminally deluded, even if we never accomplish it at all. I have to believe that hundredth monkey is out there. I have to believe there is a straw that’s going to land on the camel’s back. I am not going to accept that a pack of regenerating criminals has got the whole thing under lock and key. I just don’t believe it to be true.

I have read a lot of what Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi had to say and I have read the works of many yogis and deep thinkers from many periods of time and that has shaped what I believe more than this world or any of the possible Hollywood scenarios I have heard about. Furthermore… no matter what the last so many thousands of years have shown us through history, religion and science, there’s something about the present that is different. Whatever may have been before there is something new on the horizon now. It may be better or it may be worse but it’s not going to be the same.

Everlasting Love

Who are the Reptiles in the Shadows?

Where I have lived in Europe it is not uncommon to see people pull their car to the side of the road and take a leak. I saw an old guy walk over to a bush in a small park, with busy roads on all sides, and take a leak. Nobody thinks twice about it. Men and women, it’s no problem. In America, if caught, you may likely have to register as a sexual offender in an increasing number of states. Who is behind this?

In Virginia, Loudoun County prosecutor James Plowman, single handedly ruined the life of a respected educator who was also abandoned by his superior (let’s post her picture too) who set the process in motion. I checked with my people at Reincarnation Central and they tell me that Plowman is indeed Inspector Javert back on the job. There are a lot of opportunistic, self-advancing bacteria who’ve crawled out of their pods and cocoons and are now burrowing through the legal system like ringworms. Oei was ‘nifonged’. We know about Mark Nifong. Now we know about James Plowman but somewhere there are reptiles in the shadows operating through these proxies and tearing at the lives and reputations of any handy John Q. as if it were the very human flesh after which they hunger.

I make it a point to urinate in the open whenever I need to go because it is part of the cycle of Nature. It would be in my nature to urinate on James Plowman if possible, given the opportunity and I hope this will serve it lieu of that for the moment.

Here’s an eye-opener of some of the malice masquerading as laws for our protection. In concert with these absurdities, things like this are becoming ubiquitous along with things like this. You read about a six year old boy who was arrested for kissing a classmate. You see police agencies with nothing better to do than to troll the internet looking for people to entrap into imaginary liaisons with young girls and boys who don’t exist. You’ve got television programs setting up busts for entertainment. Who’s behind this?

Who is behind the tens of thousands of cameras in London? Who is behind the new laws that say you can’t hug your own child in public? Meanwhile, a casual journey on the internet will grant you evidence of hanky panky at high levels all over this benighted globe. There’s a ton of it here. You have to consider Bush Sr. when he was running the brain-wiped Reagan White House and was hosting the Franklin Teabag Party. This sort of thing is organized in high levels of government around the world and its okay. We saw the level of protection that was going on in the Dutroux case in Belgium. The more it is okay for the self-styled elite to do as they please, the more it is against the law for the ordinary citizen to show natural affection for their children.

I don’t know how many vicious psychopaths like James Plowman are running around but there are a lot of them; wrapped in the flag and their own form of perverted Christianity. It’s not just the out of control, politically correct, sexual fascism precipitating down through the legal and education system. It’s also any and every kind of fascism directed at any and every group and individual concerned with basic human liberties such as you can see right here. What are the names of the people who set the policy that leaned on officials in Missouri? It’s not easy getting a list of who is on the Board of Directors at the Southern Poverty Law Center but when you look into who the reptiles in the shadows are it comes as no surprise that they would be hooked up with the ADL. Curious minds can inquire on their own. Curious minds can wonder who and why anyone would go after Ron Paul supporters and whether any of this has anything to do with a call for The Federal Reserve to be done away with.

What are the names on the Board of Directors of Monsanto? What is this network of busy, predatory little minds that are squeezing humanity on all sides into virtual Gaza’s of suppression, prosecution and humiliation? Why are the same forces active in the destruction of the family unit and the destruction and restriction of natural activity in the community?

People like James Plowman need to be dressed up in a pink tutu and thrown into a bad prison or tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail BUT… the people behind the James Plowman’s and the polices of the James Plowman’s. These are the people whose names we need to know.

Who are these reptiles in the U.S. and the U.K that are making villains out of elementary school children and their parents? Somebody is doing this. Are these the same people who are running their own pedophile rings at high government levels? Who is promoting and allowing things like this during the present state of the economy? Who is behind the faces presenting these things? Who is involved in this? What are their names? Who is in charge of the countries that allow all of these things to take place? At what level are these policies being set and by whom?

Why are ever increasing latitudes being given to alternative sexual interests while ever tighter controls are being applied to traditional choices? Where is the sanity in the persecution of the majority for the benefit of the minority? Why is the public being intentionally dumbed down and what are the names of the people engaged in setting these policies? These names and their actions need to be published across the web… yesterday at the latest.

Who does things like this while genocide is being practiced in Gaza?

Who are all the people peeking though keyholes in hopes of catching someone at something that wasn’t against the law yesterday? Who is behind the people that arrange crime scenes where no crimes actually took place? Who is holding out candy to people with weaknesses in their character in hopes of catching them at something they only got involved in because someone was offering them sugar? In the meantime, large corporations are sexualizing pre-teens through various media and offering them places for exhibition on the largest networking sites on the internet.

Welcome to the madhouse. There are no rules. Yesterdays rules are now against the law. Tomorrows rules are against the law today. The rules change according to a person’s position. Phil Spector can murder a woman in his house. You can’t. George W. Bush and his crew can murder and torture for years based on crimes of treason they assisted in committing (9/11 ring a bell?) and you hear an occasional fart from some congressman in search of celebrity but not a damn thing gets done.

Let’s get the big criminals first and then we can work our way down. Let’s get the people behind the people arresting people for no crimes at all and then go after the people whose criminal behavior sets the standards for all the little criminals whose crimes are fostered by the criminal climate created by the leaders. Let’s put the right people in jail AND, if you insist on going crazy because you have been driven nuts by an ever more confused living condition and the pressures created by the actions of those in charge… please have the decency to go crazy on the right people.

Criminal and anti-social behavior, like shit, flows down hill. Stop the behavior at the top and you can well manage the conditions below. Things are the way they are because the people making the laws are the ones breaking the laws. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

My Pickup Truck Got Pregnant

Living the Thug Life in Armani.

Most of the systems of government that have been employed on this planet would work just fine if the right people were employed for the right reasons. A lot more people would know what was going on and the systems would be far more liable to correction on the go if, people weren’t blinded by window dressing. This is the critical deception that permeates our lives. This is where the fashion and political worlds meet. This is where Fifth Avenue turns Wall Street and the governments into a ‘Members Only’, Plato’s Retreat. Those unfamiliar with Plato’s Retreat can rightly assume it’s got nothing to do with Plato.

You can also rightly assume that government has nothing to do with the principles behind it. That business has nothing to do with fair exchanges and able dealing …and that religion has nothing to do with God. What we have are thugs in Armani.

The soundtracks of our times; Gangsta Rap, Bitch Rap, Thug Rap, Bling Rap, Sex Dominator Rap and Saccharine, Mouseketeer Pop-Rocks come as no accident. They’re designed to set the beat to ruthless enterprise on the one hand and clueless submission on the other. What you see in the movies and on television are no accident and certainly not what the people have collectively asked for because this industry, like the fast food industry; the soft drink industry and the processed foods industry have had the need invented first, followed by the desire to acquire and consume. You can add in just about any industry you choose because it applies across the board.

Think of existence as an enveloping bubble, about as real as the game board, created in the movie “The Thirteenth Floor.” Think of existence as exactly the same as justice in the wilderness and the survival of the best adapted and then bring in the fashionistas and the spinmeisters, the set designers and the audio-video techs and you’ve got the jungle with sidewalks and subways. In Nature there’s a balance to all of this and it’s self-adjusting. In the MTV Real World there is no balance and it is not self-adjusting.

What we have are thugs in Armani and barbarian gangs in uniforms that provide a sense of organization and structure that takes upon itself the appearance of a reality other than what it is. It always comes back to ‘rule by the big dogs in the yard’. The big dogs are in London at the moment and Obama is going to have tea with The Queen. That should make all the Elton John fans happy.

Real students of history know that systems turn into each other. They know that systems based on personal freedom eventually turn to tyranny. They know that rampant capitalism inevitably turns to fascism and could well devolve, or evolve into socialism or communism should it survive long enough. Usually a system runs out of gas having corrupted its moving parts and, after a season of looting, the thugs move on to a new location.

The capitalist system is generally corrupt from the inception which is why the founders usually institute a balancing governor of checks and balances. It doesn’t take long for money and lawyers to take care of that problem which is why Shakespeare said that you should “first kill all the lawyers”. People always think something new is going to come along and that eventually we evolve into some bright future of the greatest good for the greatest number of people but these systems are not spirals, they are circles so… they evolve until they devolve. In the early days there is always the impression that justice and the other virtues are in operation. They put a good face on it. You have to look out, really look out, when they don’t even bother to put a good face on it any more and even put drunken clowns into the highest office of the land. When they don’t even hide what they are up to any more, then you are in for a spot of trouble.

In the land of liberty, wherever that may be, there is always the perception that any one of you can achieve to high office if service is your initial, Pollyanna drive. What none of the aspirants know is that the temporal side of things is controlled by a network of black magicians who come in all colors and from every nationality and patina of creed.

You might wonder at the injustice of that and why some higher authority doesn’t step in and crush these miscreants. My perception of this kingdom of existence is that it’s a testing ground for the individual and its intent is to display what their values are and to determine their future location. That’s my take, simply put. You’re free to speculate on your own about this but whatever the case may be that’s why the big dogs are running the yard and why you always see them displaying the forked hand and why people on the street are asking you, “’sup dog?” This is why the feminine principle is called a bitch.

Truth, as I have said often enough, is an unwelcome guest at dinner and any social celebration; political gathering, religious ceremony or weddings. Funerals are more likely but not even death seems to render the truth acceptable. All you need to know about how the thugs in Armani operate you can hear in the words of Joe Hill and Big Bill Haywood but that’s probably another system that also got co-opted and soon enough you couldn’t pick up a hammer on a construction site if you weren’t a carpenter. Cause they got thugs there too.

Two kinds of people in this world; let’s draw an imaginary line right through the center and postulate that the most compromised and clueless of the good and bad are touching each other at the center and that the intelligence and capacity of the aggregate increases in virtue and vice as it moves to the fringe and also becomes sparser and sparser as it goes until there are just a few truly good and truly evil people weaving a deep darkness or shining a brilliant light wherever they may be.

Back at the center and moving to the center of each of the two sections are the foot-soldiers of darkness and light. This is where all the little thug-bots are recruited from as well as those who unconsciously do good because it is the more prevailing aspect of their nature. This is who you move by, around and past each day wherever you are. You can see it at work. This is what makes it work for the big dogs in the yard and what keeps the opposition that there is, shining in their places. In these times it is more likely to find thug run entities because of the greater prevalence of confusion, fear and want.

It’s April now and the Iranian incursion is full bore ahead. Netanyahoo and his thug operatives are busy as rabid bees. “Job One”, says Nettie, “Is to see that visible doesn’t get anymore pistachios and job two is to murder a whole lot of new people.

Money is changing hands, promises are being made and arms are being twisted, in London and around the world because the goats in rut want some more blood pudding. I can see where this would be a frightening prospect for us all because an attack on Iran is going to create a world of uproar that will touch us everyone. You can be sure they have decided on the locations for the coming false flag(s) and you’ll know that is what it is when it happens.

The way I see it, this is just thug-evil destroying itself, along with whatever has aligned itself with thug-think. In the meantime, the new world that some of us have chosen to embrace, is smiling back at us from the secret heart of our common good. We have to stay focused and we need to be clear about what we want and what we can do without. It would be a pity for any of us to think that we might miss any of the misrepresented, unattractive, disappearing garbage and crap, enough to want to disappear with it when it goes.

A thug in Armani is still a thug and the best thing for you is to let them sort out their own demise without getting caught up in the mix. Keep your head down and your heart open and you might get more than you hoped for.

Balls and Bearings